south beach smoke review

South Beach Smoke is a solid e cig brands that features compact e cigs for beginners and even intermediate vaping systems for those who prefer more performance. New companies join up with the increasingly crowded vaping industry every day, and they all need to try and do something different in order to stand out and attract a crowd of loyal followers. At the same time, existing companies need to keep on revitalizing their image and developing their ideas to stay ahead in the game. South Beach Smoke is a brand name that has been around for a good few years now, and is also an example of a very popular company that has continuously adapted and evolved in order to meet the changing needs of the modern-day vaper. Since its inception, this brand has been very popular and received plenty of positive attention from people all around the globe. In this review, we’ll go over the details and various aspects of the South Beach Smoke E Cig service to help you decide if this brand deserves your time and cash.

Named after the famous neighborhood in the great city of Miami, South Beach Smoke first got started back in 2010. This company is actually a subsidiary of one of the vaping industry’s leading and most well-respected brands, Vaporfi. Already, that counts as a huge endorsement. We’ve reviewed Vaporfi products in the past and have been immensely impressed with that brand’s high quality products, reliable services and super prices. So, can South Beach Smoke live up to the reputation of its big brother Vaporfi? Well, we think it does a pretty good job. The name of the brand itself conjures up images of fashion, beauty and style, but the company hasn’t gone overboard with its marketing and branding. The company’s website, packaging and products all look great, with a simplistic art-deco style imbued into every aspect of the brand, but it’s clear that a lot of the focus has been put into keeping things simple and making the products speak for themselves. This company makes great E Cigs that get the job done, and you won’t need to empty your wallet to buy some.

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South Beach Smoke Review of Pros and Cons

When drawing up a list of pros and cons of South Beach Smoke, it’s easy for us to see that this company is a good one. It’s really difficult to come up with any real flaws or genuine criticisms of this brand, while it’s almost too easy to list all of the pros. To start off on a positive note, South Beach Smoke E Cigs are really reliable and powerful. They produce a lot of vapor and noticeable throat hits, while the batteries powering these devices will last for ages. We also really appreciate this company’s subtle sense of style. The packaging of the products is pleasing to the eye, especially thanks to the brand’s retro logo. The E Cigs themselves have also been designed with care; we really like how the batteries seem to glow and sparkle with every puff.

The prices of the company are also attractive, with starter kits varying in price from the basic $9.99 set to a more deluxe $53.75 package. You get what you pay for and there’s a nice sense of value in every purchase you make with South Beach Smoke. This all reminds us of the company’s parent brand, Vaporfi, who is also well-known for offering incredible value and an impeccable standard of quality in its goods. Still, we do have to be fair in our reviews and try to find some cons of every company. In the case of South Beach Smoke, we found that the battery charging times can be a little long and that the company’s flavor selection could be improved.

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South Beach Smoke Pros

  • Great range of products
  • Decent prices
  • High quality, American-made equipment
  • Clear, pleasing designs in products and packaging
  • Perfect for older smokers looking for simple, effective products
  • 30-day guarantee
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Lots of vapor production
South Beach Smoke Cons

  • Some of the flavors aren’t to our liking, but this will depend on your own personal preferences.

South Beach Smoke Review Summary

south beach smoke review summary

Overall, we’re very satisfied after checking out the products and services offered by South Beach Smoke. Vaporfi has already impressed us in the past, so we’re glad to see that its subsidiaries are attempting to reach the same high standards in terms of quality and value. South Beach Smoke is trendy and will surely continue to be a big hit with vaping enthusiasts as the year continues. If you’ve been interested in this brand but haven’t yet made a purchase, we hope that this review will be enough to encourage you to check out some South Beach Smoke products for yourself.

South Beach Smoke has been hugely popular since it arrived on the scene several years ago. The company is able to attract people in with its good-looking branding and attention to detail. Word has quickly spread about the quality of South Beach Smoke products, and the fact that the company is a subsidiary of Vaporfi also helps. People trust brands like Vaporfi, so they’re more willing to give companies like South Beach Smoke a try. In our dealings with this brand, we can say that things have gone very smoothly. The brand’s range of goods and product standards can’t quite match up to its parent company, but are still very impressive.

A look at customer testimonials also helps to reinforce a lot of the ideas we’ve touched upon in this review. Users often talk about the quality of this brand’s E Cigs and are particularly impressed with the selection of starter kits on offer. South Beach Smoke’s prices are also judged to be fair, but there are a few issues with slow battery charging. Still, this simple problem isn’t enough to put people off. The South Beach Smoke brand continues to be synonymous with quality and popularity, and we can’t see that changing anytime soon. The company is especially popular with people who have a long history of smoking and simply need a reliable product from a name they can trust.