Use our Henley Vape Coupon this June, 2018 to save the most money possible on your new standard or mechanical mod or even their very unique and flavorful e liquid offerings. Henley Vape typically offers 10% off sitewide and even as much as 15% off e liquids and accessories. However, every now and then they offer ridiculously low prices to clear up shelf space. You can always count on savings the most when using our exclusive Henley Vape Coupon Codes found below. Check back often to see if their offering any random discounts or sales as we’ll be the first to feature them.

Partner Level Henley Vape Coupon Offers
Henley Vape CouponExclusive Henley Vape Coupon
Save big on your entire Henley Vapor purchase.
Henley Vape Coupon for compact modsHenley Vape Coupon for Compact MODs
Save 10% off Subbox, IPV, eVic & More.
Henley Vape Coupon for drip tipsHenley Vape Coupon for Drip Tips
Save 10% off FTB Drip Tips.
partner level Henley Vape Coupon15% Henley Vape Coupon
Save 15% on $250 or more Henley Vapes.
Henley Vape Coupon spring sale40% Henley Vape Coupon
Introducing the Henley Vape Spring Sale.
Henley Vape Coupon e liquidE Liquid Henley Vape Coupon
Buy 3 e liquids get 1 free.
Henley Vape Coupon for EGOSHenley EGOS Coupon
Save on your Henley EGOS.
Henley Vape Coupon for MODSHenley MODS Coupon
Save on your Henley MODS.
Henley Vape Coupon for AtomizersHenley Atomizers Coupon
Save on your Henley Atomizers.
Henley Coupon for compact e cigsHenley Cig A Likes Coupon
Save on your Henley Cig A Likes.

Henley Vape Coupon Savings By Vapestaff

henley vape coupon by vapestaffHenley offers a number of coupons throughout the year. As of right now and the past few months however, they have been content to offer a 10% sitewide coupon with the exclusion of most mechanical mod systems and a 15% off coupon on orders in the amount of $250 or more. Both of these coupons can of course be found about in our Vape Coupon of June 2015 section. They also offer a 15% discount when you sign up for their newsletter. Also, as most e cig companies do, they usually offer a number of coupons and additional savings around the holidays. One thing you can bet on however, is that when Henley Vapor comes out with a new coupon or new mod, rechargeable kit and or e liquid, we’ll be the first one to write and promote it. Henley Vapor truly is an emerging e cig brand and seems to have a bit more style or swagger than many other similarly competing companies. Along the same thread, Henley Vape is all about the growing culture associated with vaping over smoking and are proud to shout their opinions from the rooftops of New York City.

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If you’d like to learn more about all of the e cig devices and e liquids that Henley Vape offers, check out our Henley Vape Mechanical MOD Review, Henley Vape Standard MOD Review and Henley Vape E Liquid Review.

Henley Vape Coupons, Discounts & Promo Codes 2018

v2 pro series 7Henley Vape is a premium brand with some expensive items up for sale. It also likes to be pretty specific with its coupon deals. You’ll rarely find offers that spread across the entire catalog of goods. Henley Vape’s catalog is one of the biggest in the business, so it probably wouldn’t make too much financial sense for them to discount every single one of their products. Instead, to celebrate the big holidays and celebrations throughout the calendar year, this company likes to pick certain products and lines and slash their prices by big amounts. If you happen to be interested in the on-sale goods, you can enjoy some enormous savings with this brand, but you might need to be patient. We have no way of knowing which products will be chosen for price cuts throughout the year, but we are able to deliver the new coupon codes to you as soon as they become available.

henley vape coupon for new years day

Henley Vape Coupon for New Years Day
In our opinion, there’s no better way to bring in the new year than by buying some vape-related goodies. This is the perfect occasion to spend some cash as all of the big brands are organizing sales and promotions. Henley Vape is no stranger to attractive coupon codes, and the latest one is one of the best we’ve seen in a while. This new code allows you to slash the price of any iStick Vaping System by 30%. iStick is a popular, performant brand in the vaping industry, famous for delivering top quality products that look as good as they function. Henley Vape currently stocks the iStick 60W TC Kit and the iStick Pico 75W TC Kit, for $70 and $55, respectively. Those prices take a big hit with this coupon, so be sure to copy it from the list above.

