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Mad Vapes is one of the more popular and successful vaping companies in the US. If you live on the East Coast and have an interest in vaping, we can be pretty sure that you’ll have heard of this brand. Mad Vapes was founded in Huntersville, North Carolina back in 2009. The company started off in a simple home office, but has grown to recently acquire a 10,000 square foot warehouse and dozens of retail locations throughout the Eastern United States, with a couple of stores in Europe too. Mad Vapes produces its own range of e liquids, as well as selling hundreds of other bottles from premium brands like Naked 100 and Air Factory, as well as many lesser-known but growing brands like Kernel, Conspiracy, and Panther.

As well as selling a wide range of e liquids, Mad Vapes also offers a great selection of devices to cater to beginners, as well as intermediate and advanced customers. The brand offers a nice range of simple pods and AIO devices, all the way up to cutting edge TC and mechanical mods, as well as plenty of accessories, tools and DIY supplies. In short, Mad Vapes can appeal to everyone, but it feels like there’s a real focus on more advanced users here. Many vaping retailers don’t sell the same amount of tools and supplies as Mad Vapes, so if you’re looking to take your vaping experiences to the next level, this could be the brand for you. Another brand we strongly recommend is Direct Vapor, and you can read through our Direct Vapor Review to learn more. In addition, our Best E Cigs list is a great way to learn all about the best-rated devices you can buy.

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Mad Vapes Review of Pros and Cons

Mad Vapes has enjoyed a lot of success in the vaping industry, but there are a lot of other big vaping companies out there, all trying to make their mark and stand out. The competition is growing more fierce, so we hope Mad Vapes will be able to make necessary improvements and adaptations in order to keep up. Right now, the brand is doing very well, but its website could do with a little work to be a little more attractive and easier to navigate. In addition, Mad Vapes does stock some lower quality products from relatively unknown and foreign brands, so newbies in particular need to be careful and do their research before placing any orders.

In spite of that, Mad Vapes does only sell authentic hardware and doesn’t support clones or copies of any kind, so you know you’re getting genuine products when you shop with this brand. In addition, it’s great to see so much variety on the Mad Vapes site. You really can find a huge range of devices and e liquids here, making Mad Vapes an awesome place to shop for all of your vaping requirements. The brand’s own e liquids are also affordable and high quality, offering big vapor clouds and rich flavors.

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Mad Vapes Pros

  • Wide range of goods.
  • Tasty e liquids.
  • Can appeal to a wide audience.
  • Trusted brand.
  • Many retail locations.
Mad Vapes Cons

  • Site could be better.
  • Product availability.
  • Quality can vary.

Mad Vapes Review Summary

mad vapes review summary

Mad Vapes is a recognizable brand in the vaping world. This company got started many years ago and has learned a lot in that time. As one of the most experienced and trusted brands out there, Mad Vapes has an excellent reputation for caring about its customers and offering great quality goods at the best prices. We’ve shopped around a lot and compared Mad Vapes’ price tags with many of its competitors and are pleased to say that this company often does have the best deals. Still, we always encourage shoppers to check around on multiple sites to be 100% sure that they’re getting the best value every time. When it comes to e liquids in particular, Mad Vapes has some very affordable options from plenty of under-the-radar brands, and you might be pleasantly surprised and discover some new flavors you’d never heard of before.

On the hardware side of things, Mad Vapes offers dozens of different options. Those who are looking for an entry-level device can choose from a relatively wide array of simple devices like the Joyetech eGo and Kanger K-PIN Mini, as well as portable pod systems like the Suorin Air or SMOK Rolo Badge. A small range of mechanical mods are available for advanced users, as well as more than twenty different variable mods including the Vaporesso Switcher, SMOK G-Priv II and Sigelei KAOS Z. Some lesser-known brands, some of which are from China, are also featured on the Mad Vapes site, including Augvape and Vandy Vape, and you might be able to save money by buying these products, but we recommend doing the necessary research and checking out reviews beforehand to be sure about what you’re buying.