smoke and dagger daminta reviewThe Smoke & Dagger Da’Minta flavor is perfect for those who love the fresh hint of mint mixed with subtle amount of chocolate, vanilla and coconut. Smoke and Dagger’s mixers are flexing their creative muscles once again with their incredible Da’Minta flavor. This company seems to love setting itself challenges and overcoming obstacles in order to offer the best experiences for its customers. With Da’Minta, the team wanted to develop a mint-based flavor that everyone—including mint-sceptics—could enjoy.

We’re very happy to report that, in our opinion, the team succeeded brilliantly. We all know that mint can be a bit of a controversial flavor in the vaping world, and in general. Some people love it, others avoid it. Usually, people stay away from minty flavors because the menthol freshness is often too strong or overpowering, making other ingredients feel insignificant. With Da’Minta, the Smoke and Dagger mixers decided to tone the mint down in order to allow other ingredients to make their presence felt. By using softer flavors like coconut, cream and vanilla, along with a hint of chocolate, the team was able to subdue the power of the mint, while also enhancing all of its qualities. Mint-lovers will still adore this product, but it’s equally suitable to a much wider audience than any other menthol-based product we’ve tested.

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Smoke & Dagger Da’Minta Flavor Profile

smoke and dagger da'minta flavor profile

Smoke & Dagger Da’Minta Overall Taste:
Five blissful ingredients help to make up the experience known as Da’Minta. Surprisingly for a product that contains mint, the menthol isn’t actually the first thing that hits you as you inhale. Instead, it’s a delicate fusion of vanilla and chocolate that initially tantalizes your tastebuds. The mint comes next, offering a crispy center to each puff that is quickly softened with creamy coconut swirls. The finish is smooth and satisfying, encouraging you to take another drag.

Smoke & Dagger Da’Minta Throat Hit:
Since Da’Minta contains 50% PG, you can be sure that it offers a very solid throat hit with each puff. Former smokers will certainly feel at ease with this product and should be more than satisfied by the hit it has to offer.

Smoke & Dagger Da’Minta Vapor Production:
Smoke and Dagger use 50% VG in all of their bottles, which helps to ensure that each and every flavor is able to provide plenty of vapor production. You can always make more vapor by using different equipment, but most pens and mods should be able to provide thick clouds with this bottle. The high VG content also keeps the richness of the flavor intact.

Smoke & Dagger Da’Minta Product & Shipping Costs:
For now, Da’Minta can only be purchased in 30ml offerings. Each bottle is priced at $24, which is the sort of price we have come to expect from premium brands like Smoke and Dagger. In fact, we could almost argue that $24 is quite a good price for such a high quality bottle. Other handcrafted juices are currently being sold for $30 or more, so you’re still getting a reasonably good price by shopping with Smoke and Dagger. It’s also worth noting that a 30ml bottle can be made to last for quite a while, so the investment doesn’t really need to be considered a major one. When compared to the price of traditional cigarettes, e-juices like this one are always going to be cheaper in the long run. To make the deal even sweeter, Smoke and Dagger also offers free shipping all around the United States. Even overseas customers can benefit from free shipping as long as they place an order for four bottles or more.

Smoke & Dagger Da’Minta Product Availability:
To put it as simply as possible, product availability is not going to be an issue when shopping for Da’Minta, or any other Smoke and Dagger vape juice. This company is a premium brand which prides itself on hard work and dedication to the customer. Each product is always available and ready to be shipped out all around the world without any delay.

Smoke and Dagger Da’Minta Review Summary

smoke and dagger daminta review summary

With Da’Minta, the Smoke and Dagger team has achieved the unthinkable; they’ve actually managed to make a menthol-based product that almost anyone can enjoy. Mint is a tough ingredient to tame, but through hard work and careful recipe revisions, this brand has managed to do it. Even if you’re not much of a menthol fan, we encourage you to give this bottle a try. It really is good enough to change your mind on mint forever.