v2 e liquid review

V2 Cigs E Liquid is one of the leading players in the rapidly evolving vaping industry. This company’s products are sold in countless stores and retail locations all around the United States and other countries. A brief visit to the company’s website helps any visitor to understand what a professional outfit V2 Cigs really is. The company’s online presence is available in a multitude of languages and comes complete with a live help system and plenty of great guides for new vapers. It also has a huge range of products on offer from starter kits to accessories to vape pens, along with a broad selection of vape juices. No matter what your tastes happen to be, V2 Cigs should have a product to fit your style. A lot of e-liquid companies focus on one particular type of taste, but this isn’t a problem for customers of V2 Cigs.

This is a company that won’t be winning any awards for the originality of its flavors or the fancy style of its bottles, but you can be sure that V2 Cigs puts plenty of time and effort into producing top quality products. The flavors themselves are relatively simple, with the V2 Cigs menu currently featuring offerings like ‘Peppermint’, ‘Cherry’ and ‘Vanilla’, but this at least lets customers know what they’re getting into. The company promises to deliver a particular flavor and comes through on that promise every time. The brand’s tobacco flavors are particularly well-appreciated by those with more traditional tastes, with menthol fans also have a few options to choose from. The liquids themselves are made with a nice VG:PG blend to provide a nice amount of vapor, a solid throat hit and a rich taste. On top of all that, the prices with V2 Cigs are very reasonable. The company offers a good range of bottle sizes and sampler sets to help its customers save money, and that’s certainly something we appreciate.

Electronic cigarette companies the world around are offering a ridiculous number of flavors to choose from. However, it seems that with e liquid the common phrase of quality beats quantity rings especially true. When it comes down to it, future ex tobacco smokers want something simple and comparable to what they’ve been using their whole lives. There is basically no need to offer crazy fruity and sweet e liquids and I frankly wish that more e cig companies would understand that they don’t need to offer hundreds of flavors to get the job done. V2 offers a few top notch e liquids which are similar to the most common tobacco flavors.

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V2 Cigs E Liquid Review of Pros & Cons

This company advertises itself as the number one brand in the business and it’s easy to see why. You won’t be getting the same sort of products you might find at a craft or artisanal company, but the quality is still guaranteed. V2 Cigs goes to great lengths to offer a good range of vaping materials for every type of user, even going as far as writing up guides and running a regularly-updated blog with new information about the industry.

This brand also sets itself apart by hosting professional and customer reviews of its products right there on the V2 Cigs website. That way, any visitor can simply head over to the reviews section and feel more confident about the purchases they make. That’s a level of honesty that is very hard to find and really helps to cement this company’s status as an industry leader. As previously mentioned, the only con we could possibly think of is that the V2 Cigs menu might not be as wacky or varied as some people hope for.

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V2 Cigs E Liquid Pros

  • Good range of flavors
  • Product availability
  • High quality experience
  • American-made
  • Free shipping on order of $50+
  • Excellent website
  • Reviews and testimonials on the site
  • Reliable customer service via phone, forum and live chat
  • Affordable prices ($16.95 for a 25ml bottle)
V2 Cigs E Liquid Cons

  • None worth reporting.

V2 Cigs E Liquid Review Summary

v2 cigs e liquid review summary

V2 Cigs has gotten to the top of the pile through hard work and great service. The company provides a super selection of vape juices and really goes the extra mile to cater to its customers. The customer support service is one of the best you could hope to find, while the prices of V2 Cigs products are more than affordable. We certainly recommend investing in one of the brand’s excellent sampler packs, featuring a great range of six flavors in 10ml bottles for the remarkably low price of just $29.95. These samplers allow you to experience a nice selection of what the company has to offer without spending too much cash.

V2 Cigs is one of the biggest companies in the business and it’s not hard to see why. This brand is a testament to the industry, offering a huge range of excellent products at great prices, along with a well-managed online presence and friendly staff who are always ready to help. To put it simply, this is a company that gets all of the important things right. No matter what question or query you could possibly have, the V2 Cigs site will have an answer waiting for you. In the same fashion, no matter what sort of product or flavor you might desire, this brand should be able to satiate your needs. The company gets lots of great reviews from experts and customers alike, giving every single customer a great sense of confidence in the purchases they make.

In terms of specific flavors, we have to highlight the company’s famous ‘Red’ bottle. For traditional tobacco fans, this juice is a must-have. Red offers a great blend of old Virginia tobacco and is hugely popular with people who are familiar with that sort of taste. The brand’s ‘Green Tea Menthol’ flavor is also a great creation, offering a nice combination of the delicate tones of green tea mixed with the cool splash of menthol. The company also offers a nice range of simple, sweet tastes inspired by everyday flavors like cola, grapes or chocolate. It’s worth noting that all of these products are available in various bottle sizes to suit every kind of customer.