spicy vape review

Spicy Vape is a unique e liquid provider based in Israel. There are a whole lot of vaping companies in the US and many people even consider California to be the home of the industry, but vaping is a global phenomenon and there are plenty of foreign mixers using their own techniques and ideas to produce some very interesting e liquids. In reviewing Spicy Vape e liquids, we were very impressed with the way this brand has chosen to set itself apart: Spicy Vape produces its own flavor extracts. This is important because it gives the brand’s mixers total control over their e liquid flavors. Many other e liquid companies simply purchase extracts and concentrates to mix together for their products, but Spicy Vape is going one step further by producing its own. Can this brand’s flavors rival some of the best? You’ll have to keep reading to find out, and you can take a look at our Best E Liquids to learn more.

Spicy Vape has put together a vast and varied menu of flavors, featuring tobacco, fruit, sweet, and several other unique e liquids. It’s always impressive when a premium e liquid provider is able to produce such a large menu and cater to such a broad audience, and this was one of the big advantages of Spicy Vape that we discovered while reviewing this brand. Each of the e liquids on the Spicy Vape menu is made with pure kosher PG and VG and served in attractive glass bottles. Spicy Vape’s branding is colorful and appealing, and the brand even lets you add sweeteners to each liquid if you like, as well as choosing the VG/PG ratio and nicotine content. All of these options help to make Spicy Vape a big contender in the e liquid world. If you want to learn more about another brand we love, check out our Blu E Liquid Review.

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Spicy Vape Review of Pros & Cons

We’ve been very pleasantly surprised by Spicy Vape. With neat branding and rich flavors, this brand is proving that there’s plenty of life in the vaping industry beyond the borders of the United States. The fact that Spicy Vape makes its own flavor extracts is a big advantage, and the brand also offers a very varied and eclectic menu.

On the downside, the fact that Spicy Vape is based out of Israel means that you’ll have to pay shipping fees and it might take a little while for the products to arrive. However, we think Spicy Vape products are worth waiting for, and you’ll probably agree once you’ve given them a try for yourself.

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Spicy Vape Pros

  • Unique flavor extracts.
  • Varied menu.
  • Reasonable prices.
  • Lots of choices.
Spicy Vape Cons

  • Paid shipping.

Spicy Vape E Liquid Review Summary

spicy vape review summary

While reviewing Spicy Vape e liquid, we saw a lot of advantages to shopping with this brand, and we’re sure that the company has a bright future ahead. The folks behind Spicy Vape aren’t cutting any corners or making any sacrifices; they’re focusing on quality above all else, in order to provide their customers with the finest possible experiences. We can respect that, and we admire Spicy Vape for going to such great lengths as it strives to conquer the global vaping market. We’ve mentioned it before, but the fact that the brand produces its own flavor extracts is definitely worth highlighting once again. This means that every bottle of Spicy Vape e liquid is completely unique to that company, and you won’t be able to great these same flavor experiences anywhere else.

The freedom offered to Spicy Vape customers is another big plus point. When buying any e liquid from this company, you are allowed to choose the size of the bottle, the nicotine strength, and even the VG/PG content, depending on whether you prefer strong throat hits or thick vapor clouds, or a nice balance between the two. It’s very rare to see an e liquid company offer such variety, and we commend Spicy Vape for taking this approach. With such an exciting and varied menu, you might not know where to start when shopping with Spicy Vape. Having tested out the full range of flavors, we can strongly recommend Banana Split, Spicy Memories and Strawberry Cake as a few of our favorites.