halo g6 review The Halo G6 is our #1 rated overall best compact system on the market. The main aspects of our Halo G6 Review was battery life, vapor production, cost, flavor options and overall build quality. The G6 seems to have everything a typical e cig user would want in a compact e cig, from battery life to durability, the G6 delivers incredible value for the relatively cheap price of only $44. A few of the best notable features we found in our Halo G6 Review were it’s consistently long battery life (for a compact e cig) and it’s relatively cheap price point.

The G6 fits into a developing category of electronic cigarettes types known as ‘compact e cigs’. It is however by no means ‘mini’. The compact label is more to distinguish it’s slightly smaller size from the many ‘larger’ full size e cig systems coming to the market, like the G6’s big brothers known as the Triton, Tracer & Reactor for example. Check out our Halo Triton Review, Halo Tracer Review & Halo Reactor Review to learn more about the more advanced & efficient vaping systems offered by Halo Cigs. When it comes to electronic cigarettes, size does matter (along with a number of other important factors of course). We found the G6 to be absolutely perfect size, especially for ex-tobacco smokers who are looking for an e cig of similar size and shape. When it comes to electronic cigarettes, one can certainly buy a huge unit that produces a huge amount of vapor and an extremely long battery life. However, as regular ‘vapors/smokers’, we want something that we feel comfortable bringing out and using in public. Nobody wants to take their date out and pull an enormous electronic cigarette unit that won’t even fit into their pocket out. We want compact and simple. We want to blend in, which is a reasonable request. However, most compact e cigs, like Blu for example, always fail. Either the battery is always dead and needs to be recharged or your out of cartomizers because half of them were faulty. The G6 on the other hand is literally the very best compact electronic cigarette available on the market and works every single time as it should. The G6 size is exactly like traditional tobacco cigarettes and the overall look is sleek and modern. To learn more about Halo Cigs, check out our detailed Halo Cigs Review. Also, be sure to check out our Best E Cig Picks of 2016.

One of the more awesome things we came to know about the G6 is the fact that it can be cleaned. Unlike other popular electronic cigarette brands such as Blu, you can easily clean the residue that builds between the cartridge and battery. Electronic cigarettes burn e liquid which obviously results in a small but distilling residue where the battery meets the cartridge. After trying several e cigs that seemed to not work correctly after only a few weeks, we came to find that cleaning this residue is an important part of maintaining your e cig in proper working order. However, most electronic cigarettes don’t account for the necessity and the end result is the system being junk because it frankly can’t be cleaned. The Halo G6 on the other hand can be cleaned. Although it is only a tiny bit of e liquid residue that builds over a couple months, you can go from your e cig hardly working to it functioning as new after 2 minutes of wiping off this residue. This is one of the biggest reasons why we love Halo Cigs and the G6 specifically so much.

Love the G6 but want a better, richer and more fulfilling vaping experience? Many people don’t know this, but it can easily be converted to accept E Liquid. Out of the gate for example, the G6 comes with and primarily uses cartomizers (also known as cartridges or refills). As one begins to enjoy using the G6, they will most likely find themselves ordering a large number of these cartomizers which can really add up and be expensive. The solution is to order a G6 Mini-Tank. The G6 Mini-Tank is simply a tank that will allow you to run your G6 off from E Liquid as opposed to solely cartomizers. It’s a truly great addition or mod to your G6 as it is much more efficient and cost effective while not being permanent. For example, if you like the simplicity of quickly swapping out a G6 cartomizer/cartridge or refill when on the go, you can continue to do so. If however, you are in the comfort of your own home and want a better vaping experience that happens to be cheaper, do yourself a favor and order a G6 Mini-Tank. Just one more awesome find in our overall Halo G6 Review.

It should also be mentioned that Halo offers the G6 Mini-Tank in a range of colors. Of course, when ordering your G6 Mini-Tank, be sure to also grab a few Halo E Liquids as well. Halo E Liquid is available in a variety of flavors and is made right here in the United States to ensure quality control and accurate nicotine levels. The most cost effective way to purchase these Halo G6 add-on’s is to utilize our Coupon Codes (found at the bottom of this page) when at the Halo checkout page.

Without a doubt the number one reason that you should choose the G6 as your electronic cigarette system is it’s size to production ratio. Sure the Triton and other full size electronic cigarette systems can deliver phenomenal vapor production, however they are all usually too big to feel comfortable using everywhere. With the G6, you get a compact electronic cigarette that compares to the throat hit, vapor production and battery life of many leading full size systems. Review them both for yourself and see which one works better for you.

Halo G6 Review Battery Life

The G6 features phenomenal battery life in both a 65 mm (180 mAh) and 78 mm (280 mAh) option. Both sizes last a relatively long time compared with other compact e cigs on the market. The biggest difference in the two batteries is of course physical size. A good rule of thumb is that the 78 mm option is about the same size as a 100 or King tobacco cigarette and the 65 mm option is standard cigarette size. Also note worthy is that the overall battery life of the G6 is nearly 10 times better to that of Blu Cigs. We gave Blu Cigs every single chance to prove us wrong and to provide a descent review. We actually spent piles of cash on Blu Cigs products before wising up and finding much better performing and ultimately cost effective compact e cigs.

