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V2 Cigs is the leading online retailer in the United States. V2 has been revolutionizing the entire electronic cigarette industry since 2009. The V2 Cigs brand itself is an extension of it’s parent company name VMR Products, LLC. VMR is a striving electronic cigarette manufacturer with a mission to continuously innovate and provide better electronic cigarette devices. With a reach of over 30 countries, VMR designs, produces and distributes products all over the world. With a strict focus on quality, product life cycles and customer service, VMR has been able to build V2 Cigs into perhaps the most well known brand in the e cig marketplace.

V2 is the main branch and focus of the VMR machine, however brand extensions have been produced to help target even larger niche target markets. Along with the main V2 brand, Vapor Couture and V2 Pro lines are established to reach both women and more advanced vaping sectors. In a nutshell, the main V2 brand is designed with newbies in mind. The original and EX model V2 Starter Kits are specifically designed to be easy to use for long time smokers to finally make the switch. The Vapor Couture line is designed to be more ‘cute’ in an effort to appeal to the large population of female smokers who often times care more about how an electronic cigarette looks than how it necessarily functions. Finally the V2 Pro line is where all the exciting innovation is happening. This line is designed to target the most established of e cig users by constantly offered new innovative batteries, cartridges and frankly entire e cig systems.

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v2 pro series 7 e cig

V2 Cigs Review of Pros and Cons

There are certainly many pros to the V2 Cigs brand, such as product innovation and product selection. However, those very two features that make the brand well respected and widely purchased in my opinion are also in a way diminishing it’s possibilities to grow further. E cigs are still relatively new and most customers (or at least a large percentage of them) are completely new to electronic cigarettes. Thus, simplicity in this market is king. While features and performance are no doubt prime factors, most customers don’t even know what their looking at. In my opinion, V2 would do better to offer a more simplistic layout of it’s available products than to bombard newbies with variations that will do nothing more than confuse them into perhaps a wrong purchase. The biggest con of V2 is unfortunately their biggest strength as well and that is product selection, in this context, too many which causes confusion.

V2 Cigs has become a power in the electronic cigarette industry for many reasons. Overall the company offers quality products at fair prices and has managed to develop a solid reputation among the most accomplished brands.

V2 Cigs Pros

  • Product Diversification
  • Product Innovation
  • Battery Life
  • Cartridge Quality
  • Product Availability
V2 Cigs Cons

  • With so many awesome options, it’s often hard for ‘newbies’ to decide which system to choose. Our aim however, is to clear that up for you.

V2 Pro Series
The V2 Cigs Pro Series is their most innovative line of e cigs yet. Currently they have released their Series 3 & 7 Versions, with the Series 9 set to roll out sometime in late 2015. The Pro Series is different than any other standard rechargeable e cig in every way. It is designed to be high performing while remaining sleek & most importantly, compact. V2 Cigs understands the consumer’s desire to have a high performing unit while remaining relatively sleek, small or generally easy to use while on the go. Sure, there are tons of e cigs on the market that deliver great performance, but very few who do so without being obnoxiously large in physical size. The Pro Series is probably the best overall e cig line available anywhere on the market. For anyone who is interested in upgrading from a standard cartridge type rechargeable e cig to a more efficient tank system (that isn’t the size of a brick) the V2 Pro Series is the best option on the market.

If you’re looking for a more cost effective and higher performing e cig than your current system, look no further than the V2 Pro Series 3. I personally used a number of compact e cigs before finally wising up and purchasing my Series 3 and I frankly can’t believe I didn’t make the switch sooner. For me, I used compact e cigs for so long because of their sleek look and of course smaller size. I never wanted to be ‘the guy’ walking around with some huge ‘armed sized’ e cig system just because it performed better. The fact is, most tank systems are much larger than compact e cigs and until the Series 3 by V2, I never found a sleek tank system. However, the Series 3 is what I would call a hybrid. By hybrid, I mean that it delivers the great performance of a tank system but is relatively small compared to the vast majority of tank systems. After spending over $250 per month on buying cartridges and cartomizers to keep my compact e cig running, I finally bought the Series 3 and now literally only spend about $25 per month on e liquid. The amount of savings and performance that the Series 3 provides is unmatched in the entire industry.

If you liked the V2 Series 3, your going to love the Series 7! The Series 7 features even more battery life, more options and more performance. Unlike the Series 3, the Series 7 comes standard with all 3 types of cartridges including e liquid, dry herb and wax. The Series 7 also features low, medium and high temperature settings so you have ultimate control of your device. It’s tank capacity has been upgraded to hold 2.5 mL of e liquid as compared to only the 1.6 mL that is standard for the Series 3. The Series 7 battery is a giant 1800 mAh as compared to the Series 3’s 650 mAh and like the Series 3 is available in 3 colors. It’s been a long time coming for the Series 7’s release date, and it’s finally here! After using both the Series 3 and Series 7 for a few weeks now, I have never been more impressed by e cig systems. The Series 7 is an absolute beast and the battery lasts for days on end! The e liquid tank is huge and the amount of vapor that this thing produces is unmatched. The Series 7 is my new favorite e cig…

I am so impressed by the Pro Series 3 & 7, I honestly don’t know how the Series 9 could be better. My thought is though, that the Series 9 might feature more temperature control as well as perhaps voltage and wattage control.

V2 Battery Life
The thing to keep in mind when it comes to battery life is size. V2 certainly offers the top of the line in terms of performance and e cig batteries. When choosing batteries, (outside of color) the most important aspect is what size you’ll choose. The bigger the battery the longer it will last. Unfortunately, the bigger the battery, the less sleek it will be. After all, none of us want to walk around with generators and tanks that can’t even fit into our pockets.