henley vape coupon for valentines day

Henley Vape Coupon for Valentines Day
Valentine’s Day is the perfect time of year to show your partner how much you care about them. If your significant other is interested in vaping and has been craving an upgrade for a while, we’ve got the coupon to solve all your problems. Henley Vape has just released this new code, valid for a 25% discount on any Kangertech Vaping Systems. Kangertech is one of the most well-respected names in the vaping industry, synonymous with supreme quality and performance. Their products also tend to be quite expensive compared to other brands, so some people simply can’t afford to enjoy them. With this code, you can knock a big chunk off the price of any Kanger equipment, but don’t dawdle as the code could expire at the end of the day.

henley vape coupon for st patricks day

Henley Vape Coupon for St Patricks Day
We’ve got an amazing deal to share in commemoration of St Patrick’s Day, and it’s coming to us from industry-leading brand Henley Vape. We don’t usually see this company offering such a great discount, so you should scroll up and copy that code while it’s valid. The code gives you 30% off the entire catalog of e-liquids on the official Henley Vape site. That’s right, you can use this code on any of the numerous bottles and brands of vape juice that Henley Vape sells, including ANML, Cosmic Fog, Fluffy Clouds, Pink Spot, The NJOY Artist Collection, and countless others. Some of those bottles can be quite pricey, so this 30% discount is your opportunity to test out some high quality juice without having to empty your wallet for the privilege.

henley vape coupon for easter

Henley Vape Coupon for Easter
Ever wanted to own one of the best mods in the vaping world, but couldn’t quite afford that imposing price tag? Well, this might turn out to be an especially happy Easter for you, as Henley Vape have just sent out a new coupon that gives you 20% off their famous Uptown Mod. This mod normally retails for $190, but you can have it for just $152. That’s a $38 saving, making this a very attractive deal. The FBT Uptown Mod is an incredible piece of technology. Made from 303 stainless steel, with a magnetic switch, a stylish engraving and its own limited edition serial number on the base, this mod offers a strong hit that simply needs to be experienced to be believed. It’s well worth the regular price of admission, but this discount makes the mod accessible to people with smaller budgets. Don’t miss out!

henley vape coupon for mothers day

Henley Vape Coupon for Mothers Day
Struggling to find the perfect gift for Mother’s Day? Look no further! Henley Vape have just halved the price of their famous Henley Express Kit. Usually retailing for $14, this kit can now be purchased for just $7! That’s one of the lowest prices we’ve ever seen for such a high quality, reliable device. The Express Kit is compact, convenient and perfect for vapers who like to puff on-the-go. Included in each kit is a battery, charger and a trio of tasty cartridges. You can then use the device to enjoy other cartridges in the Henley range, with ten scrumptious offerings currently available. With Henley, you know you’re buying high quality goods every time, and at this price, you really can’t say no to such a wonderful deal.

henley vape coupon for fathers day

Henley Vape Coupon for Fathers Day
Vaping can be quite a costly activity, so why not help out your dad this Father’s Day by treating him to an exciting new product for his e-cig needs? Henley Vape are currently offering—for a very limited time only—a coupon code that gets you 35% off the Munstro by 2Puffs Mod. With three different finishes, all of which are extremely stylish, this mod is sure to look good in anyone’s hands. This mod gets excellent reviews from amateurs and experts alike, with many people praising it for the strong and satisfying throat hits it produces. The Munstro mod normally costs upwards of $200, but can now be yours for a fraction of the price. Personally, we think there’s no better gift for a vape-loving father at this special time of year.

henley vape coupon for halloween

Henley Vape Coupon for Halloween
It’s the scariest day of the year, but you don’t need to hide from the latest great deal to come out of Henley Vape headquarters. This time around, the company has decided to slash the cost of its Labyrinth Mod Vaping System by 30%. Normally costing a whopping $180, this is a deluxe product that many people simply can’t afford to enjoy. With this discount though, that price tag comes all the way down to $126, which is clearly a much more affordable fee. The Labyrinth Mod has been designed with power and control in mind. It comes with various customizable and configurable settings, and is guaranteed to provide performance when you need it. At such an attractive price, you simply need to add this item to your basket.