The G6 is available in two different battery size options when purchasing a starter kit. Those two Halo G6 battery sizes are the 65 mm and 78 mm respectively and are outlined below. If your trying to decide which size to buy, we would strongly recommend the slightly longer 78 mm batteries for both options as they in fact do last longer and are not that much longer in physical size. If however, you happen to be a stickler about overall size and sleekness, opt for the 65 mm but be ready to upgrade to the 78 mm when your primary concern becomes more performance.

G6 Detailed Battery Specifications

halo g6 battery specifications

G6 65mm Battery Life

halo g6 65mm battery

The 65mm battery is roughly the same size as a traditional tobacco cigarette. Though slightly more girth, it’s nearly the same exact length. The 65mm G6 battery typically lasts 4-6 hours after a complete charge, depending on it’s use. It takes roughly 1 – 2 hours to fully charge but is safe to be left charging overnight.

G6 78mm Battery Life

halo g6 78mm battery

The 78mm battery is roughly the same size as a king size tobacco cigarette. It is the same girth as the 65mm, just slightly longer. The 78mm G6 battery typically lasts 6-8 hours from average usage. It takes roughly 2 hours to charge but is fine to be left charging overnight.

When buying a new Halo Cigs G6 Starter Kit, you’ll have the option to choose your battery sizes. If your still unsure which battery sizes to get, simply get one 65mm and one 78mm. If your extremely picky about the size of your e cigs going with two 65mm’s is certainly fine. The same of course goes for those of you who don’t care about size at all, by all means, grab two 78mm batteries. One thing is for sure, the Halo G6 battery life is one of the best in the industry compared to other compact e cig systems.

Halo G6 Review & Ordering Options

  • 1. Choosing Your G6 Color: The G6 is available in a variety of colors, including Jet Black, Princess Pink, Classic White, Titanium, Midnight Blue, Deep Purple, Demon Red, Emerald Green and Electric Lime. Simply find the Starter Kit Page and select the color you like best. After you choose your color, you’ll be prompted with 3 variable options to choose from.
  • 2. First G6 Battery: The G6 is available in two different battery sizes and two different battery types. Those two battery sizes are the 65mm and the 78mm. You can think of these in terms of regular or kings as they compare to real cigarettes. Meaning, the 78mm is slightly larger and typically last 300 puffs per charge. Whereas the 65mm is slightly smaller in size and is good for roughly 200 puffs per charge. The two different types of batteries that that are each available in 65mm and 78mm are manual or automatic. The automatic turns on and works whenever you take a puff or drag whereas the manual has a switch that one would press while puffing or dragging. The manual switch certainly allows for a more controlled vaping experience and has been known to be more efficient in terms of battery life, but the automatic is great for those newbies out there who are just starting.
  • 3. Second G6 Battery: Literally the exact same as written above. It may be worth pointing out however, that purchasing one Manual battery and one Automatic battery type is a good idea to determine which you like better, essentially answering that question for yourself as you perhaps move on to the Triton down the road for a more efficient electronic cigarette system. In terms of saving money, right now the best solution is to slap our Coupon onto your starter kit order.
  • 4. G6 Cartomizer Pack: G6 Cartomizers come in packs of 5. You have the option of choosing what 5 pack you would like to start out with that will be included in your Starter Kit. You’ll notice when scrolling through the various flavors that you have low (06mg/ml), medium (12mg/ml), high (18mg/ml) and extra high (24mg/ml) nicotine levels to choose from. It is strongly recommended that if you are a fairly heavy smoker, new to electronic cigarettes that you choose the high or extra high nicotine levels to match your tobacco cigarette experience as much as possible, at least in the beginning. The great thing about having cartomizers with nicotine levels is of course that you can scale yourself down and eventually ween yourself from nicotine all together, should that be a goal of yours. For those of you who are switching from Blu to frankly save money and have a better ecig, the most popular Blu cartomizer is the Classic Tobacco high nicotine level which contains roughly 16mg/ml to use as a reference when making your order. It should also be mentioned that by utilizing our Coupon you can save on both cartomizers and e liquid.
  • 5. Proceed To Checkout: When you’ve finished customizing your order, simply proceed to the checkout area to process your order. When on the checkout page, you’ll notice a white box to enter our Coupon. Enter our Coupon and proceed through the checkout fields to finish your order and save yourself as much money as possible. Don’t forget of course that you can continue to save money on all of your orders by simply using our Coupons found at the bottom of this page. Our Coupon separates itself from the competition by actually working 100% of the time as compared to the hundreds of others that you can find scattered around the web that haven’t worked for months. We take our Coupon and spread to as many people as possible, especially smokers that are trying to quit. Our additional savings is just one more incentive for a lifetime smoker to finally make the transition to ecigs. Use our Halo G6 Coupon to save the most money possible when placing your order.

If you’re still shopping around, throw the V2 Pro Series 7 into the mix for sure. It’s one of our favorite overall e cig systems and has been for the past 6 months. Check out our V2 Pro Series 7 Review to learn more.