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Premium E Cig is a lesser known yet growing brand of vaping devices and e liquids for all types of users. Premium E Cigs could be classified as a budget friendly offering and perhaps compromises a bit in terms of a focused brand, in order to offer a wide range of devices, accessories and e liquids. Still, there are a lot of positive things to mention in regard to Premium E Cigs, and we’ll be going over each aspect of the brand in this review. To start off, it’s interesting to note that Premium E Cigs do in fact carry their very own ‘branded’ e cigs and e liquids along side of course a number of other premium brands. Of course, it should also be known that the singular Premium E Cig branded devices themselves are limited to compact rechargeable devices. This is compared to the large alternative of advanced vaping and mod vaping options.

The Premium E Cigs company originated back in 2008, so this name has been around for quite a while. The company is currently based out of Virginia Beach, Virginia and has seen quite a lot of success in recent years. People are easily attracted to the brand’s low prices and compact e cigs that have been nicely stylized to resemble traditional cigarettes. As we said before, there are plenty of things to like about this brand, but you might want to shop around before making any decisions. Nowadays, there’s a lot of competition out there and companies like Halo Cigs, Vaporfi and V2 Cigs are also able to offer good prices for very high quality products. It’s always wise to look around at the competition and even check out our best e cigs article before placing any orders.

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Premium E Cig Review of Pros and Cons

The Premium E Cig brand has quite a few things going for it. First of all, the Premium branded compact e cigs themselves have been nicely made. They aren’t super flashy or difficult to use in terms of their appearance or technology, but they function well and are nicely compact, ready to fit snugly in your pocket or bag for use throughout the day. The company also sells a tasty range of e-liquids, and is also partnered with a lot of great brands like Cosmic Fog and Cuttwood E Liquids. The Premium E Cig website has also been made with care and it’s a good place to go for your different vaping needs (although we’d certainly like to see a more focused layout). Speaking of different needs, the company has also taken the time to make a mixture of starter kits and other devices to suit different levels of users. So no matter how much or little experience you have, you’ll be able to find the perfect electronic cigarette for you.

On the downside, the quality of these products may in fact, go hand in hand with the low prices. If you’ve used e cigs from some of the brands we mentioned above like Vaporfi and Halo Cigs, then you might be a little bit disappointed with Premium E Cigs. Premium E Cigs get the job done, but users who really savor long lasting battery life, strong throat hits and thick vapor clouds might feel let down. In this business, you usually get what you pay for. For $19.95, you can get a Premium E Cig Starter Kit that comes with a battery, charger, carry case and a cartridge pack. This is a good price but you shouldn’t expect ‘knock your socks off’ levels of overall performance. At the same time, more advanced and powerful options are available for higher prices, so it all depends on your own personal preferences.

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Premium E Cig Pros

  • Very low prices
  • Nice range of e-liquids with a lot of scrumptious flavors
  • A very wide range of starter kits to suit every user
  • Compact E Cigs
  • Cool design, similar to proper cigarettes
  • Lots of accessories and customization options
  • Nice website
  • Fast shipping
Premium E Cig Cons

  • Unfocused website and general direction of the brand itself.

Premium E Cig Review Summary

premium e cig review summary

Overall, our views on Premium E Cigs are somewhat mixed. This company isn’t doing anything wrong and is able to sell satisfactory e cig devices for attractive prices. The amount of accessories, starter kits and flavors on offer only help to sweeten the deal. At the same time, the vaping industry is becoming increasingly competitive. Companies like Halo Cigs and Vaporfi are able to do everything that Premium does, but better. Therefore, we have to hope for Premium’s sake that this company makes some big developments in order to keep customers interested.

Premium E Cigs have established their place in the market as a budget brand with a lot of unique mods & accessories. If you’ve not got a lot of cash to invest in the vaping side of your life, then this could be an interesting company to investigate. At the same time, there are other brands out there that are offering better quality products for prices that are just as low as Premium E Cigs. This is why, once again, we have to recommend that you shop around. We don’t want to make it sound like Premium is a bad brand, because it does get a lot of things right. The e cigs themselves function reliably and do offer a decent vaping experiences, but they simply aren’t as efficient as other aforementioned electronic cigarette brands. One thing that people do really like about Premium E Cigs is the company’s vast range of e-liquids and we can certainly agree there. There are over 20 flavors available on the Premium menu and there are some really tasty options to choose from.

In general, from what we can see in user reviews online, people tend to be satisfied with their purchases from Premium E Cigs. As long as you can accept that you won’t be getting the very best quality products from this company, you shouldn’t be disappointed with any order you place. The team at Premium E Cigs is clearly dedicated to providing reliable items for people who are working with limited budgets and they’re certainly fulfilling that niche quite admirably.