kind juice review

Kind Juice is an increasingly popular e liquid brand with a core focus on purity and natural ingredients. As the name suggests, this brand is all about being kind to the planet. Its e liquids are 100% natural, without any preservatives or GMOs, as well as being vegan-friendly and cruelty-free. So, if you care about the environment and like to be green in your lifestyle choices, Kind Juice is a great e liquid option for you. While reviewing Kind Juice e liquids, we were also blown away by the impressive quality of these products too. The flavors are very rich, thanks partly to the long steep times and smart production methods used by the Kind Juice team, and there are some interesting and exciting ingredients being used here. If you’d like to learn about our most-loved e liquids of all time, read through our Best E Liquids.

Inspired by traditional, artisanal approaches, the Kind Juice team makes its juices as naturally as possible, focusing on attention to detail and putting a lot of loving care into all of its e liquids, many of which feature amusing product names and attractive packaging. The brand’s dedication shines through with each puff of these e liquids. The lack of additives and the presence of totally pure ingredients really helps to ensure that these e liquids provide highly satisfying vaping experiences, with strong flavors that don’t fade over time. Kind Juice doesn’t really specialize in any one flavor category. Instead, this brand offers a vast and varied menu, including all sorts of ingredients from fruits to mints and aromatic tobaccos from all around the world. In fact, Kind Juice’s tobacco flavors are a real highlight of this company, and if tobacco flavors are among your favorites, you’ll want to read through our Black Note E Liquid Review.

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Kind Juice Review of Pros & Cons

For Kind Juice, we’ve got a lot of big pros and a few important cons to talk about. Let’s start with the negatives, and you’ll see that they’re all pretty much related to one thing: money. The cost of Kind Juice is pretty high and the brand doesn’t run too many sales to help customers save cash. Bundle deals and free shipping on larger orders do help, however.

On the plus side, there are many more factors to talk about. Kind Juice offers awesome production values, taking the time necessary to ensure that its e liquids provide long-lasting, powerful flavors. The brand uses a range of delicious, pure ingredients and has a very varied menu, with a great range of fruity, tobacco, menthol, and dessert offerings.

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Kind Juice Pros

  • Pure ingredients and production.
  • Eco-friendly e liquids.
  • Rich flavors.
  • Lots of variety.
  • Top quality ingredients.
Kind Juice Cons

  • High prices.
  • Lack of sales.
  • Paid shipping.

Kind Juice Review Summary

kind juice review summary

Overall, after thoroughly reviewing Kind Juice e liquids, we think this is a very interesting brand and definitely worthy of your attention. This company puts so much effort into its flavors and has earned its status as one of the most respectable names in the e liquid industry today. With pure ingredients, long steep times, smart production values and a varied menu of flavors, there’s so much to love about Kind Juice. Of course, the brand’s high prices can be off-putting, but the e liquid industry is all about finding value for money. Sometimes, you have to pay a little more to get the quality you want, and if you do want to experience some truly top quality vape juice, you simply need to check out Kind Juice.

We’ve taken the time to test out a myriad of Kind Juice flavors for this e liquid review and, as previously stated, were very impressed with the brand’s tobacco flavors. The Tobacco Ridge lineup is filled with different tobacco blends from all around the world, including Turkish, Havana, Canadian, and a good range of American options too. The production values of these products are exceptional, with each natural extract of tobacco being brewed, aged and steeped for several months to ensure the final e liquid offers remarkably strong, deep, multi-layered flavors. Route 66 and Viva La Libertad are a couple of awesome bottles to start with. If tobacco isn’t your thing, we can strongly recommend Kind Juice’s amusingly-named Custard’s Last Night and Dawn of the Living Grapefruit flavors.