naked 100 e liquid review

Naked 100 E Liquid offers an exciting, flavorful range of e liquids that can appeal to a broad audience, and our Naked 100 e liquid review will tell you all you need to know about this particular brand. With a cool style and sleek packaging, Naked 100 e liquids catch the eye straight away and encourage you to give them a try. We tested out the full menu and found these products to provide consistently strong and memorable flavors. There are some really interesting fruit combinations here, as well as a couple of solid tobacco and menthol options. What we really like about Naked 100 is how this brand manages to keep its recipes relatively simple, while still providing punchy flavors that don’t fade away after the first few puffs. Vapor lovers will also be big fans of Naked 100, as these high VG blends offer some thick clouds. If you’d like to learn more about another of our favorite e liquid brands, be sure to take a look at our Blu E Liquid Review.

While reviewing Naked 100 e liquid, we really liked that the mixers behind this brand have come up with a range of flavors that can appeal to everyone. No matter whether you like tobacco, menthol, sweet or fruity flavors, the Naked 100 lineup will have an option for you. Tobacco fans will definitely appreciate Naked 100’s Cuban and American blends, and these bottles will certainly appeal to former smokers who are just making the switch to e cigarettes. Meanwhile, if you’re more interested in a minty blast, Naked 100’s Brain Freeze and Frost Bite are clear winners. The aforementioned fruity flavors provide some unique and vibrant experiences too. This brand has a bunch of awesome flavors to choose from, and you can learn more about our all-time favorites by reading through our list of Best E Liquids.

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Naked 100 E Liquid Review of Pros & Cons

Our Naked 100 review is mostly a positive one, but there are still a couple of cons we’ve taken the time to point out. We don’t have any major issues with this brand, but it’s a shame that their e liquids are only available in 60ml bottles as many people prefer to buy smaller sizes.

On the plus side, the quality of these e liquids is excellent. There’s a nice range of flavors and the bottles themselves are priced very reasonably. They’re not the cheapest out there, but they’re still way better priced than many other premium brands. Naked 100 offers great value, awesome ingredients and an attractive range of flavors.

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Naked 100 E Liquid Pros

  • Great quality.
  • Wide range of flavors.
  • Competitive prices.
Naked 100 E Liquid Cons

  • Products sometimes out of stock.
  • Paid shipping.
  • Only available in 60 mL.

Naked 100 E Liquid Review Summary

naked 100 e liquid review summary

Naked 100 is one of the rare e liquid brands that manages to marry simplicity and elegance. These mixers use simple ingredients and no-frills recipes to craft memorable, powerful e liquid flavors that you’ll want to keep coming back to, time and time again. While other companies tend to choose one type of flavor and stick to it, Naked 100 has taken the time to craft a varied menu of flavors in order to appeal to a wider audience. While reviewing Naked 100 e liquids, we definitely appreciated the fact that the mixers had managed to create solid, delicious flavors in all of the big categories. What’s more, Naked 100’s bottles are nicely designed and the brand has a cool image overall, which definitely helps to give it a more professional and premium status.

With over a dozen different flavors to choose from, you might not know where to start with these products. We tested out the full menu in order to make our Naked 100 e liquid review as thorough as possible, and can strongly recommend the Cuban and American tobacco blends. As mentioned earlier, these flavors will be of big appeal to smokers who are switching to vaping, providing faithful recreations of bold tobacco notes. If you’re more interested in fruity or candy flavors, Naked 100’s Really Berry, Yummy Gum and Naked Unicorn bottles are all excellent. One of our all-time favorite Naked 100 flavors, however, is Hawaiian POG, combining passion fruit, orange and guava notes in a scrumptious tropical medley.