halo triton reviewThe Halo Triton is a full size e cig and it’s one of the best tank systems available in it’s class (especially for the price). From it’s solid battery life to it’s uncanny ability to produce huge amounts of vapor, the Triton is for users graduating from the G6 or other compact e cigs. However, Halo has recently completely revamped their product lineup with the Reactor & Tracer options. For more information on the latest and greatest electronic cigarettes offered by Halo Cigs, check out our Halo Reactor Review & Halo Tracer Review.

While the Triton is not gigantic, it is certainly larger than the compact G6. When people ask which one they should purchase, the best answer is both the G6 and the Triton. You will find yourself using the Triton in the comfort of your home and the G6 when your out. The Triton is very economical and will save you a ton of money in the long run (as compared to using a compact system). It’s superior battery life, vapor production and overall sleek design have enticed us to give it a very solid overall rating. If your looking for an e cig that is cost effective (initially and monthly), the Triton is one of your best options. In the e cig world, battery duration goes hand in hand with battery size. Thus, the Triton is a full size system that will last for hours on end and save you lots of money every single month.

In a nutshell, this system has a clear tank that you fill with your choice of e liquid and vape for hours on end with. Below is our in depth Halo Triton Review covering important topics such as battery life, vapor production, charging, colors, size, appearance and navigating your Halo Cigs Triton Starter Kit order options. Also, be sure to check out our Best E Cig Picks of 2016.

For those of you who commonly use cartomizers, (also known as refills or cartridges) it’s important to note that the Triton is primarily a tank system. This means that the Triton runs off from e liquid that you essentially pour into the tank. This is compared to the traditional compact systems that you might be more familiar with that primarily use cartomizers. An electronic cigarette system that uses tanks rather than cartomizers is extremely cost effective. As a side note, the Triton can in fact run off from cartomizers, it’s just a much more cost effective solution to use the tank that it comes with.

If you’d like to learn more about the Triton’s little brother, check out our Halo G6 Review. Along the same lines, if you’d like to learn more about the Halo Company, view our Halo Cigs Review.

Outside of being a much more cheap solution of vaping, the Triton is built with high quality parts and truly provides a quality vape that is both controlled and rich with every puff. Another rather unique feature about the Halo Triton is that you can mix and match accessories including tips, tanks and batteries to have your very own color combination and or style. We can’t emphasize enough to remember to purchase E Liquid with your Triton Starter Kit as they do not come standard with it. Complete with choice of automatic or manual battery, two batteries, tanks, a case, regular wall charger, usb charger and choice of initial flavors, it makes for a great solution for those looking for high performance at a decent price.

Halo Triton Review Battery Life

When it comes to electronic cigarettes, battery life is one of the most important factors. If you ever used an e cig that had horrible battery life, you know all to well how important they are to an enjoyable vape. The Triton starter kit comes with two batteries, giving you the option to choose between the 400 mAh and 650 mAh sizes. There are advantages and disadvantages to both of course, leaving us to encourage you to get one 400 mAh and one 650 mAh. The main advantage of the 400 mAh is the fact that it’s physically smaller in size and of course the disadvantage is that it doesn’t last as long as the 650 mAh. Similarly, the main advantage of the 650 mAh is that it does last longer at the disadvantage or expense of being slightly larger in physical size.

While Halo Cigs only offers 2 Triton batteries in their starter kits, they happen to offer them for sale individually as well. When you purchase a Halo Triton battery individually, you have the option to choose from even higher mAh and voltage options, such as the 900 mAh, the 1300 mAh and the Variable Voltage model which ranges from 3.3 to 4.8 volts. The higher the mAh of course the longer the battery will last, equally important to keep in mind however, the higher the mAh, the larger the physical size of the battery. All of Halo’s batteries are available in their full color range including Titanium, Electric Lime, Emerald Green, Yellow Jacket, Mocha, Iridescence, Demon Red, Deep Purple, Princess Pink, Midnight Blue and Jet Black.

Triton Detailed Battery Specifications

halo triton detailed battery specifications

Triton 400 mAh Battery Life

halo triton 400 battery
The Halo Triton 400mAh Battery is the smallest of the available battery options for the Triton. It’s important to point out however that voltage size goes hand in hand with physical size as well. So while the 400mAh will need to be recharged more than higher Triton Voltage sizes, it’s also more compact and easier to toss into your pocket when out and about. The Triton 400mAh Battery is a must have of course for any Triton E Cig User. The 400mAh battery has been known to last roughly 6-8 hours with average use.

Triton 650 mAh Battery Life

halo triton 650 battery
The Halo Triton 650mAh Battery is the second smallest available battery option for the Triton. We always recommend purchasing one 400mAh and one 650mAh battery with your new Triton Starter Kit. These batteries are very similar, although you will notice that you’ll get more battery life out of your 650 of course. The 650mAh battery has been known to last roughly 8-10 hours with average use.

