Quitting Smoking With Electronic Cigarettes

Welcome to the 21st century former lady & gentleman 'smokers'.

quitting smoking with electronic cigarettesReady to stop smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes for good? We did it, hundreds of thousands of others have done it and so can you.

First things first, we are in no way, shape or form medical professionals. This article is entirely our opinion and is 100% related to our personal experience. We urge you to seek professional medical help related to your health and how inhaling any substance can effect your overall well-being.

Our intention is to simply bring our story of quitting smoking by using electronic cigarettes to your attention and for you to come to your own conclusions in your personal journey of finally quitting smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes once and for all.

As we are all well aware of at this point, the real verdict regarding electronic cigarettes and their consumption effects is still yet to formally be determined. As of late 2015, the entire electronic cigarette industry is still in the midst of research, regulatory and political scrutiny.

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If you’d like to learn more about electronic cigarettes in general, we’d recommend taking a look at our Electronic Cigarettes 101 Information Guide.

In a perfect world, (particularly concerning the United States) consumers could rely on fast determinations and responses from their relevant local, state and federal agencies regarding the effectiveness as well as potential risks associated with any new technologies, especially technologies associated with health.

However, the electronic cigarette industry has two huge factors that make this process increasingly difficult to distinguish. Firstly, the entire concept of ‘vaping’ boils down to a wide range of electronic devices and ingredients that is frankly constantly evolving and is hard to particularly label. Secondly, the electronic cigarette market presents a significant threat to the traditional tobacco cigarette market, which is of course cluttered by ‘big lobbyists’ & ‘big business’.

The end result, (as most of American politics are concerned) is complete and total inaction. Which as usual sends the market as a whole into wild speculation, conspiracy theory and even scare tactic approaches to advance political/financial (funny how the two words increasingly go hand-in-hand) agendas.

With all that being said, below is our personal opinion regarding using electronic cigarettes (or vaping) as a function of quitting smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes (affectionately known as ‘stinkies’ in web slang).

A certainly note worthy idea before continuing reading, our entire premise of quitting smoking with electronic cigarettes revolves around our personal opinion that electronic cigarettes or vapor cigarettes are at the very least, ‘less unhealthy than traditional tobacco cigarettes’.

In a nutshell, it’s through our own personal experience of smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes for roughly 7 years and making the switch to vaping products ‘cold turkey’, (meaning that one day, after 7 years, we all together stopped smoking real cigarettes and started using vapor products 100% of the time) that derives our opinion and overall understanding of how that transition effected our health initially and how it is working roughly 2 years later.

How To Quit Smoking Using Electronic Cigarettes

First things first, electronic cigarettes are not a miracle technology. Electronic cigarettes are the result of focused technological innovation, nothing more and nothing less. In order to actually stop smoking, one needs to in essence, make that choice, stand or decision. It just so happens that in the past, when consumers wanted to quit smoking, their alternatives to assist them were lacking in general feasability. For example, the now age old alternative of nicotine gum options obviously answered the chemical addiction transition necessity, but scored 0% regarding the well known and documented physical addiction side of cigarettes. Similarly, in the past, archaic forms of electronic cigarettes tried to answer both the chemical and physical addiction factors, but the technology lacked, resulting in failing to solve either problem and consumers quickly switching back to real cigarettes. However, as stated above, in the past few years, focused technological innovation in the electronic cigarette industry has resulted in actual alternatives to real cigarettes that solve physical and chemical addiction factors.

As a result of what is now a constantly innovative sector of technology in electronic cigarettes, former tobacco based cigarette consumers have a plethora of options to choose from. There are in fact so many different electronic cigarette options, types and systems to choose from that many consumers don’t even know where to begin or how to proceed to ultimately use electronic cigarettes to help them quit smoking real cigarettes. Therefore, it’s our ultimate goal to give those consumers a better understanding of the e cig industry as a whole and certainly offer tried and trusted methods of making the switch to vapor successfully.

The Tobacco Cigarette To Vapor Cigarette Journey:

  • Having The Will To Quit Smoking – As mentioned above, without your own personal and unbreakable ‘WILL’ to stop smoking traditional tobacco based cigarettes, you’ll get nowhere fast. You have to come to the determination that enough is enough and your ‘DONE’ with real cigarettes. You’ll need to program your mind and body to make a ‘CHANGE’ that results in real cigarettes no longer being an option for you. The number one thing you can do as a consumer is refusing to purchase real cigarettes. It’s not until you make that determination that the process can even begin.

    For most of us who have been ‘smokers’ for a long time, this is an impossible task, it’s been labeled, ‘quitting smoking cold turkey’ for ages and has unofficially been successfully for 0.1% of the population. However, electronic cigarettes offer a similar experience to real cigarettes and will act as the crutch necessary to quit. Throughout the rest of this article we’ll explain which electronic cigarettes to use in the beginning and unveil the many available options as you proceed away from tobacco cigarettes and into vapor cigarettes. (It should also be noted that electronic cigarettes can be used to quit smoking (or inhaling substances) all together or again, at the very least in our opinion, getting consumers to consume at least a ‘less unhealthy’ alternative.)