henley vape coupon for thanksgiving day

Henley Vape Coupon for Thanksgiving
Henley Vape is on a roll this year. Having already delighted us with countless super deals and enticing offers, the industry giant has decided to make this Thanksgiving one to remember by unleashing a great new coupon code. We’ve got the code to share with you today and it will allow you to enjoy a 40% discount off the iTaste VV4 TC Mod. Another in the long and impressive line of iTaste mods, the VV4 comes with a wider range of variable voltage and wattage. It also has a long-lasting 1000 mAh rechargeable battery, an attractive LCD screen, a USB charger and some innovative safety features. All of this makes for a truly remarkable product that should be part of any vaping enthusiast’s collection.

henley vape coupon for black friday

Henley Vape Coupon for Black Friday
You thought you’d seen the best Black Friday deals the vaping industry had to offer? Think again. Henley Vape has surprised us all with this incredible new deal. We’ve got the coupon code to share with you, and this coupon offers you an unparalleled discount of 60% off the purchase of an iTaste SVD 2.0 Mod. Developed by Innokin and available in both black and steel color options, this mod is powered by very advanced technology. It actually makes use of what Innokin are calling a DNA Microchip to offer the ultimate levels of performance that you won’t be able to find anywhere else. Featuring a slick LCD display and various buttons to modify the relevant settings, this mod can make vaping better than ever before. As we said earlier, this 60% discount simply cannot be beaten, so you should absolutely buy this mod while the offer still stands.

henley vape coupon for cyber monday

Henley Vape Coupon for Cyber Monday
After blowing us away with their Black Friday coupon, the team at Henley Vape has impressed us yet again with this exclusive new Cyber Monday promotion. The brand’s new coupon code gets you an enormous 55% discount on the AIO E Cig 510 Classic, an excellent device that charges your e-cigs while you’re out and about. The kit itself comes complete with the AIO pack, a rechargeable battery, USB charging cable and three empty cartomizers to be filled up with the vape juice of your choosing. Normally retailing at over $40, this kit can now be yours for less than $20. That’s a great discount and represents incredible value for this particular product. Like most Cyber Monday deals, we can’t expect the coupon to be valid after midnight, so take action now before it’s too late.

henley vape coupon for christmas day

Henley Vape Coupon for Christmas Day
If you’re looking for an extra special gift for an extra special someone this Christmas, Henley Vape might be able to help you. The industry-leading brand has launched its festive sale by offering a new coupon code that cuts 20% off the cost of The Prism V2 Vaping Mod. This mod was developed by Deus Mods and is made from beautiful stainless steel. Featuring silver-plated pins and a stunning engraving, it’s a real head-turner. Not only does The Prism V2 appeal aesthetically, it also functions with a level of performance that is almost unmatched in the vaping world. This mod normally costs $195, but can now be yours for only $156. Evidently, this would be a memorable gift for someone you care about this holiday season.

henley vape coupon for sitewide special

Henley Vape Coupon for Sitewide Special
You can use our Henley Vape Site wide coupon to save 10% off all Henley Vapor products by simply the corresponding coupon found at the top of this page. If your fairly new to e cigs but love the look and style of Henley, consider trying out their ‘cig-a-likes’ line. They are far better than disposables and certainly a leading options in the entire compact e cig industry. When you can save a whopping 10% off, it’s hard to argue. If however you are more advanced, give their EGOS line shot or even their 50 Watt iStick, which is perfect for the user looking to get a more satisfying vape from their e cigs. Another important thing to point out is that Henley often features some of the finest e liquid brands that you’ll ever find. If you’re an e liquid connoisseur, Henley is the absolute perfect place to find trending new e liquid brands and flavors. We actually tend to feature a number of e liquids that we found at Henley, Five Pawns brand for example.

