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Henley Vape is out of New York, New York and specializes in offering high performance and beautifully handcrafted e cig mod systems since 2011. Perhaps most notably, Henley Vape featured the first vape shop and vaping lounge in New York City, named The Henley Vaporium. More so than other e cig brands, Henley has specifically targeted the incredible number of traditional tobacco related deaths in the United States and is offer premium vaping solutions to combat this age old rising statistic. Henley is relatively new but is growing from the ground up including expanding it’s local vape shop retail brand, it’s e-commerce extension and continually designing new/innovative vaping solutions. Henley Vape was founded by Talia Eisenberg and Peter Denholtz.

Henley is truly leading the way to more widely accepted vaping in a grassroots way via their vape shops and vaporiums in New York City. As with anything else, Vaping has a giant microscope on it in the Empire State and Henley is doing their best to represent the rapidly growing industry in a proper light. Their entire business and product development strategy is founded upon providing high performing devices and equally as important to them, invoking a cultural change or movement of vaping overtaking traditional tobacco cigarettes. If this is a change that you’d like to be a part of in a bold way, consider their FBT Uptown MOD E Cig, as FBT in fact stands for ‘FU CKBIG TOBACCO’.

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Henley Vape Review of Pros and Cons

Most importantly, Henley Vape provides high performing vaping solutions that have been tested and proven to be of top quality. This is of course compared to many e cig brands who simply slap logos on imports.

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Henley Vape Pros

  • FBT Uptown MOD
  • FBT Downtown MOD
  • Overall MOD Selection
  • Availability of Upgraded Parts/Components
  • The Culture
  • Popular E Liquids
  • Available Discounts
Henley Vape Cons

  • Discounts are not always available for Mechanical MODS.
  • Due to popular demand, some Henley products are often ‘out of stock’.

Henley Vape Review Summary

Henley Vape is one of our favorite vapor cigarette websites to frequent. This is mainly due to the fact that they offer literally the best selection of emerging e liquid flavors and brands. Additionally, Henley Vape offers some of the coolest and most unique MOD systems available online. Outside of their amazing product selection, Henley Vape features a rich culture of vaping as opposed to smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes. Being in the mecca of capitalism and political influence (New York), Henley Vape is one of the fastest growing and most likely vaping brands in the industry. They routinely post articles about vaping laws, regulations and flat out fight talk about the tobacco industry, which we tend to love and share as much as possible.

It’s honestly hard to find things that we dislike about Henley Vape. However, when push comes to shove, we can always point out a thing or two that needs some attention. For example, Henley’s website needs some work. On a few different devices, Henley’s website doesn’t load or function properly which could be pushing some customers elsewhere. In particular, when you select an individual vaping device and view it’s ‘specs’, that section in the sidebar often doesn’t load or show at all. Furthermore, Henley features some of the best new e liquid brands and flavors online. However, most of the time, they are sold out. This is obviously ‘nit picking’ a phenomenal e cig brand and it should be well known that Henley Vape primarily functions as a local New York retail vape shop. We expect to see increases and fixes in their e-commerce extension in the coming months and hopefully increases in coveted e liquid supplies.

Any e cig brand that takes great pride and ownership of the entire e cig industry like Henley Vape does, is good in our book. Henley is more than just a place to get phenomenally performing e cig systems and e liquid, it’s the center of a cultural shift in perhaps the most important city in America. We full on salute Henley Vape’s efforts in say F Big Tobacco and paving the way for the future of e cigs through top quality products. I personally own the FBT Uptown (I love taking it ‘out’ with me to bars and such, the F Big Tobacco engraving is a great conversation starter) and I plan on purchasing the ‘Overdose’ Mechanical MOD soon. I’m very interested in the performance of the Overdose as it is in fact all copper and should really provide huge vapor production and throat hits.