juul vapor e liquid review

JUUL Vapor E Liquid has become synonymous with simplicity and quality in the vaping world, and that positivity spreads through to the brand’s e liquids, sold in the form of JUUL pods and exclusively compatible with JUUL branded devices. Our JUUL e liquid review will give you a broad overview of JUUL’s selection, detailing the ingredient quality, flavor variety, and overall vaping experience provided by JUUL pods. This company understands how important it can be for former smokers to experience high quality e liquids when they make the conversion to e cigarettes, and that’s why JUUL puts a lot of effort and dedication into creating the best possible flavors, using genuine nicotine salts to set these products apart from the competition. JUUL makes some awesome e liquids, and if you’d like to see our all-time favorites, be sure to check out our Best E Liquids.

The flavor selection with JUUL might seem pretty limited at first glance, but this company is all about quality over quantity and has assembled an exciting, vibrant menu of e liquids. In reviewing JUUL e liquid, we found that the Virginia Tobacco flavor stands out as a real winner. Former smokers will undoubtedly appreciate the deep, earthy notes in each puff, offering an inimitable experience that few other tobacco blends can match. Speaking of tobacco flavors, one of our favorite e liquid brands is Black Note, and you can learn more about their awesome selection of tobacco-based e liquids by reading our Black Note E Liquid Review. If menthol is more your thing, JUUL’s Cool Mint e liquid is one of the brand’s biggest sellers, offering a crisp, refreshing experience each time.

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On a side note, it should known that we tested all e liquid flavors with Vaporfi SMOK Series MODs & Halo Reactor Series MODs. (Both of which we consider to be top of the line and indeed some of the best e cigs available online.) For more information on these e cig/vaporizer lines, we encourage you to check out Vaporfi and Halo Cigs for yourselves. Furthermore, don’t forget to use our Vaporfi Coupon & Halo Cigs Coupon to save as much money as possible on your new vapes!

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JUUL Vapor E Liquid Review of Pros & Cons

Our review of JUUL e liquid is a highly positive one because we’ve got a lot of good things to say about this brand. The usage of tobacco-based nicotine salts in JUUL’s e liquids really shines through, with each JUUL pod offering decidedly satisfying experiences that former smokers will definitely appreciate.

The only big negative we can throw at JUUL is that the flavor selection is pretty limited. The company has done well to try and offer a flavor for everyone, covering the main markets of tobacco, menthol, fruit, and dessert, as well as bringing out Limited Edition flavors every now and then to add some variety, but we’d still look to see the folks at JUUL add more options to their menu. Despite this, we’ve very impressed overall by JUUL’s e liquid offerings.

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JUUL Vapor E Liquid Pros

  • Great quality e liquids.
  • Limited edition flavors add variety.
  • Rich flavors.
  • High production quality.
JUUL Vapor E Liquid Cons

  • Small selection of flavors.
  • Only compatible with JUUL devices.
  • Not the cheapest.

JUUL Vapor E Liquid Review Summary

juul vapor e liquid review summary

JUUL has made a name for itself by offering a small selection of consistently excellent products, and the brand’s urge to excel shines through in its e liquids. While reviewing JUUL e liquid, we were continuously impressed with the exceptional quality levels provided by each of the JUUL pods we tested. The importance of this really can’t be understated. When most people vape, they want to be getting solid throat hits, satisfying experiences and rich flavors. JUUL e liquids are able to provide all of those advantages. While rival brands often struggle in certain areas or have one or two weaker e liquid flavors in their catalogs, JUUL demonstrates remarkable consistency in all of its pods. Former smokers will certainly be able to taste the difference that comes from the presence of nicotine salts in each liquid.

If you’re not sure where to start with JUUL, we’d recommend trying out Virginia Tobacco. Offering a rich blend of earthy notes, backed up with a strong throat hit, this is one of JUUL’s finest e liquids and a real winner in a competitive market. If you’re interested in something a little sweeter, JUUL’s Fruit Medley is another exciting option, bringing together a range of exotic fruits, wrapped together with smooth herbal notes to create an awesome all-day vape and a truly memorable taste sensation. Since JUUL doesn’t provide a lot of different flavors, a smart option is to invest in the Flavor Multipack, letting you test out four flavors in one convenient package. We hope that our JUUL e liquid review has helped you learn more about this leading brand and encourage you to give these e liquids a try at your earliest convenience.