Halo Triton 900 mAh Battery Life

halo triton 900 battery
The Halo Triton 900mAh Battery is the second largest available battery option for the Triton and is available for individual purchase. As stated above, with voltage size comes physical size. While the 900mAh will certainly last longer than say the 400mAh, perhaps even a day longer between recharges, it’s also slightly more bulky. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing in many cases as you can always swap to your 400 or 650 when out and about. The 900mAh battery has been known to last roughly 10-12 hours with average use.

Halo Triton 1300 mAh Battery Life

halo triton 1300 battery
The Halo Triton 1300mAh Battery is the largest available battery option for the Triton. The 1300mAh is the biggest and the baddest battery available. While it is considerably larger than that of the 400mAh for example (about an inch and a half) it will last for 2-3 days before needing to be recharged from standard usage. If you work from home or like vaping at home or by the pool for example and don’t want to have to hassle with constantly recharging, the 1300mAh is a perfect add-on for your Triton E Cig System. The 1300mAh battery has been known to last roughly 12-15 hours with average use.

Halo Triton Variable Voltage or Twist Battery Life

halo triton variable voltage battery
The Halo Triton Variable Voltage Battery is relatively new and certainly unique. By simply twisting the bottom of the battery, one can switch between using 3.3 volts or 4.8 volts. This gives the user ultimate control of their vaping experience, namely swapping between battery conservation and large vapor production. The 4.8 volt setting will help to produce the largest amount of possible vapor while the 3.3 is more of an economical setting to conserve battery life. (Available in Iridescence, Jet Black, Midnight Blue and Princess Pink color options.) The variable voltage battery has been known to last an entire day or even more due to the fact that you can efficiently transition between high and low voltage settings.

Triton Vapor Production
Being that the Halo Triton is one of the biggest and baddest available modern full size electronic cigarette systems available on the market today, you can probably guess that the vapor production is incredible. With it’s increased size when compared to the more compact G6, comes bigger batteries, tanks and atomizers which essentially all equates to an enormous amount of vapor production. If your looking for an e cig that you can rip on in the comfort of your own home and produce huge amounts of vapor, the Halo Triton is the perfect solution.

Charging The Triton
The Halo Triton batteries are big and they last for hours if not days on end. If you’ve ever used Blu for example, you know how frustrating dealing with batteries that are constantly dead and need to be charged can be. When you enter into the world of Halo, particularly the Halo Triton’s world, battery life and charging woes become a distant memory. The Triton will last for an entire day from a simple few hour charge. Heck, the Halo Triton’s recharging schedule is pretty much the same as most nicely working cell phones. Use all day and plugin at night to recharge.

Halo Triton Review & Ordering Options

  • 1. Choosing Your Halo Triton Color: When your ready to make your Halo Triton purchase, simply select the color that tickles your fancy. Next, you’ll notice that you have two variables to choose your desired options from.
  • 2. First Halo Triton Battery: When selecting your first Halo Triton battery, you’ll notice that both options are only available as a manual battery type. This simply means that with the Triton you’ll be sure to get the most controlled and most efficient vape/smoke possible. You will however be able to choose between two different Halo Triton battery sizes. Those two sizes are 400mAh and 650mAh. The difference is of course battery size which in ecig terms means battery life and overall size. The Halo Triton 400mAh is obviously the smaller of the two but has an edge in terms of being slightly more compact. The Halo Triton 650mAh on the other hand is slighter larger but will also last a bit longer as well.
  • 3. Second Halo Triton Battery: Exactly the same as above. It should be noted again that a good rule of thumb would be to select the Halo Triton 400mAh for one battery option and the Halo Triton 650mAh for the other. This way you’ll have the best of both worlds in terms of size and performance. Of course, if you don’t care about exactly how compact the unit is, feel free to grab two 650’s. In this case, as in others, bigger is better.
  • 4. *Remember to Purchase your Halo E Liquid for the Triton: The number of people that go through the entire Halo Cigs checkout process, use their Halo Cigs Coupon and forget to add E Liquid when ordering the Halo Triton is astounding. DON’T FORGET TO BUY YOUR E LIQUID WHEN YOU BUY THE HALO TRITON, IT DOES NOT COME WITH E LIQUID IN THE STARTER KIT. Simply navigate to the Halo E Liquid Page, choose the flavor(s) of your choice and add it to your Halo Cigs order. You can certainly use our Halo Triton Coupon for your E Liquid on your original order with your Triton Starter Kit. Also, you’ll most likely be buying a lot of Halo E Liquid, so remember to user our Halo Triton Coupon every time you place an order to save money!
  • 5. Proceed To Checkout: When you’ve finished customizing your Halo Triton order, simply proceed to the checkout area to process your order. When on the checkout page, you’ll notice the big white coupon box where you’ll enter our Halo Triton Coupon. Enter our Halo Triton Coupon and proceed through the checkout fields to finish your order. Remember to use our Halo Triton Coupon whenever purchasing a Triton Starter Kit, Triton Accessories or E Liquid to save the most money you can!

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