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Halo Cigs E Liquid is America’s #1 selling brand for good reasons. For those of you who don’t know, there is much more to a quality e liquid than just a few fancy flavors. Comprised of PG, VG, Flavor & Nicotine, it takes a great deal of time and consideration to perfect this combination of ingredients to produce a quality e liquid. Halo e liquid is the best of breed in the industry because they’ve tried, tested and perfected their product more than any other electronic cigarette company. It’s also worth noting, (certainly for newbies) that not all flavors are created equally. In other words, that fantastic fruity or gourmet flavor that you’ve got your eye probably isn’t the best all around or day to day flavor for you to choose. We’ve tried them all and by far the best all around Halo Cigs E Liquid is Tribeca. It’s sweet (but not too), rich and thick but not too much as to overwhelm any of your taste buds. The absolute best decision you can make in terms of Halo E Liquid is to always have Tribeca on hand and throw in a few randoms to experiment here and there with.

Halo is perhaps more notorious for it’s e liquid than any of it’s other products. This is probably because Halo Cigs manufactures their very own e liquid right here in the United States as compared to every other electronic cigarette company that simply imports garbage from over-seas. Below you’ll find our in depth Halo E Liquid Reviews, covering ever important topic associated to quality e liquid such as individual flavor reviews, throat hits, vapor production and quality control. The only question that you’ll soon come to realize with Halo E Liquid is how you can get more of it.

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Halo Cigs E Liquid Review of Pros & Cons

Halo Cigs E Liquid is 100% American made, which we are of course big fans of. Halo Cigs places a very high emphasis on quality control and perfecting a small amount of products rather than offering endless amounts of low quality flavor options.

The bottom line is that Halo E Liquid is among the very best in the industry. Which is saying quite a bit considering how flooded the market it and how many new e liquid companies are popping up around the United States.

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Halo Cigs E Liquid Pros

  • Quality
  • Price Point
  • Range of Flavors
  • Shipping Time
  • Available Discounts
Halo Cigs E Liquid Cons

  • No noteworthy flaws/cons.

Halo E Liquid Throat Hit
Throat Hit is a fancy or trendy way to describe the sensation one gets when inhaling and feeling the nicotine instantly hit their system. While anybody can throw together a few ingredients and label something e liquid, it truly does take lots of testing and analysis to dial in a great e liquid, as a great e liquid will certainly have a phenomenal ‘throat hit’. You will certainly notice the difference between manufactures that produce quality e liquid and lousy e liquid via the throat hit. For example, many of us have tried Blu (they are perhaps the most marketed and widely available brands today) however, Blu’s throat hit on a scale from 1-10 is about a 2, not to mention the fact that Blu Cigs never work right anyway. This is why Blu is usually the smokers introduction to electronic cigarettes only to be replaced by a much more respectable and quality brand such as Halo Cigs. When you take a puff or a drag on a Blu, you feel mostly vapor and very little nicotine, which is why we rank their throat hit so low. When you puff a Halo G6 or Halo Triton, the throat hit is about an 8. Leaving you truly satisfied and able to stay away from the awful traditional real tobacco cigarettes we are all trying to escape or have escaped and have no intention of going back to.

Halo E Liquid Vapor Production
While most electronic cigarettes have figured out a way to offer a consistent amount of vapor production, again, a great e liquid can certainly be judged by the amount of vapor that it produces. Though smoking is a relatively simple act, there are many components that us smokers become used to over time, this includes exhaling a rich smoke. A good electronic cigarette company knows that the exhale process is perhaps equally as important as the flavor and throat hit. This is why companies such as Halo Cigs has went above and beyond to ensure their e liquid (the main aspect responsible for producing vapor) offers vapor production that has a rich consistency and can satisfy even the most avid of smokers. It should also be noted that our entire Halo E Liquid Review entails both e liquid and cartomizers. For those of you who don’t know the difference, I digress. Halo E Liquid is actually liquid that is most commonly purchased to use in combination with a electronic cigarette tank system such as the Halo Triton. On the other hand, the Halo G6 uses cartomizers. Cartomizers are small cartridges or refills that screw onto the G6 that are filled with Halo’s lovely E Liquid.

