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Vapor Couture is a pheneomenal e cig option for women who are looking for an electronic cigarette alternative that functions great and has a feminine design/look. If you’re looking for some important information about the ultimate, female-oriented E Cigarette brand out there, this is the review for you. Vaping is a unisex activity, but this company decided to really try and cater to the feminine side of the E Cig audience. As such, Vapor Couture provides high quality e-cigarettes that come complete with a great sense of elegance and style. Every aspect of this company, from its website to its packaging to its products, has been tailor-made to appeal to female sensibilities. Naturally, every woman has different tastes and opinions, but it’s hard to argue against the incredible aesthetic and classy nature of Vapor Couture products.

This company is actually the sister brand of V2 Cigs, another very well-respected name in the E Cig industry. Vapor Couture got started back in 2012 and is still the only brand out there that specifically markets towards women. There’s a huge emphasis on style and grace in everything this brand does, so if you’re a woman who wants to use E Cig equipment that can really turn some heads, this is definitely a brand you should be looking at. The brand is based out of Miami Beach in the state of Florida and offers a lot of important advantages like free shipping, money back guarantees and lifetime warranties on all orders, along with top class customer support.

While Vapor Couture is the perfect option for women new to electronic cigarettes, for those women out there looking for more performance we’d strongly recommend Vapor Couture’s parent brand, V2 Cigs. More specifically, we’d like to point out the V2 Pro Series 7. The ‘S7’ happens to be available in Black, Silver & a cool Blue color (we think you might like). Lastly, should you opt for any V2 products, be sure to use our V2 Cigs Coupon Code.

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Vapor Couture Review of Pros and Cons

vapor couture reviews

We can completely understand why this brand has such strong appeal. The team working at Vapor Couture has gone to great lengths to devise a set of products that simply ooze class. To give you an example, we can look at the way in which these E Cigs actually behave while you use them. The end of a typical e-cigarette will glow blue or orange as you draw. Vapor Couture E Cigs don’t do that. Instead, the end is almost crystalized and will glow in an array of colors depending on which battery you decide to use. It’s a really nice touch and just one example of the many ways in which Vapor Couture focuses on aesthetic appeal. The brand also offers a huge range of accessories from cute carry bags to helpful bracelets that can hold your E Cigs. The equipment itself is really stylized too, with a nice selection of colors and other options to help your personalize your products.

It’s also worth pointing out that this company’s prices aren’t too bad either. You can get a great starter kit with a couple of batteries, some customizable cartridges and a charger for only $64.95. If you want to test out some different cartridges, you can enjoy a great sampler pack with six flavors for just $14.95. If you want to shop for E Cig goods with Vapor Couture, here are our pros and cons:

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Vapor Couture Pros

  • Unique, attractive products
  • Reasonable prices
  • Super high quality
  • Free shipping
  • American-made
  • The only brand made exclusively for women
  • Nice website
  • Good customer support
  • Lots of customization
  • Dozens of accessories
  • Tasty selection of cartridges
Vapor Couture Cons

  • None to report. Vapor Couture is a great brand for women looking for a simple and effective electronic cigarette that happens to be aesthetically pleasing as well.

Vapor Couture Review Summary

vapor couture review summary

It’s really quite inspiring to see a brand that has decided to focus on appealing towards women. While everyone is different, it’s true that men and women can have different sensibilities and ideas, so we can easily see how this brand can appeal to certain people, and anyone can agree that Vapor Couture products really do look good. Even the packaging that your order arrives in is super stylish. Speaking of orders, it’s also nice to see that the brand offers free shipping and lots of guarantees to provide peace of mind for every customer. The Vapor Couture prices might be a little higher than other companies, but it’s important to remember the immense quality of these products. If you want to take your E Cig usage to the next level by using equipment that looks as good as it functions, you should take a look at Vapor Couture.

As Vapor Couture is the only female-oriented brand on the market, we can’t really compare it to others. However, even if there were other companies in this sector, we’re pretty sure that Vapor Couture would still be the best one. This is a brand that has a catalog of really high quality, premium e-cigarette materials. The equipment you buy from this brand is reliable, powerful and efficient. The American-made items will last for years and offer really great value for money.

Not only do these products work well, they also look fantastic. A big goal of the Vapor Couture team is clearly to offer items that catch the eye. We can certainly say that the company has succeeded so far. The E Cigs themselves look really slick and elegant, bringing to mind images of sophistication and class. The company then went one step further by offering a host of smart accessories that really allow you to incorporate e-cigarettes into your outfit, via the use of charm necklaces and clutch bags for example. It’s a great idea and it works well. What’s more, you can also customize the different items you buy.

Customers are raving about Vapor Couture and we can understand why. A quick look at user reviews shows that people are generally very, very happy with this brand. Customers are often found mentioning the premium aspect of Vapor Couture products, as well as emphasizing their appreciation of the sense of style that this company manages to imbue in each and every one of its items. The brand’s logo is even regarded as a sign of high quality, so you can be sure to have confidence in this company if ever you decide to place an order yourself.