henley vape itaste vv4 standard mod reviewHenley Standard MODS are a fantastic alternative for those looking to get more performance out of an e cig system but prefer not to spend crazy money on mechanical mods or face the need to rebuild their own mechanical mod. You’ll find far more battery life in Henley’s Standards MODS than any ‘run-of-the-mill’ tank system on the market today by any number of your typical e cig brands. From all new box systems to flat out huge tank batteries, Henley has you covered. Let’s face it, some of us love to sit back at home and get our vape on. For those that enjoy home vaping in an efficient and economically friendly way, Box Systems are a great solution as they are usually not that expensive but deliver huge vapor production. Henley’s Standard MODs run anywhere from $40 to $240. When your ready for a more custom solution, consider upgrading to a mechanical mod as they are rebuildable and feature a number of potential upgrade opportunities.