holy grail elixir review

Holy Grail Elixir is one of those e-liquid companies that really wants to offer nothing but the very best products possible. The team working at Holy Grail has gone through hundreds of different recipes since the company’s creation back in 2012, ultimately settling on a menu of six great flavors that can all be purchased in many different bottle sizes for decent prices. While the company could easily have decided to put dozens of different bottles up for sale while compromising on the quality, it didn’t. For that, Holy Grail deserves a lot of respect and instantly earns our admiration. It’s important to see that the development team at this company are dedicated to achieving perfection in the recipes they create. The company is based out of the Californian city of Signal Hill and came from humble beginnings. It all started with a few friends who wanted to make their own juice. They quickly developed a passion for e-liquids and came up with countless flavors, even giving them away to their friends to try. The juices immediately became very popular, and Holy Grail was born.

Nowadays, this brand is seen all around the nation and is very widely-respected. The name Holy Grail has become synonymous with sweet liquids that are magnificently balanced. It takes a lot of skill and patience to create great quality juices based on sweet savors, but the team at Holy Grail has completely mastered that technique. The company’s bottles are always decorated in bright colors that almost seem good enough to eat, while the flavors themselves are a real treat for the tastebuds. This company is living proof of what can happen when people take the time to really live their passions and perfect their arts. We’re very happy to report that Holy Grail vape juices are truly delicious. The menu may be limited, but it clearly takes something very special to earn this company’s seal of approval. To make the brand even more appealing, there’s a good range of flavors on offer here. The company clearly excels with sweet tastes, but has also taken the time to produce a bit of menthol freshness through its ‘Minty Kuku’ offering. Overall, we’re impressed.

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Holy Grail Elixir Review of Pros & Cons

What’s important about this company is its dedication. Holy Grail focuses exclusively on e-liquids and only sells six different flavors. That could be seen as a drawback if you’re the sort of person who values quantity over quality, but it really shouldn’t count as a criticism. The company puts so much effort and time into the production of every little bottle of juice. This means that you, as a potential customer, can be assured of satisfaction in the products you buy. It also shows that these people have a genuine passion for what they do and a desire to give people great experiences.

The prices are also very reasonable with Holy Grail. It helps that the company provides a good range of bottle sizes to suit its audience. If you just want to test out a flavor, you’ll only need to spend $12 on a 15ml bottle. If, on the other hand, you want to invest in a big portion of your favorite taste, you can save some cash in the long run by buying a huge 120ml bottle for just $60. The standard bottle size of 30ml costs just $20, which is cheaper than a lot of the company’s rivals.

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Holy Grail Elixir Pros

  • Six exquisite flavors to tingle your tastebuds
  • Super ingredients
  • American made
  • Easy-to-use website
  • Good prices
  • Lots of different bottle sizes to choose from
Holy Grail Elixir Cons

  • The website needs some sprucing up, but the flavors are amazing.

Holy Grail Elixir Review Summary

holy grail elixir review summary

Holy Grail is a company you should be checking out. This brand has earned its place as one of the finest names in the business through hard work and determination. Every recipe on the menu has been painstakingly perfected over time. To top it all off, the bottles are affordable and the company has a prominent online presence. For us, Holy Grail is one to watch.

Holy Grail deserves plenty of merit for taking the time to develop such a wonderful menu. It’s rare to find a set of genuinely excellent flavors. Even some of the very best brands have one or two weaker options among their ranks, but the whole Holy Grail collection is simply delicious. It’s easy to see how much hard work went into the production of these bottles, and we recommend that you give them all a try. There are so many sweet flavors available nowadays, but too many companies overload on the sugar and forget to balance that sweetness out. Fortunately, that isn’t the case with Holy Grail. This brand has tested and remixed and modified its recipes again and again until the taste is as good as it’s ever going to get.

It’s hard to pick a favorite flavor, but we really like ‘Strawberry Fields’. Named after the iconic Beatles’ song, this little bottle can truly make you forget your worries. The very first puff washes over you with essences of smooth custard and juicy strawberries. The experience is bordering on divine and really gives you the impression you’d get from enjoying a bowl of fresh fruit. Another big winner is ‘Blueberry Waffles’. This flavor is pretty self-explanatory, providing a blissful sensation of biting into a warm waffle, coated in maple syrup, a hint of butter and dozens of sweet blueberries.