the milkman e liquid review

The Milkman E Liquid, as its name suggests, is all about creamy, milky flavors. The brand got started with a small lineup of these kinds of e liquids, but has since expanded its menu to incorporate tobacco blends and other interesting concoctions. The Milkman is easily one of the most well-known and instantly recognizable e liquid brands, with its distinctive ‘milk carton’ style packaging and high quality ingredients, and we really enjoyed tasting these e liquids while reviewing The Milkman. The brand started off strong and has made a lot of progress since it began, developing a more inclusive menu to appeal to a broader audience, while still maintaining the same high standards that helped to cement it as one of the vaping industry’s big names. If you’d like to learn more about our favorite ever e liquids and see how they stack up to The Milkman, check out our list of Best E Liquids.

The team at The Milkman put a lot of effort into everything they do, from the brand’s unique packaging style to its high quality ingredients, recipes and fascinating new flavors. Each of The Milkman’s e liquids have been tested and enhanced countless times to create the best possible version of each recipe. There are a few different lines in The Milkman catalog, each with their own innovative ideas and exciting flavors. We tried them all while reviewing The Milkman and found a few clear winners. The brand’s Moonies and Truffleberry really stand out, while the Heritage line’s Honey and Cream is another exceptional e liquid that tobacco fans will definitely appreciate. If you like tobacco flavors in general, Black Note is a brand you need to check out. You can learn more in our Black Note E Liquid Review.

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The Milkman E Liquid Review of Pros & Cons

We’ve got a few pros and a few cons to talk about when it comes to The Milkman. In terms of the quality of the e liquids and the richness of the flavors with this brand, we have no complaints at all. The liquids are made to a very high standard and the Heritage lineup is especially exciting, with some really interesting flavors.

On the downside, the prices of The Milkman e liquids can be pretty high and you’ll want to use coupons and sales to get the best deals. In addition, some vapers are unhappy that The Milkman uses opaque plastic bottles for its e liquids, making it hard to see how much juice you have left. This is only a minor issue, but it’s still big enough to be worth mentioning.

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The Milkman Pros

  • Great quality e liquids.
  • Awesome flavors.
  • Heritage line is excellent.
The Milkman Cons

  • High prices.
  • Paid shipping.
  • Plastic bottles.

The Milkman E Liquid Review Summary

the milkman e liquid review summary

The creators of The Milkman claim to have been inspired by old fashioned 50s diners and ice cream parlors, and that sort of aesthetic comes through as soon as you get a look at these products. Delivered in cute cartons, the standard lineup of The Milkman flavors offer old-timey, good quality milkshake sensations. The brand’s Delights lineup mixes things up with some candy-based flavors while continuing the cute and colorful style of the brand. Finally, The Milkman Heritage e liquids take things up a notch with a trio of premium, tobacco-infused blends. We tried them all and had some very enjoyable experiences while reviewing The Milkman. It’s a shame that the high prices and plastic bottles bring our overall impressions down a little, but in general, we were very impressed by this brand.

With a dedication to high quality and careful refinement of its recipes, The Milkman manages to be one of the few e liquid companies out there with an almost flawless menu of flavors. In the regular lineup, Moonies offers a truly delicious blend of buttery sponge cake, smooth chocolate and fluffy marshmallow, topped off with hints of vanilla. In the Delights lineup, we adored Truffleberry and Bubble Milk. Finally, the Heritage lineup is simply a trio of winners, each one built around a base of tobacco combined with additional flavors and notes to create unique, memorable experiences. We had a lot of fun reviewing The Milkman e liquids and were consistently impressed with these products, so can recommend them to everyone.