  • What To Expect Physically When Quitting Smoking – The exact issues are going to be different for every single person depending on how long they’ve smoked, what types of cigarettes they’ve smoked and how many cigarettes they typically smoked on average per day. However, as stated above, we smoked Newports for roughly 7 years at an average rate of 1 PPD (pack per day). Within the first day of quitting smoking cigarettes we noticed deep coughing and basically the ‘coughing up’ of all sorts of seemingly ‘paper based’ material (which isn’t pretty). This seemingly nonstop coughing and coughing up of overall nasty accumulated gunk accompanied a type of cold or flu and together lasted about a week. During this entire time, we used disposable electronic cigarettes to ‘keep or sanity’ and or ‘keep our dependency on nicotine’ alone alive. In our minds, the coughing and coughing up of these random unknown substances was the result of our body’s cleansing itself, and we essentially smiled in our own agony (knowing that the entire process was certainly for the best and worthy of the pain). (On a side note, we can’t stress this enough, every tobacco smokers situation is different, we were ((outside of smoking 1 PPD)) healthy mid 20 year olds. If you are older, have other health issues or any other health related ailments, it’s our 100% wish that you’ll consult a medical doctor before and or during such large changes in your daily routine.)
  • Disposable & Rechargeable Electronic Cigarettes – In the beginning, these two categories of electronic cigarettes will be ‘your home’. While there are a wide range of advanced vaping devices and electronic cigarettes available at this time (an increasing daily), disposable and rechargeable electronic cigarettes most closely match the physical size and shape of real cigarettes. Therefore, it’s of the utmost importance in the beginning that you give yourself the ability to simply and easily have a replica like alternative to real smoking (after stabilizing your body or getting your body used to the vapor cigarette, you can explore other vaping options).

    This stage of the transition is and definitely was for us, the most expensive part. Essentially, at the time we didn’t really know anything about vaping or electronic cigarettes. We simply knew that they were available and we’re becoming widely marketed. We began buying disposable Blu electronic cigarettes. At that time, they we’re roughly $12 each and we’d be lucky if they lasted an entire day. After spending an incredible amount of money on disposable electronic cigarettes over a period of a few months (but remaining free from real cigarettes), we decided to dig deeper into the electronic cigarette world, seeking more economical ways to proceed in our vapor transition.

    This lead us to what are known as rechargeable electronic cigarettes, commonly known as simple or basic electronic cigarettes or affectionately as ‘cig-a-likes’ (in internet slang terms). Rechargeable electronic cigarettes were perfect at that point in our transition because again they offer the same look and feel of real cigarettes but of course are vapor based rather than combustible tobacco and equally as important at that time (being in between jobs) they were more cost efficient than disposables. Our first rechargeable electronic cigarette system was the Blu starter kit. In theory and in our minds at the time, this should have been the ‘end-all-be-all’ electronic cigarette. The Blu starter kit and most all rechargeable electronic cigarettes, are simple devices. They feature 1 or 2 rechargeable batteries and accept ‘screw on’ type cartridges (which are packed with flavor and the nicotine percentage of your choice) which are typically sold in packs of 3 to 5 in the $12 to $15 range. However, after spending even more money, over a period of roughly a year, we grew increasingly upset with Blu starter kits, their batteries and their cartridges (also known as cartomizers, somtimes tanks or even refills). We found Blu starter kits to be unsatisfactory in terms of battery power, cost and most importantly (especially for ex-smokers) ‘RELIABILITY’.

    At the time of writing this article (late 2015) however, (lucky for you) there are much better, more innovative and more cost effective disposable and rechargeable electronic cigarettes, starter kits and systems at your fingertips and or local convenience store. Each of which we’ll discuss and bring to your attention later in this article.

  • Intermediate & Advanced Vaping Systems – After you’ve successfully made the vapor transition through disposable and compact rechargeable electronic cigarettes, you’ll find yourself seeking more in electronic cigarettes (we certainly did). Not only from a performance point of view, but equally as important, from the point of view of our wallets and or bank accounts. Again, disposable and rechargeable electronic cigarettes are and were for us an essential aspect of making the switch to vapor, however their long term cost is rather steep. Enter tank based and advanced vaping systems. When you get to the point of being free from tobacco cigarettes but wanting more performance and cost effectiveness from electronic cigarettes, you’ll enter the actual ‘vaping’ community. On a side note, using any sort of electronic cigarette in our minds qualifies as vaping, but modern day vaping is increasingly the act of using slightly more advanced electronic cigarettes or vaporizer devices than the typical disposable or rechargeable e cig.

