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Deep down you know that it’s time to quit smoking once and for all. You don’t like to think about it because your too busy thinking about other things and everyday stresses, but you know you should quit. In fact you’ve probably known this for months and even years on end. You may have tried quitting in the past, maybe even multiple times. The trouble that you’ve had in quitting smoking once and for all though is the related difficulty both physical and chemical.

Ways To Quit Smoking of Past

In the past, you had 3 or 4 options to help you quit smoking. You could chew some nasty nicorette gum (the nastiest chew you’ve ever had), slap on a nicotine patch (a truly laughable solution), quit cold turkey (nearly impossible for long time smokers) or utilize some giant, medical looking vapor device. My how far we have come. In the past 2 years, electronic cigarette have literally blown up the entire smoking industry. It’s expected that electronic cigarettes will continue to take market share away from traditional tobacco cigarettes over the coming days and in the long term, eventually take a majority position in the market.

Modern Ways To Quit Smoking

Electronic cigarettes were once inefficient, bulky and only available by prescription from a doctor. However, since roughly 2011 they have have become incredibly efficient, stylish and sexy as well as being widely available online and through local retailers.

How Electronic Cigarettes Help To Quit Smoking

As long term smokers, we develop a physical addiction as well as a chemical addiction. The reason why so many other products to quit smoking never work is because they don’t offer a well rounded solution. Items like patches and gum have a general good assumption in curing the chemical addiction that long term smokers develop however they offer zero solutions for the physical or societal addiction. Modern electronic cigarettes on the other hand do both and frankly they do both extremely well. By using the Halo G6 Electronic Cigarette for example you’ll receive an alternative to a traditional tobacco cigarette that is very much ‘less unhealthy’ and also something that you can completely replace traditional cigarettes with.

The Halo G6 is a compact electronic cigarette that is both stylish and fulfilling to classic tobacco smokers. Never before have tobacco smokers had such a phenomenal item to finally quit smoking with. Heck, vaping with the G6 is even cheaper than smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes. I typically spend less than $200 per month on my G6 electronic cigarette, compared to $300 or more with tobacco cigarettes. Without a doubt the number one reason why the G6 is the best solution to finally quit smoking is it’s similarities to real cigarettes. You get your physical addiction met by the size and style and you get your chemical addition cure via the nicotine in the e liquid. In fact, you can choose which level of nicotine you’d like in each cartridge. A great way to cure yourself entirely from nicotine is to slowly ween yourself from a high dosage to zero nicotine levels. Give the Halo G6 a shot to quit smoking, I did and I smoked Newports for 7 years straight, a pack a day in fact. I’ve been smoke free for 2 years now and am happy to share thoughts on electronic cigarette to any who will listen. Check out our Halo Cigs Coupon page to save an instant 5% on your starter kit purchase!