henley vape coupon for starter kits

Henley Vape Coupon for Starter Kits
If your an experienced e cig user and would like to upgrade to a system that provides more battery life and stronger throat hits, think about upgrading to a mod or EGOS offered by Henley. In order to receive 15% off your next Henley purchase, simply arrive at the checkout with $250 or more in your shopping cart and use the corresponding Henley Vape Coupon found at the top of this page. The FBT MOD will get you well on your way to reaching that minimum amount threshold, add a few awesome e liquids and maybe a compact e cig to use while you’re on the go, a few accessories and you’ll certainly be able to get the 15% discount. When your shelling out that kind of money, you can expect real mod systems that deliver more vapor and stronger throat hits than you’ve ever even dreamed about.

henley vape coupon for istick gift packs

Henley Vape Coupon for iStick Gift Packs
Henley Vapor is offering 15% off their Premium iStick Gift Packs for a limited time only. This is a great value for anyone looking for a solid system to deliver ridiculously long battery life. With a 2200 mAh battery, you can bet that you’ll never have the trouble of running short of battery life during one of your daily vaping sessions. The Gift Pack also includes of course everything you’ll need including charging equipment and even a complimentary bottle of e liquid to get you started with.

Henley Vape Coupon Instructions

tobacco e liquid by black note

  • 1. First, in order to take advantage of our exclusive Henley Vape Coupon, you’ll need to fill up your shopping cart with the e cigs and e liquids of your choice. When you’re happy with your selections, you can simply press the black ‘Proceed To Checkout’ button.

    henley vape coupon step one

  • 2. Secondly, you’ll need to either create a new Henley Vape account, login to an existing account or simply proceed as a guest.

    henley vape coupon step two

  • 3. As you fill out your general, billing and shipping account information you’ll eventually come to your order summary, where you’ll notice the box to enter a Henley Vape Coupon.

    henley vape coupon step three

  • 4. Simply head on over to our Henley Vape Coupon page on Vapestaff. Notice that all of our Henley Vape Coupons are located at the top of the page.

    henley vape coupon step four

  • 5. Just click on the black ‘Show Coupon Code’ box to reveal our partner level Henley Vape Coupon.

    henley vape coupon step five

  • 6. You can choose to copy and later paste it into the Henley Vape Coupon box on the official website or simply memorize it to enter it manually.

    henley vape coupon step six

  • 7. After entering our exclusive Henley Vape Coupon, you’ll notice a green success box at the top of the section. You’ll also be able to view the total amount discounted from your order on the right hand side under your subtotal. Lastly, simply scroll down and click proceed to payment to finish and process the order.

    henley vape coupon step seven

How To Use Our Henley Vape Coupon:

Using our Henley Vape Coupon is easy. Simply locate the Henley Vape Coupon Code that you’d like to take advantage of from the list at the top of this page. Once you find a deal you like, simply click the corresponding ‘Get Coupon Code’ button. It will then open a new tab/window in your browser. You’ll need to navigate back to our site at vapestaff in order to view your now revealed Henley Vape Coupon. Notice that often times, when clicking on the ‘Get Coupon Code’ button your discount will automatically be added to the new window that opens up Henley’s official website. Thus, you won’t have to enter any special offer of coupon code in order to receive the discount. You would simply need to checkout using the window opened from our link via the ‘Get Coupon Code’ button. We will also include that information in the text where the coupon code normally goes in the click to reveal coupon section.

  • Click the Henley Vape Coupon button that corresponds to the offer you’d like to use.
  • Our Henley Vape Coupon Code will then open a new tab in your browser.
  • Click back to our website to view the coupon code that will now be visible to you.
  • You’ll then use that particular Henley Vape Coupon at the checkout page to take advantage of that offer.

Henley Vape Coupon Summary

henley vape coupon summaryHenley Vape is a phenomenal vaping company doing business primarily out of New York. While Henley Vape has been absolutely killing it in the New York area, they’ve decided to abandon their operations online. We’re not entirely sure why their online operations have been shut down for so long, but we’re optimistic that they’ll return in the coming months. It very well might have something to do with the heavy attacks they’ve been under in the New York area as well. Either way, when Henley Vape gets back ‘online’, we’ll be the first to report it and the first to start offering you amazing Henley Vape Coupon Codes, Discounts, Special Offers and Promotions.