halo cigs tracer mod reviewThe Halo Cigs Tracer MOD is one of Halo’s newest electronic cigarette options. You’ve been asking for it for more than 2 years and Halo Cigs has finally delivered, by way of not 1, but 2 new mod electronic cigarette systems. The Halo Tracer MOD is a delightfully sleek 2600 mAh tubular mod fed by a 3.5 mL dual coil e liquid tank (also capable of single vertical coils). The Tracer is available in both black and silver and is frankly one of the best values available on the market at only $59.99. For those of you who are curious, it’s comes with absolutely everything you need to start vaping huge clouds directly out of the elegantly designed box, full with the Tracer battery, Tracer Tank, 4 coil heads, usb wall adapter & charging cable. The beauty of the Tracer is that it’s an ‘in-between’ in terms of size but a full blown high performing device in terms of vapor production, battery life & overall feel. The Halo Cigs Tracer is essentially as easy to use as the Triton yet out performs it by far on every single level. Also, be sure to check out our Best E Cig Picks of 2016.

*For a limited time only, you can choose your favorite 30 mL Halo e liquid flavor when ordering your New Halo Tracer.

Halo Cigs Tracer MOD Starter Kit Review of Specifications

halo cigs tracer mod review of specifications
The Halo Tracer MOD comes with all the necessary pieces to take your new ‘well conceived’ vaping habit to a whole other level. Running out of battery life or e liquid during in the middle of the day is a thing of the past. Literally the only thing you’ll need to keep stocked up on are Tracer coil heads and the e liquid of your choice (though we strongly recommend the new Halo Cigs High VG). In addition, the Tracer MOD Starter Kit comes with 3 spare coil heads of various ohm levels, giving you a variety to play with until you discover which works best for you. While the Tracer MOD is still very new and we’ll be experimenting in many different ways with it, we’re expecting to get roughly 3 – 4 weeks out of each coil head before replacing it (from standard 1 ppd previous smokers). Either way, Tracer Coil Head replacements are only $13.99 per 5 pack, making it an extremely economical system to use every single day.

  • 2600 mAh High Performance 2.5 – 4.2 Volt 301 Stainless Steel Tracer Battery
  • 3.5 mL Tracer Stainless Steel Sub-ohm Duel Coil Head Adjustable Air Flow E Liquid Tank
  • USB Tracer Wall Adapter & Charging Cable
  • 3 Additional Tracer Replacement Coil Heads
  • Tracer User Manual

*The High Performance Halo Tracer Battery features a full 15 second ‘cut-off’ time. Meaning that you can take HUGE and LONG drags to blow ridiculously large clouds of vapor.

*The Tracer Tank is also in-fact eGo compatible for those of you who like experimenting with mixing and matching batteries with tanks.

*The Tracer Battery also comes standard with a full 60 day warranty.

Halo Cigs Tracer MOD Compared to Triton & Reactor

halo cigs tracer mod review comparison betwen triton and reactor
First, comparing the Halo Triton (Halo Triton Review) to the New Halo Tracer MOD (Halo Reactor Box MOD Review) is sort of an apples to oranges comparison or even like comparing the simple compact Halo G6 (Halo G6 Review) to the more advanced ‘at the time’ Triton. While the Triton stood tall for Halo Cigs (Halo Cigs Review) for a long time, the entire vaping industry is evolving and so to is Halo’s product lineup. The Triton falls into what can now be labeled as a simple vape pen or tank system. This is due to it’s simple design, specifically regarding the tank & atomizer setup. Again, the Triton is a fine system, it’s just become outdated as so many new innovations have been made in the market. The Halo Tracer and Reactor for example are the next level of vaping. They both feature highly advanced e liquid tanks which are designed to be more efficient, more powerful (by harnessing more battery power & offering higher wattage, voltage and overall mAh) and better fit frankly to deliver higher amounts of vapor and increased throat hit. Furthermore, the Tracer & Reactor are what are considered ‘MOD’ systems, which essentially allows users the ability to customize their device more easily and more often. When you begin to experiment with MOD systems, sub-ohm coils comes into play, which is again where vaping has evolved to and where you should also be shifting your focus towards. While the Reactor offers more power and customization than the Tracer, the Tracer is still head and shoulders ahead of the Triton. Furthermore, some will prefer the look and feel of the simple cylinder design that the Tracer offers over the slightly awkward and top heavy Reactor option. When deciding between the Tracer and the Reactor, it’s a complete toss up, either way you can’t go wrong. I for example love the additional options and power that the Reactor offers, but my girlfriend ‘strongly’ prefers the look of the Tracer, as its slightly more sleek overall.

