njoy cartridges reviewNJOY Flavor Chambers, (also known as cartridges, cartomizers or refills) happen to be of very high quality compared to the competition. NJOY’s Vapor Chambers are available in 5 different fantastic flavors. We particularly like that NJOY has narrowed down their flavor variety to a handful rather than trying to offer every flavor under the moon like other brands (who typically import their random flavors from China). The 5 NJOY Flavor Chamber flavors are Gold Tobacco, Bold Tobacco, Menthol, Vanilla Bean and Pomegranate. Frankly, we’re old school smokers and like to stick to the basic Gold and Bold Tobacco flavors although many people like how the Vanilla Bean and Pomegranate taste every now and then, a bit of a desert supposedly. NJOY claims that their Flavor Chambers are suppose to last as long as a full pack of cigarettes does, of course it does come up slightly short of that claim. For the typical pack-a-day smoker of real traditional tobacco cigarettes, you can expect to use 1.5 to 2 Flavor Chambers per day. Be sure to account for this usage as the worst thing that you can possible do in making the transition from tobacco cigarettes to e cigs is run out of cartridges or e liquids. If you do find yourself in a bind, remember you can purchase disposables until your next shipment of cartomizers arrives at your doorstep.