V2 Cigs are well known for offering technologically advanced products. While a lot of e cigs fail to provide a consistent vaping experience, V2 Cigs certainly maintain a smooth and consistent vaping experience throughout their entire product line.

V2 Classic & EX Series The differences between the Classic and EX V2 Cigs models are vast. V2 basically started from scratch and completely redesigned the look of their compact electronic cigarettes. See the promo video below for exact changes and images of the ex version. It seems V2 is catching on to the fact that former tobacco smokers truly love sleek and compact alternatives to once bulky and robust electronic cigarettes of old.

V2 Pro Series 3 The V2 Pro Series 3 electronic cigarette that has recently been launched is incredible. It is known as a 3 in 1 e cig system. Not only is this fantastic electronic cigarette system the sleekest available unit on the block, but it features a magnetic locking mechanism between the cartridge and battery (essentially rendering the screw on types ancient news), drop in cartridges (which is entirely efficient) and finally a magnetic locking charger (you’ll never screw in another e cig part again). Check out the Pro Series 3 Promo video below for more information.

V2 Pricing V2 Cigs starter kits range from $39.99 all the way up to $179.99. V2 truly does offer more product selections and variations than any other electronic cigarette brand on the market today. You may need to take an entire day or weekend to decipher what the differences are between each one and which you should eventually choose, however the options are available nonetheless. For experiences e cig users, I strongly recommend looking into the V2 Cigs Pro Series 3. It’s incredibly efficient, sleek and only weighs in at $69.99. For those entirely new to electronic cigarettes, feel free to start with the Standard EX starter kit which only costs $79.95. If you’ve read this far and are totally unimpressed with the amount of features and selections that V2 offers, I strongly recommend looking into Halo Cigs. Halo offers the G6, which is a basic compact e cig that happens to be a workhorse. If you still want simple but don’t care about sleekness, look no further than the Triton, which happens to be the most efficient full size tank system available today.

V2 Cigs Review Summary

v2 cigs review summary

What do we love about V2 Cigs? Easy, it’s 3 words, ‘The Pro Series’. The V2 Pro Series Line by V2 Cigs is perhaps the most innovative line of vapor cigarettes on the market. Currently, V2 has released two Pro Series options in the Series 3 and Series 7 devices. Both of which are extremely innovative and high performing in every aspect, especially battery life and vapor production. The Series 3 device falls into the category or ‘vape pen’, but is unique in it’s sleek design, efficiency and relatively inexpensive price point. The Series 7 fits into a tank based device category, features incredible battery life, vapor production and a beautifully designed sleek unit, not to mention it’s nicely sized 2.4 ml e liquid tank. The entire Pro Series Line features really cool magnetic charging tips and cords, separating them even further from the typical screw on e cig devices. The Series 9 is said to feature more user customization in terms of wattage and voltage settings and is set to be released sometime later this year. We routinely use both the Series 3 and Series 7 V2 Pro e cigarettes and strongly recommend both of them.

As awesome as the V2 Pro Series Line is, we unfortunately strongly dislike V2’s shipping times and product availability. Would an ice cream store or business constantly not have cones or ice cream itself ‘in stock’? While you can usually land a Series 3 starter kit or Series 7 starter kit itself in a reasonable amount of time (concerning shipping), when you need to replace the according cartridges, it’s extremely ‘hit or miss’. Both the S3 and S7 use e liquid ‘cartridges’ or tanks that usually last around 1 month of standard usage before needing to be replaced. This is perfectly fine, efficient and frankly cost effective (especially when comparing the recurring price to disposable e cigs or rechargeable e cigs that utilize ‘one time’ use cartomizers). However, over the past year, we’ve become increasingly upset about V2’s inability to provide decent shipping times on both the S3 and S7 e liquid cartridges. Some hold periods lasting as long as 30 days before you receive your placed order. What’s worse is the fact that V2 usually doesn’t even let you know that the product is ‘out of stock’ or won’t be shipped for 30 days. Furthermore, if you want to contact V2 Cigs, you can expect ridiculously long wait times. When trying to contact V2 via phone, you can expect 30 minute hold times minimum and even 20 minutes just to get in touch with someone via live chat online.

Being that electronic cigarettes as a whole are still in their relative infancy, it’s not surprising to see tons of different brands popping up across the globe. The only problem with most of these new ‘e cig’ brands is that their just some China Made junk with fancy logo’s and labeling performed to make it look like it’s actually it’s own line. Companies like V2 Cigs, Halo Cigs, Blu Cigs and Vapor4life on the other hand are at the forefront of the industry. These companies actually manufacture most or all of their own batteries, cartridges, sleeves, chargers and even e liquid. So while it’s sometimes fun to venture off the beaten path of well known or established brands, know that the random e cig starter kit that you just purchased from your local startup mini mall is 9 times out of 10 some piece of trash made in China with a fancy logo on it. When it comes to electronic cigarettes at this stage in the industries life, it’s best to go with the well known and established brands like V2 where you know the quality guidelines are top notch and you’ll be getting what you pay for. Too many times smokers try to make the switch to vapor on devices that perform incredibly poorly by brands that hardly really exist at all.

V2 has been around for a number of years and has made quit a name for itself. It currently leads the US in total number of electronic cigarettes sold. This is perhaps more due to the phenomenal leadership of the company and business decisions than the products themselves. Not to say that they don’t offer great e cigs, but just to point out that V2 Cigs aren’t so much different than other leading electronic cigarettes. It seems to me that the most important thing that V2 is doing right for themselves is strategically positioning themselves in the market place. V2 is the first large electronic cigarette company in the US to make significant strides towards pushing out harmful tobacco cigarettes in an effort to make available less harmful solutions via electronic cigarettes.