Halo E Liquid Flavors
E liquid is offered in an enormous array of flavors and nicotine levels. Most e cig companies offer a minimum of 10 flavors with some offering as many as 500. Again, in a completely new industry, many companies, especially the young ones are offering lots of different flavors and tactics to compete in a growing and competitive arena. While most of us, especially medium to heavy tobacco cigarette smokers, couldn’t care less about a flavor like tangerine and bananas, the most craziest of concoctions of available for your trial. However, for sake of reality, most of the prominent companies in the industry, such as Halo Cigs offer a few phenomenal classic tobacco flavors as well as a few fantastic menthol flavors while of course sprinkling in a couple of ‘yummy’ options. It’s important to remember that while in our opinion electronic cigarettes are more safe than real tobacco cigarettes, most e liquid still contains nicotine. There are certainly some e cig companies that offer e liquid that is nicotine free, it’s always important to keep this in perspective as we all know nicotine is dangerous. Halo, among other companies offers their e liquid not only in a variety of flavors, but also nicotine levels. Most medium to heavy traditional tobacco smokers will find it necessary to use extra high nicotine levels, but it’s always nice to know that if one wanted to ween themselves from nicotine all together, they could simply lower their nicotine levels in the e liquid selections over time.

While everybody and their brother is creating their very own e cig brand (importing the cheapest crap possible from china and throwing a logo on it) Halo only uses 100% premium FDA approved natural and artificial flavorings to maintain a crisp vape that is never too much for the palette. This is especially nice as the often imported crap from china has no balance of flavor and leaves a trail of a ridiculously nasty after-taste.

Halo E Liquid Quality Control
Lastly, an often overlooked aspect of e liquid is quality control. We’ve hinted at this subject earlier in this article, but it certainly deserves it’s own paragraph. 99% of electronic cigarette companies in the United States import their e liquid from overseas (namely china). The Chinese don’t give a hoot about american quality control or consumer health, they simply want to package, sell and ultimately export as much e cig related items to the United States as possible. What’s more, the e cig industry is still unregulated even in the United States, so there is literally no telling what ingredients are truly inside of your cheap imported e liquid. Halo Cigs on the other hand is one of very few who actually manufacture their very own e liquid right here in the United States. Halo Cigs has unrivaled quality control standards and manufactures their products in proper laboratories. Every ingredient is carefully measured and tested by trained professional chemists to ensure exact levels of nicotine and related ingredients are used. Want an ecig brand that has everything your looking for? Quality? Performance? Flavor? Throat Hit? Vapor Production? Choose Halo Cigs.

Halo Cigs E Liquid Review Summary

halo e liquid review summary

Halo Cigs claim to fame in the electronic cigarette industry all started from solely producing quality american made E Liquid. Their strict attention to detail, taste and overall flavor along with relentless quality control has helped them to become one of the most popular e cig brands in the industry today. For those of you heavy smokers of past, it’s probably most important to note that you should start out with standards tobacco flavors. This way, your vaping experience will very closely mimic your classic cigarette habit of old. Aside from their standard Tobacco and Menthol flavors, they also produce a handful of amazing Gourmet Flavors.

These Gourmet flavors stand tall with crisp high notes, strong low tones and include Kringle’s Curse (has no underlying tobacco taste and is a delight for the sweet tooth in us all), Shamrock (a deep chocolate top with a sharp mint base), Malibu (relatively light and pleasantly sweet, perfect for pool or beach-side lounging), Belgian Cocoa (an all day type of vape with just the right balance of sweetness and richness), Twisted Java (full with peppermint, caramel and macadamia nut nuances, a colorful yet balanced vape) and Cafe Mocha (known for it’s dominant cappuccino flavor which is delicately balanced with mocha and hazelnut). Don’t forget to utilize our Halo E Liquid Coupon every time you purchase more e liquid to continue to stack up your savings!

It should also be mentioned that when using the standard Halo Cigs G6, you will need to often purchase new cartomizers. Standard Cartomizers are also known as cartridges or refills and are a one time use product. Being that you’ll commonly be needing new cartomizers, it’s a good idea to stock pile some so you never run out. If you find that your spending too much money on ecig refills, consider changing to the Halo Triton as it is a more efficient system, albeit slightly more bulky.

When it comes to E Liquid, it’s all about throat hit. You want your electronic cigarette to deliver that real feeling of smoking a traditional tobacco cigarette by bypass the hundreds of chemicals stuffed in them. This seems like a relatively simple task for e cig companies to accomplish. However, this is not the case. Most electronic cigarette systems and e liquid deliver very little throat hit and vapor production, this is why so few people have made the switch to vapor. Halo E Liquid and E Cigs deliver the absolute most throat hit and vapor production out of any brand in the industry! Stop wasting time with other companies and choose Halo Cigs as your system!