Halo Cigs Tracer MOD Review for Troubleshooting

halo cigs tracer mod review for troubleshooting
It’s still relatively early since the release of the New Halo Cigs Tracer MOD. Therefore, we haven’t actually even ran into any issues that garner ‘troubleshooting’ the device. The only aspect we expect to receive some attention is the available ‘coil heads’, there are both single and dual vertical coil heads available ranging from .20 to 1.2 ohms. We expect to see minimal differences overall between the coil heads from standard use. However, for those who are vaping enthusiasts, you’ll probably run into needing to know which works best with which types of e liquid.

For those of you who are completely new to vaping with this type of system, you might find filling it for the very first time to be a little strange. For example, you’ll need to disconnect the entire tank from the battery itself, you’ll then need to unscrew the adjustable air control section. You’ll then simply hold the Tracer tank upside down and tilt at about a 45 degree angle before filling with your favorite e liquid. You’ll also notice an inward curved section on either side of the inner workings of the tank, which are of course there for you to easily insert your e liquid eye dropper. While most people fill their tanks up as much as possible, we like to keep it slightly more conservative, only filling with about 2 to 2.5 mL per fill up. This helps with top heavy systems to remain more stable when setting down as to avoid any mishaps, falls or drops.

Halo Cigs Tracer MOD Review of Overall Size

If you’ve read our articles before, you know that we pay notice to sleekly designed devices. Or at least we certainly try to make you recognize the overall size of devices before purchasing. The Halo Tracer is an overall sleek device, is certainly a bit more sleek than the Reactor for example (although losing some points in terms of additional features and power) and overall feels great and sturdy in the hand.

Specifically, the Halo Tracer Battery is 80.5 mm in length, which equates to slightly over 3 inches. Additionally, the Tracer Tank is 69.25 mm in length, which similarly equates to just under 2 3/4 inches. This brings the grand height of the New Halo Tracer to a respectable 149.75 mm or just under 6 inches.

Frequently Asked Halo Cigs Tracer MOD Review Questions

halo cigs tracer mod review of frequently asked questions

  • What type of e liquid can be used with the Halo Tracer? – While really any e liquid can be used with the Tracer, we’d definitely point you in the direction of Halo’s New High VG e liquid. This will ensure not only the largest amount of vapor production and throat hit, but also the longevity of your coil heads.
  • Can the Halo Triton Tank be used with the Tracer? – Not a chance. The Triton Tank is a completely different technology and is not meant to be used with the Tracer in any way shape or form. Furthermore, if you ever need to replace your tank for accidental drops or spills, their only $24.99. While over a long period of time you may need to replace the Tracer Tank from regular use and wear, the only thing you’ll need to have on hand on a month to month basis is extra coil heads.
  • Is the Halo Tracer Tank rebuildable? – No, not exactly. Like the New Halo Reactor, the Tracer tank utilizes what are known as ‘coil heads’, which ‘could’ be rebuilt. But, it’s definitely not worth the time or effort as replacement Reactor coil heads are only $13.99 per 5 pack and only one coil head is used at a time in the Tracer tank system.
  • Is there a warranty on the Tracer battery? – Yes. The Halo Tracer battery features a full 60 day no questions asked warranty.
  • What’s the Halo Tracer Battery lifetime expectancy? – The Tracer battery is expected to last at least 300 charging cycles. Being that most of us will end up charging the battery before it’s fully drained, I anticipate that 300 number to be significantly higher. If it however dies sooner or begins to malfunction, Tracer batteries can easily and affordably be purchased at any time from the Halo website.
  • Can Tracer Coil Heads be used with the Reactor and visa versa? – No, the Tracer coil heads are specifically designed to work solely with the Tracer tank and Reactor coil heads are similarly designed to work only with the Reactor.

Halo Cigs Tracer MOD Review Summary

All in all, the New Hal Tracer MOD system reviews extremely well with us. It seems that as quickly as the e cig market as a whole is evolving, so many vapor users are stuck using old systems. However, we are strong advocates of upgrading one’s vaping device, especially when such significant technological upgrades are unveiled. If you’ve been using the Halo Triton or G6 or basically any other type of basic e cig pen or tank based system for a long period of time, you owe it to yourself to see how much better vaping can be when using the latest and greatest equipment and technology. More importantly though, this high performing equipment is equally highly simple to use and maintain. Perhaps MOST importantly however, the Tracer MOD’s price is only $59.99, which is unheard of. Believe me, we cover every major and growing e cig brand on the market, Halo’s prices on their new systems is undoubtedly the best currently available.

If you’re still shopping around, throw the V2 Pro Series 7 into the mix for sure. It’s one of our favorite overall e cig systems and has been for the past 6 months. Check out our V2 Pro Series 7 Review to learn more.