hold fast vapor review

Hold Fast Vapors is a particularly interesting, up-and-coming e-liquid company, hailing from the beautiful region of Orange County in the state of California. This brand offers a small but mighty range of intense flavors based around tropical fruits and sweet candies. The savors on offer are truly delicious and are certainly helping this premium e-liquid company to gain plenty of fans all around the nation. If fruity combinations and sweet treats appeal to you, it’s certainly worth checking out this particular brand. Meanwhile, another reason to have a look at Hold Fast is to simply admire the company’s unique sense of style. A lot of e-liquid companies give themselves unique themes and images to set themselves apart from the rest, with varying levels of success. We’re pleased to report that Hold Fast gets it right.

The company has an attractive nautical theme that is present on every bottle of juice and even in the brand’s unique, anchor-inspired logo. The liquids themselves are even given suitably maritime names like ‘Davey Jones Locker’ and ‘Port Royal’. All of the imagery and ideas you might associate with sailing and pirates are here, and the company deserves a lot of credit for pushing the theme so well. It might not be to everyone’s taste, but we always appreciate when people go the extra mile to give their brand a unique style. As you would expect from a premium e-liquid company, Hold Fast also only makes use of the best ingredients and produces its juices in a certified lab to guarantee safety and quality. In addition, the company’s prices won’t scare customers away either. They only charge $20.99 for each 30ml bottle, which is a very respectable and reasonable price, especially given the impressive quality of the products concerned.

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Hold Fast Vapors Review of Pros & Cons

hold fast vapors e liquid review
This company is all about originality and providing the very best products it possibly can. Hold Fast upholds excellent quality standards and has a nice simplistic website as well. The company even has a solid presence on the big social media networks, helping Hold Fast staff and customers to keep in touch each and every day. These things are all important and it’s good to see that the company is making the right moves to gain popularity and become more widely-known.

It’s therefore very difficult to throw any sort of negative criticism at Hold Fast. If we had to think of one possible drawback that could limit the brand’s appeal, it’s that the current menu isn’t particularly varied. Naturally, this is a common issue with premium companies who prefer to put lots of time and effort into every single product. It’s therefore completely normal that Hold Fast currently only has six juices on offer, but everyone’s tastes are different. The company still has a lot of great advantages to boast of including good prices, scrumptious flavors and a truly super style. Overall, this brand is a winner.

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Hold Fast Vapors Pros

  • Six mouth-watering flavors to choose from
  • Different bottle sizes to help buyers on a budget
  • Affordable prices ($20.99 for a 30ml bottle)
  • Best ingredients
  • Made in the USA
  • Reliable customer support via the brand’s website and social media profiles
  • Simple, easy-to-navigate website
Hold Fast Vapors Cons

  • The flavors currently available under the Hold Fast name are exclusively built around fruity and candy-based savors. This might not appeal to everyone, particularly people who prefer traditional tastes like menthol and tobacco. However, this is a very subjective issue and not a particularly valid criticism against the company itself.

Hold Fast Vapors E Liquid Review Summary

hold fast vapors review summary

We recommend that every vaping fan keeps an eye on Hold Fast as this company will surely continue to grow in the future. With a super selection already on offer and more products undoubtedly in the works, we’re looking forward to seeing what sort of sailing-inspired sensation the brand will offer up next. The prices of this company are also very reasonable when you truly understand the quality of the ingredients that go into each and every bottle. Since Hold Fast offers 15ml bottles for just $11.99, we absolutely encourage you to set sail and purchase a few to experience these great flavors for yourself.

Hold Fast has got plenty of fans all around the United States, with the brand becoming increasingly popular as time goes by. Once you’ve tasted one or more of the company’s juices, it’s very easy to see where that popularity comes from. Hold Fast products truly earn the ‘premium’ label, being made of the finest ingredients money can buy. Not only that, but the savors themselves have been very delicately and beautifully mixed to create some unique combinations. Clearly, a lot of time and work has gone into every single bottle, and that’s a very important advantage of this particular brand. Vaping enthusiasts now have countless choices open to them, so most people don’t want to settle for low quality products that have been produced in a rush. With Hold Fast, you can feel confident in every purchase you make, sure that the products you buy have been made with lots of care and attention to detail.

It’s hard to pick a favorite flavor from the Hold Fast menu, as all six savors have their own unique sensations to offer. However, one bottle that has plenty of fans is called ‘Pirates Booty’. This juice offers a refreshing fruity mixture of tangy strawberries and cool banana, topped off with a dash of cotton candy for a nice sweet finish. These ingredients come together to produce a really great flavor that can be highly recommended to anyone. The brand’s ‘Davey Jones Locker’ liquid is equally delicious, offering a great fusion of tropical fruits like pineapple, berries and mango. These fruits come together to produce a smoothie-like offering that fits nicely with the brand’s Caribbean pirate theme.