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NJOY is privately owned and holds significant market share in the electronic cigarette industry. Being that NJOY is now available in over 100,000 stores, it’s worth noting that the company has a solid foundation for growth and has a stronghold on the overall marketability of electronic cigarettes. While the exact numbers are not made public, we can all bet on the company being worth nearly a billion dollars (give or take a few hundred million). In fact, NJOY received capital injections reaching around $70 million dollars in 2014 from Brookside Capital and Morgan Stanley Investment Group. Not to mention the fact that well known entrepreneurs Sean Parker (Co-Founder of Napster) and Peter Thiel (a founder of Paypal) placed significant investments in the company from the beginning.

It’s highly respectable that the private company (NJOY) has openly made aware their urge to stay private and not sell out to multi-national tobacco conglomerates. Blu Cigs for example sold out early and consumers are now paying the price in the form of poor quality. NJOY has predominantly sold their products in retail stores such as gas stations and corner stores until late 2014 when they launched an e-commerce extension to their website. The NJOY website is simple and easy to use for a consumers point of view. The NJOY brand consists of 3 main e cig device categories, those being ‘Vaping Systems’, ‘Rechargeable Systems’ & ‘Disposables’. It’s not clear why they label their tank systems as ‘vaping systems’, I mean their all ‘Vaping Systems’, either way, it’s nice that they offer a product for beginning, intermediate and advanced users.

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NJOY Review of Pros and Cons

Overall NJOY offers solid solutions for every type of user. Their Vaping Starter Kits (tank systems), Rechargeable Kits and Disposables are all fairly priced and their e liquid features a couple of flavorful gems.

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  • Product Availability
  • Vaping System Quality
  • NJOY Brand E Liquid Flavors
  • NJOY Artist Collection of E Liquids
  • Starter Kit Contents
  • Free Shipping
  • Satisfaction Guarantee

  • Rechargeable E Cig Battery Life
  • No Rewards Program

NJOY Review Summary

NJOY is one of the most well known electronic cigarette brands in the United States. Similar to Blu Cigs, NJOY is a vapor cigarette company who’s primary marketing and sales channels are retail brick and mortar shops as well as gas stations. However, in recent months, NJOY has began stepping up their online promotions and sales channels. One of the best things about NJOY Vaping products is the fact that you can either buy them online or at any number of local retail locations. While most of us are completely comfortable purchasing products from reputable brands online, for those who don’t like e-commerce, you’re free to pick up a disposable, rechargeable or vaping kit at your local corner store. Furthermore, NJOY offers phenomenal e liquid that can of course be purchased at your local gas station or corner store. Which is great for those of us who prefer not to wait for or pay for shipping. It should definitely be noted however, that when you purchase NJOY products online, you can save way more money than when buying them in stores. One of our favorite aspects of NJOY is their wide array of phenomenal tasting e liquid flavors, the ‘Espresso’ flavor especially for morning vaping! Additionally, NJOY Vape Kits come with more accessories than practically any other e cig brand. Making NJOY a very solid and economical option.

NJOY delivers great starter kits and disposables. However, we had a better experience with their ‘vaping’ or (tank) kits than the standard rechargeable kits. This could perhaps be because we have developed a rather sophisticated e cig palate. After testing so many kits, one comes to the realization that some devices just flat out work great, deliver huge throat hits and vapor production and well, other don’t. It’s also worth noting that we we’re happy with NJOY’s overall selection and website simplicity. For new-comers to the world of e cigs, it’s important to have as much simplicity as possible so not to confuse potential users ‘making the switch’ from tobacco cigarettes. NJOY does this in a phenomenal way, offering ‘Kings’ (their disposable line) in a array of flavors and package sizes as well as offering rechargeable and tank kits for intermediate and advanced vapor users. Probably this biggest advantage of NJOY for anyone looking to claim their own brand of e cigs, is the fact that NJOY has built their company from a retail perspective first, meaning that users can easily buy NJOY products in any number of corner stores or gas stations. This is especially nice for those users who are most familiar with purchasing their tobacco products in a retail environment. Believe it or not, there is a large portion of the tobacco using population that is not familiar with purchasing anything online. We think they’ll eventually come around though…