smoke and dagger whiskey sour reviewIntroducing the first whiskey sour e liquid we’ve tried to date in the Smoke and Dagger Whiskey Sour. Cocktails and e-liquids have a lot in common. They are both made and perfected by experts, they both feature unusual flavor combinations, and they both require plenty of creativity to invent. The Smoke and Dagger team was evidently inspired by great cocktail makers of the past when they decided to create their exclusive Whiskey Sour bottle of vape juice.

Based on the drink of the very same name, this e-liquid presents a faithful recreation of a true classic. Featuring bourbon and burnt sugar, combined with a mixture of bitters and citrus notes, the flavor is intense and exotic all at once. It certainly isn’t easy for a vaping company to recreate such complex flavors with the tools at their disposal, but the genius mixers of Smoke and Dagger have really managed to impress us. The Whiskey Sour is a classic cocktail loved by many, and this new Whiskey Sour e-liquid might be about to follow in its footsteps and become a hugely popular bottle all over the world.

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Smoke & Dagger Landslide Flavor Profile

smoke and dagger whiskey sour flavor profile

Smoke and Dagger Whiskey Sour Overall Taste:
If you’ve tried a Whiskey Sour before, you’ll be blown away by how well this juice manages to recreate the same sensations and savors. If not, you’ll love it all the same. Rich and intense, the Whiskey Sour starts off with a delicate harmony of bourbon and tangy citrus notes. The bitters come along next, rounding out the overall flavor and making you yearn for more, while the burnt sugar arrives at the end, offering a crisp, elegant finish.

Smoke and Dagger Whiskey Sour Throat Hit:
50% of the makeup of Whiskey Sour is PG, and that means that this bottle is able to give a good, strong throat with every single drag. Almost everyone, from former smokers to long-time vapers, loves to have a solid throat hit when vaping, and the Smoke and Dagger mixers have done a great job of satisfying that desire with this product.

Smoke and Dagger Whiskey Sour Vapor Production:
When vaping with Whiskey Sour, we’ve been able to produce some thick clouds of vapor with every puff. The clouds are filled with the various aromas of the liquid and will certainly be big enough to please people who love lots of vapor. You can always use different mods to adjust your own vapor production if you feel the need to.

Smoke and Dagger Whiskey Sour Product & Shipping Costs:
In line with the rest of Smoke and Dagger’s products, Whiskey Sour is only available in 30ml offerings, with each bottle costing a grand total of $24. That’s a fair price, especially when you consider the very impressive quality and standards of the ingredients used and the overall production process. In addition, many other premium e-liquid brands are charging between $25 and $30 for their bottles, so $24 is perfectly acceptable. We honestly believe that this product is worth every cent of the asking price, and it’s also important to note that you don’t necessarily need to use Whiskey Sour as an all-day vape. It is perfectly suitable for that purpose, but if you can’t afford to use it too often then you could just buy a bottle and make it last for a while. In terms of shipping costs, you should be pleased to hear that, when ordering via Smoke and Dagger’s official site, U.S. citizens will benefit from free shipping all around the nation. International customers have no need to despair either, as they can also get free shipping on orders of four or more bottles.

Smoke and Dagger Whiskey Sour Product Availability:
We’ve placed a lot of orders with Smoke and Dagger, so we know what we’re talking about here. In all of our dealings with this company, we’ve never had any problems with product availability. Our orders have been processed and dispatched in record time, and every item has always been fully in stock and ready to go.

Smoke and Dagger Whiskey Sour Review Summary

smoke and dagger whiskey sour review summary

We’ve tasted some great Whiskey Sours in our time, and this bottle of e-liquid is magically able to capture every aspect of the famous cocktail. The ingredients have been chosen with a precise eye for detail and the mixing process has created a bottle of vape juice that will surely be loved by countless users for years to come.