NJOY Coupon

NJOY Coupon

njoy coupon for september 2019Our NJOY Coupon can help you save on some of the best disposable vapes currently available online in September, 2019.

Coupons for the absolutely incredible NJOY Daily for example, are available.

Prices for NJOY vaping devices are pretty solid for the most part. However, these coupons will help you save on all NJOY products.

NJOY Coupons for September 2019

So, saving with NJOY Coupons isn’t difficult, in-fact it’s just like using any online coupon.

It’s worth noting that usually the NJOY websites have better deals than retailers selling NJOY in a store setting. So, always purchase NJOY online if you can help it.

However, when using NJOY Coupons, you really need to know a few things first.

Check out our list of NJOY Coupons below. We’ll be providing you with additional information as you shop NJOY later in our Buyer’s Guide.

exclusive njoy couponExclusive NJOY Coupon
Save on your entire NJOY purchase.
ace starter kit discountNJOY Coupon for ACE Starter Kit
Save on NJOY ACE Starter Kits.
loop starter kit couponsNJOY Coupon for LOOP Starter Kit
Get a Discounted NJOY LOOP Starter Kit.
daily disposable saleNJOY Coupon for Daily Disposable
Enjoy Daily Disposables at a Discount Price.

How to Use NJOY Coupons

Let’s discuss using your NJOY Coupon on your purchase. You’ll first notice that you have a few different devices to choose from.

Firstly, for those new to vaping, the NJOY Daily disposable is heaven sent.

Secondly, the NJOY Loop is a decent rechargeable option for those on a tight budget and complete new to vaping.

Thirdly, NJOY’s latest innovative design is the ACE. The ACE is a phenomenal pod system, which is a great option for all vapor users regardless of experience level.

After deciding which device and or starter kit to go with, you’ll be presented with the option of subscribing in the auto-delivery program.

Ace pods, Loop cartridges and Daily disposables can each be auto-delivered to your home on a bi-weekly, monthly or bi-monthly basis.

Upon making your selections, you’ll be able to enter your NJOY Coupon on the cart page.

Also, by creating and or logging into your account, you’ll be able to track your order.

It’s worth mentioning that in addition to NJOY Coupon savings, you can save money on purchases items in bulk. Importantly, NJOY has always implemented a buy more – save more policy.
In All, You Can Save Big with Auto-Ship
  • Get 10% off Daily disposable.
  • Receive 10% off ACE pods.
  • Land 10% off Loop cartridges.

NJOY accounts are free and easy to create to track your orders and receive all the latest special offers.

NJOY offers two lesser known but phenomenal way to save even more on NJOY Vapes.

  • Purchase 25 Daily disposables or more, get 15% off.
  • Refer a friend to NJOY and they’ll receive 30% off their first order. In addition, you’ll receive a 30% discount on your next order as well.

After creating your NJOY account, you’ll be able to locate your unique link to share with friends.

Furthermore, you’ll receive free domestic shipping on orders of $50 or more.

NJOY Promo Code Faq’s

How Do I Receive My Discount?
It’s quite simple. Scroll up to the top of this page, choose the NJOY Coupon you’d like to implement and click to reveal the code.

What is The Best Way to Save on NJOY Vapor Products
By far and away, the best way to save on NJOY products is to buy in bulk and or sign up for auto delivery.

How Do You Enter a Coupon Code on NJOY
The only place to enter an NJOY Coupon is on the cart page. Be sure to enter it there before continuing to the checkout page.

E Liquid at a Discount

NJOY manufactured and marketed phenomenal tasting and selling e liquid in the past. However, they currently do not sell stand-alone e liquid. (We certainly expect that to change in the near future.)

We suspect that NJOY is currently focused on it’s foundation of solid and new products in the Daily, Loop and Ace.

For example, the vapor pod craze is real. NJOY most likely wants to be a big part of that phenomenon.

With all that being said, NJOY has a number of products that they seem to be discontinuing. One of those products is the pre-filled e liquid tank.

As you might have guessed, they offer solid discounts on bulk orders of pre-filled tanks and they are as followed:

  • 10% off orders of 10 – 19 pre-filled tanks.
  • 15% off orders of 20 or more pre-filled tanks.

Therefore, if you have an NJOY Compact Battery or a NJOY Pre-filled Tank Battery, stock up now on tanks.

Similarly, we suspect you’ll begin to see all old NJOY products greatly discounted in retail stores.

NJOY Coupon Code – Buyer’s Guide

NJOY has simplified your shopping experience by offering only quality and easy to understand devices and components.

They’ve always been a solid vape brand and always had huge financial backing.

However, NJOY ran into some trouble a couple of years back. They essentially had to file for Chapter 11 due to some operational mismanagement. That’s all a thing of the past now though and they’ve come out of the other side with even strong financial backing and strategic operations.

NJOY has gone through a complete reshuffle in every level of it’s business. This includes but is not limited to an all new product line.

NJOY Quality Standards

Firstly, the NJOY Daily disposable e cigarette is one of the most innovative products on the market.

Secondly, NJOY is a formidable force in helping tobacco cigarette smokers make the switch to vapor.

Thirdly, NJOY vaping products are available at nearly every corner-store in America. Which is absolutely essential in combating ‘big tobacco’.

NJOY has been going through and will continue to go through extensive clinic research to ensure safety of it’s product. Not only that, NJOY puts money towards research in an effort to push the entire vaping industry to less unhealthy products.

NJOY’s research is directly in-line with widely accepted Good Research Practices.

NJOY FlavorsNJOY Starter KitsNJOY Disposables
Between the ACE, Loop and Daily vapes, there are several flavor options. The best selling of this are of course classic tobacco, cool menthol and blueberry. While we love the classics, other flavors such as watermelon and tropical twist are worthy of your trial.
The Daily is of course a disposable e cigarette, therefore when it’s done it’s done. The ACE and the LOOP starter kits on the other hand are in-fact starter kits that are both rechargeable. Additionally, the only thing you need to be sure you do is stock up on Ace pods and Loop cartridges when it comes to either of these starter kits.
The most common first vapor experience most former tobacco cigarette smokers have is with disposable e cigarettes. This is in-part because they’re usually available anywhere tobacco cigarettes are sold. However, most disposable e cigarettes strongly underperform and leave smokers going back to cigarettes almost immediately. The NJOY Daily on the other hand is one of the most innovative and best disposables on the market today. It has the power to satisfy the heaviest of smokers and is the perfect 1st step to quitting smoking.

What You Need to Know About NJOY Coupons

Before you proceed with your order, let’s go over a few final points regarding buying from NJOY.

ReturnsWarrantiesInternational Shipping
Unlike other vape brands, NJOY has a great return policy. In-fact they offer a complete 100% satisfaction guarantee on all over their products. This policy is stipulated with a 30 day term.
Even consumables fall under warranty, that’s right, e liquids, atomizers and like all fall under the 30 day policy. Non-consumables such as devices batteries and other accessories come with a full 1 year warranty. Now, if it’s found that any product is misused or abused, NJOY reserves the right to not grant refunds.
NJOY does in-fact offer international shipping. It’s important however that you check your local laws and regulations regarding mail order vapor products as some extra taxes, fees and or regulations may be in place.


Above all, NJOY is a phenomenal source for vaping products. From the new ACE and LOOP to their now famous Daily disposable, NJOY has developed a stellar device lineup.

Secondly, the Daily disposable e cig is available across the country.

Lastly, they have an absolutely ton of ways to save on their coveted vapor products.

NJOY’s Top Sellers