smoke and dagger landslide reviewSmoke and Dagger Landslide is a must have for any dessert e liquid enthusiast. Inspired by the famous cocktail of the same name, Smoke and Dagger’s Landslide is a true treat for the senses. The ingredients themselves appear simple enough on the outside, but when combined, they are able to produce a symphony of sensations that should not be missed by anyone. In keeping with the rest of Smoke and Dagger’s e-liquid menu, this bottle aims to combine various different flavor ideas into one great recipe. Instead of simply producing a banana-based flavor, or a hazelnut one, the team decided to combine those ingredients, along with silky smooth cream and scrumptiously sweet caramel into this great bottle.

What we really love about the flavor is the way in which none of the ingredients overpower the others. Similarly, the flavors don’t mix together into an intangible mess. Instead, each one plays its role in turn, with Landslide allowing you to savor the quality of every element one by one. It’s wonderfully well-suited as an all-day vape and really inspires a sense of relaxation in the mind and body of the vaper who tastes it. With this bottle, the Smoke and Dagger team has shown that a bit of hard work can go a long way. Clearly, a lot of time and research went into perfecting this recipe, but we’re sure that the final product was worth the wait.

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Smoke & Dagger Landslide Flavor Profile

smoke and dagger landslide flavor profile

Smoke and Dagger Landslide Overall Taste:
Landslide is made with four delicious ingredients: banana, hazelnut, cream and caramel. The recipe will entice some and bewilder others, but we think the overall flavor is truly exceptional and should please a very vast and varied audience. The initial scent is one of banana, but the first flavor that hits you is the hazelnut, offering the perfect opening for the whole experience. The banana arrives next and has been chosen to offer just the right amount of fruitiness to make it present but not overpowering. The cream and caramel then arrive in waves of their own, offering a cloud-like finish to each puff.

Smoke and Dagger Landslide Throat Hit:
All of Smoke and Dagger’s bottles are made with 50% VG and 50% PG. The relatively high amount of PG helps to provide a throat hit that former smokers will love. Many people find vaping much less satisfying without a solid hit, so it’s good to see that this flavor is able to provide that hit without compromising on the richness of the taste.

Smoke and Dagger Landslide Vapor Production:
Thanks to its 50% VG content, Landslide is able to produce some thick, fluffy clouds of vapor that help to add to the overall experience. Each cloud is like a whirlwind of savors, with the banana, nut, cream and caramel swirling around each other.

Smoke and Dagger Landslide Product & Shipping Costs:
Landslide is only available in 30ml bottles, with each one costing $24. Honestly, we have to say that we’re quite impressed by that price tag. Other premium brands don’t shy away from pricing their bottles much higher ($30+), so if you’re looking to invest in a top quality vape juice then you can actually save a few dollars by shopping with Smoke and Dagger. The flavor is absolutely worth every single penny, and it’s worth remembering that even relatively pricey bottles of e-liquid like this one still offer much better value than traditional cigarettes. What’s more, Smoke and Dagger also offers free shipping all around the U.S. Not only that, but if you’re an international customer, you can also get free shipping as long as you order four or more bottles.

Smoke and Dagger Landslide Product Availability:
Smoke and Dagger only sells a few different flavors and is a very trustworthy, up-and-coming brand in the vaping industry. You can trust these guys to ensure that each and every one of their products is always in stock and ready to be shipped out. We’ve shopped with them several times and never had to worry about any “Out of Stock” notices or delays.

Smoke and Dagger Landslide Review Summary

smoke and dagger landslide review summary

At first glance, Landslide might sound like a classic dessert-influenced flavor, but it really is so much more than that. The mixers at Smoke and Dagger are changing the game with their recipes and Landslide is a prime example of their creativity. The individual ingredients interact in so many surprising ways that you’ll just want to keep on vaping and buying more bottles.