    Intermediate and advanced vaping systems are 100% based around performance and lucky for all of us, are crazy cost effective compared to using typical disposables or rechargeable electronic cigarettes. Intermediate and advanced vaping systems are centered around powerful batteries and larger e liquid tanks rather than cartridges. To us, intermediate and advanced vaping systems are any vaping device in which the consumer fills a tank with the e liquid of their choice before ultimately ‘vaping’ it in their device. Again, outside of the incredible difference in performance and overall reliability compared to disposables and rechargeable e cigs, intermediate and advanced vaping systems cost far less to use on a monthly and yearly basis. For example, when using disposables, one can expect to pay between $300 to $450 per month. When using rechargeable e cigs, one can expect to pay roughly $100 to $250 per month. However, one can expect to pay only $20 to $50 per month when using the much more powerful and cost effective intermediate and advanced vaping systems currently on the market.

    Furthermore, it’s at this time that consumers can begin to ween themselves from nicotine all-together as almost all e liquids come in various nicotine strengths. If you get to the point, after ridding yourself of real tobacco based and combustible cigarettes, that you want to go even further and rid yourself of nicotine completely, you can slowly ween yourself off by ordering smaller and smaller amounts of nicotine. For example, most e liquids come in strengths of roughly 3%, 2%, 1% and no nicotine. Consumers have the ability to slowly lower the amounts of nicotine they consume on a monthly and daily basis before ultimately not needing it whatsoever.

A Better Understanding of Cigarette Addictions

What is so addictive about real tobacco based combustible cigarettes? Well, to the best of our knowledge the answer is a huge range of chemicals and the typically more understandable psychological factors. It’s well documented that cigarettes contain roughly 4,000 chemicals, of which include over 40 carcinogens which happen to be directly related to cancer, oh yeah, there’s an additional 400 other ‘unknown toxins’ as well.

Don’t get us wrong, we’re all about freedom, capitalism and the like associated with the United States of America. However, it’s our humble opinion that the entire age of traditional tobacco based combustible cigarettes will be looked at as an epic tragedy of ‘big businesses’ ability to infiltrate our entire political structure to do nothing more than make money hand over fist at the expense of it’s own citizens.

Think about how highly technologically advanced we are as a society, now think of the incredibly brilliant minds that we have with the ability to use absolutely any ingredients/chemicals/toxins in the world to create a product that will keep consumers in a constant circle of buying (via packs of cigarettes). With these being the well known facts, it would essentially be a failure for them to create a cigarette product that wasn’t highly addictive.

With that rant out of the way, let’s proceed with the addiction of smoking in general terms. Most of us started smoking with friends, whether it be a rebellious stage in our lives, the liberating effect of personal choice or if we subconsciously took up the habit because our parents and or caregivers smoked before us, most of us have a personal story related to our introduction to cigarettes.

No matter what your personal story is, you personally made the decision to start smoking and even though it’s hard to do, if you want to, you can make the personal decision to quit smoking, especially with the leverage of electronic cigarettes. Let’s face it, the opponent is a well crafted and designed abundance of chemicals and you’ll need all the leverage you can get.

Additionally, chemical addiction aside, most of us see ‘taking a smoke break’ as a luxury or tiny micro parts of the day when we can ‘get away from it all’, commonly known as a stress relieving activity. We love the many times throughout the day when friends or fellow smokers prompt us with the question, ‘want to grab a smoke?’. Most of us have accepted that cigarettes are unhealthy and will even kill us, but we subconsciously associate smoking with ‘taking a break’ or having a quick sometime quality chat with a friend. Therefore, the battle to quit smoking and the many dimensions associated with the addiction of our smoking habit are incredibly difficult to beat.

This is why it takes a huge amount of ‘WILL’ (as referenced above) as well as the use of technological innovation to beat the giant that is ‘big tobacco’.

All of us know of people who have tried to quit smoking, possibly even several times. However, as written above, it’s extremely hard to accomplish, it’s literally a physical fight. Most smokers aren’t prepared for this fight and probably don’t really even understand the science of what the fight entails. Thus, the attempt to quit smoking fails almost every time. Wait a second, we are an advanced and smart society, there must be some way to quit smoking once and for all. A way that allows that average person to make the decision to quit smoking and actually be able to follow through without needing to be some sort of master of their own consciousness. Ladies and gentlemen, the solution for us was electronic cigarettes.

Best Electronic Cigarettes To Use When Quitting Smoking

If you haven’t done so already, we urge you to read through our well written content above, specifically the section titled ‘The Tobacco Cigarette To Vapor Cigarette Journey’. In doing so, you’ll understand the importance of first focusing and using disposable and rechargeable electronic cigarettes. After you have a firm grasp of this importance, use our best electronic cigarettes to use when quitting smoking selections below to start your own journey today.

