NJOY Recharge Super Kit ReviewNJOY Standard Rechargeable Kits or more commonly known as their Compact Kits are also available in 4 different versions. Those versions are Economy, Standard, Premium and Super Rechargeable Kits. As their Vaping (tank systems) Kits offer a variety of accessories, so to do their Rechargeable Kits. Normally, users looking for rechargeable kits are fresh off from using disposable e cigs and are typically in a search for something more cost effective. Rather than making the leap straight to tank systems or NJOY Vaping Kits, most new users upgrade to a rechargeable kit. Again NJOY Rechargeable Kits are very similar to their Vaping Line or (tank systems) in that they offer a 4 versions each upgraded version featuring slightly more accessories. However, when it comes to compact e cigs, in this case NJOY’s Rechargeable Kits it’s all about batteries. Sure, we love compact kits, because they can easily be concealed and transported in any tiny pocket you have, however battery life is still of the utmost importance. Therefore, we strongly recommend that if your opting for NJOY’s Rechargeable Kits that you purchase at least the Premium (which includes four 110 mAh batteries) if not the Super version (which includes the same batteries, an additional usb charger and 10 additional flavor chambers), all adding up to an incredible value rather than purchasing separately.