If your starting to become curious about e-liquid flavors and what is good, chances are you’ve made the official transition from traditional smoking to electronic smoking. Awesome and Congratulations! The last thing us ‘smokers’ want to do is throw our money down the drain on some horrible e-liquid flavor. In reality, it’s a bit of a catch-22. When you are experimenting with random flavors, be ready to absolutely hate some of your findings. Just being honest. For example, some flavors may make your mouth water with curiosity but after 10-20 puffs you quickly realize that your experiment was an epic fail and you have no desire to take even one more puff of for example your new ‘vanilla vapor stick’. Feel free to check out our FULL Halo E Liquid Review page for our personal take on our favorite Halo E Liquids as well as individual flavor reviews.

Stick To the Basic Flavors

If your a ‘half pack a day’ smoker or more, stick to the classic tobacco and menthol flavors. This is your home and will ensure that you won’t get let down or irritated about making any crazy flavor mistakes. Halo Cigs offers two solid flavors that will please 95% of medium to heavy smokers. Tribeca is the ‘go-to’ for classic tobacco lovers & Mystic Menthol is the same for those who desire that crisp airy menthol drag.Sharing is caring!

1. Tribeca

2. Torque 56

3. Turkish Tobacco

4. Longhorn

5. HX3