Below are the exact electronic cigarettes we recommend using when quitting smoking. Note that they are much better and more innovative systems than we had to use ourselves, you’re welcome in advance.

The actual number of each electronic cigarette or vaping system is of course up to you and your personal budget. We listed the amount of each that we recommend to give you a realistic number based on our personal experience with each e cig or system.

Also please note that we’ve tried a ton of electronic cigarettes and vaping systems and present the particular items above with great confidence with their overall quality and ability to meet your needs. There are hundreds of options to choose from and the devices listed above are in our minds the cream of the crop in each category.

Last but certainly not least, bare in mind that we also offers e cig coupons to save money on all the leading brands. Particularly take note of our NJOY Coupon, Halo Cigs Coupon, V2 Cigs Coupon Code & Vaporfi Coupon, which will save you the most possible amount of money on our best electronic cigarettes to quit smoking selections.

Quit Smoking With Electronic Cigarettes Summary

Electronic cigarettes are fast becoming popular and readily available at your local gas station and of course online. There has flat out never been a better time to quit smoking with electronic cigarettes. This is mostly due to the fact that phenomenal alternatives are actually available to you. Do electronic cigarettes work? Do electronic cigarettes help you to quit smoking? Are there any side-effects to electronic cigarettes? Are electronic cigarettes a way to quit smoking? Perhaps your wondering some of these same questions.

The cigarette has been around for ages, to be more specific, since the 1830’s. We all know of cigarettes in America however as they relat(ed) to pop culture, which started all the way back in the roaring 1920’s. Most of us also know the typical story of how cigarettes were considered cool without any unhealthy side-effects. As well as the story of how that myth was debunked and how tougher regulations were placed on tobacco companies to ensure that the average consumer would not be ‘duped’. However, with all of our current understanding of the negative side-effects of smoking, millions of Americans continue to smoke like chimney’s on a daily basis. Most of these smokers have been doing so for years if not decades and have actually incorporated the tars and chemicals of cigarettes into their daily nutrition. For example, when a long time smoker goes without his or her cigarettes for even hours, they can become severely agitated. Why is this? Long time smokers have consumed so many chemicals and tars throughout the years that their body’s have adapted to ‘balancing’ with these harmful chemicals as part of the recipe. This is the primary reason it’s so hard to quite smoking. Take what has become a vital part of a person’s equilibrium away from them and they will no doubt be distraught and most likely even sick frankly. The commonly used phrase, a Chinese fly trap comes to mind. Once a smoker is ‘in’ or addicted to the cigarette and namely it’s chemicals, it’s impossible to get ‘out’ without having to completely fight the situation, in most cases physically.

Electronic cigarettes are the absolute best way for the typical smoker to stop smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes. Today’s electronic cigarette commonly referred to as an e cig is stylish, sleek, affordable and so similar to how a traditional cigarette feels that a typical smoker can substitute it to stop smoking harmful toxins, tars and chemicals for good! It is important to note however that the average half pack or pack a day smoker will still experience symptoms as early as a few hours after their last traditional cigarette. They will experience what will appear to be a sickness. This sickness however is actually the body recovering and adapting to a world that doesn’t consist of harsh chemicals tossed about freely. The body will experience cold/fever type symptoms for roughly a week which will be outlasted by coughing and hacking up nasty paper that it’s been burning inside for years. However, the craving to have a cigarette, that need to feed one’s habit can simply be swapped with electronic cigarettes.

Ready to stop smoking? Prepare for a week or more of cold/flu like symptoms with a hack that will outlast it. Stock yourself up with great electronic cigarettes such as those mentioned above and get ready for battle. It will be the best fight of your life and your body will certainly be happy with the change!

One last thing. For those of you that say, okay this is basically like robbing Peter to pay Paul, I digress: electronic cigarettes are far more healthy than traditional cigarettes because they don not contain thousands of harmful chemicals, rather than literally inhaling smoke, you inhale water vapor. They do however contain nicotine, which is the main addictive ingredient in traditional cigarettes. This is the same reason its so easy for the average smoker to quit smoking traditional cigarettes and make the switch to electronic cigarettes. The smoker will still get their nicotine fix to balance their equilibrium. However, electronic cigarette nicotine levels are easily monitored. For example, the average smoker that is first making the transition to electronic cigarettes will need the full strength nicotine levels to be as similar to traditional cigarettes as possible, especially for those first couple weeks. However, most every electronic cigarette company offers zero level, low level, medium level and high levels of nicotine strengths. Meaning, after those first few weeks of the the switch, one can slowly ween themselves from nicotine all together by simply purchasing lower level strengths. All in all, it’s your body, if you want to quit smoking, you can and above is the exact method that we used.

Thanks for your time and check back often to see our latest conversation and posts relating to electronic cigarettes and smoking as a whole.

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