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Halo Cigs is a growing New Jersey business in the electronic cigarette market who above all else takes pride in offering safe & quality products. Founded in 2009 by parent company ‘Trident Group LLC’, Halo Cigs are becoming one of the biggest players in the electronic cigarette industry. Because Halo Cigs is a privately held company, little information about the companies leadership and or numbers is available. However, they certainly seem to be in good hands with such low overhead (most sales being online), a fantastic savvy for quality products and positioning themselves to be ahead of any new electronic cigarette legislation. We know from local newspapers that Mr. Jeff Stamler is part owner of the Halo Cigs brand, Mr. Jason Del Guidice is a partner and Mr. Jay Blazio manages the companies customer service end. It’s also note worthy that Halo Cigs purchased a new warehouse in Jacksonville Florida towards the end of 2014. This certainly means we can expect Halo Cigs to remain atop the leading e cig brand charts in the US. One might even go so far as to say that in 2015 we could expect to see a completely new device or innovative upgrade to an existing line of their systems.

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Halo Cigs Review of Pros and Cons

Halo is fast becoming the most popular ecig available. They offer products that are American made quality while miraculously maintaining affordability. When you choose them as your ecig brand, you can expect batteries that work longer and cartomizers that deliver more powerful and effect throat hits. They feature two ecig systems in the G6 & Triton. The Halo Cigs G6 Starter Kit is priced at $44.99 and the Halo Cigs Triton Starter Kit is priced at an affordable $64.99.

Frankly, Halo Cigs is a quality brand and it doesn’t receive a ton of hate mail or bad press because it’s a quality product that people love. When deciding on purchasing Halo Cigs products, one enjoys:

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Halo Cigs Pros

  • Flavor Variety
  • Long Lasting Battery Life
  • Abundant Color Options
  • Complete Starter Kits
  • Great Rewards Program
  • Manual or Automatic Batteries
  • Compact or Robust E Cigs
  • Unbeatable Quality to Price Ratio
  • American Made E Liquid
Halo Cigs Cons

  • Lifetime Guarantee is apparently limited to 5 per year, which is understandable as people will try to take advantage of the perk.
  • The USB chargers could be a bit more rigged.

Halo Cigs Testimonials
“I was happy to come across a site that not only offered the biggest and most up to date special offers, but a site that covers every aspect of Halo Cigs Products. This site covers everything about the Triton, the G6 and Halo E Liquid. I had heard about Halo in 2013 as well as a number of other electronic cigarette brands, but this site helped me finally make up my mind that I should definitely choose Halo Cigs compared to the competition. I ordered the G6 and the Triton as well as some E Liquid about 2 weeks ago and saved around $10 on the entire order. I love my Halo Cigs and even more importantly, the amount of money I’m saving compared to other electronic cigarette brands as well as the $10 packs of Marlboro Reds I bought daily.”
-Loren, Pensacola Florida

“I began my search for an alternative to tobacco products. I was a smoker of 10 years and an ‘on again off again’ chewer starting in 2012. What started out as a bit of google surfing after at tip on Halo Cigs from a co-worker, turned into a full on research project about electronic cigarettes. After careful deliberation, I decided on Halo Cigs and am immensely happy with the products. I decided on the Flat Black G6 and saved right around $8 after purchasing a bunch of cartomizers on the same order. I just wanted to say thanks for the savings and thanks for all the incredible information offered on this site regarding e cigarettes. It’s rather nice to find a one stop shop online instead of having to jump through a bunch of different websites to find the information I needed. I’ll probably be ordering the Triton in the next couple of days because I’m curious about it’s vapor production and throat hits.”
-Nic, Saint Petersburg Florida

Halo Cigs Review Summary

Halo Cigs review summary

Halo Cigs will always have a special place in our hearts. While they only offer 2 devices, their Tribeca e liquid flavor is amazing and we’ve been consuming it daily for roughly 3 years. Halo Cigs, at the moment, is predominantly for beginner or novice electronic cigarette users. They keep it simple by only offering 1 compact device int he G6 and 1 tank based device in the Triton. Halo Cigs are very inexpensive and are high performing in comparison to other e cigs in the same class. Furthermore, unlike many other leading electronic cigarette providers, Halo Cigs feature incredible customer support and very fast shipping times. In using Halo Cigs exclusively for over a year, we never had a shipment that didn’t arrive on our doorstep in 5 business days or less. If you’ve used or are using disposables and are ready to graduate to the next level of vaping to save money and get better performance, we strongly recommend Halo Cigs.

We’ve been both consuming Halo Cigs and writing about their general awesomeness for over a year now. We know everything about their coveted G6 & Triton Cigs Systems & frankly the goal of this blog is to both help others save money on Halo Cigs as well as quit smoking. We’ve tried, tested and researched every big e cig brand on the market and throughout this website, we give you the full scoop on all of our latest findings. Feel free to head over and take a look at what we’ve been up to lately. When we’re not scouring the internet for the latest & greatest e cigs & e liquids, we’re most likely writing about how Blu Cigs never work properly and especially how Halo is one of the best e cig brands on the market.