vapor hub ar mechanical mods reviewVapor Hub’s AR Mechanical MODS are frankly our favorite MODS and our overall favorite e cig systems as advanced users. The name AR MOD stems from the fact that the designers are full on gun enthusiasts and have chosen to design the AR 26650 and 18650 according to the look and feel of an AR-15 Assault Rifle. AR MODS definitely have a mean look and supply huge vapor hits and vapor production, not to mention the fact that their battery life is phenomenal. When it comes to MODS, it’s all about using the biggest and baddest possible parts and the AR Cannon 26650 MOD does just that. With the 26650, get this, (3500 mAh) battery, aluminum (lightweight) body, adjustable high temperature copper contacts and silver plated heavy duty spring, the AR MOD is fully loaded. When placing your order, you’ll have a wide variety of colors to choose from as well as versions. For example, the AR comes in version 1.5 which is a slightly lighter and small unit, though it still supplies tons of battery power at 2000 mAh, 2250 mAh and 2600 mAh available battery sizes.

When purchasing your AR Cannon 26650 MOD you’ll have 3 different categories of options to select from. Those categories are battery, battery charger and tank/dripper. We recommend the standard for each, as in, opt for the MNKE 26650 3500 mAh battery, the Basic One battery charger and the Sigelei Tai Ji 30mm tank/dripper. If you happen to be a total vapor head, go ahead and upgrade the battery to the 65 Amp Vamped Vapor 3500 mAh Vapor Cell, the battery charger to the ELUC 4 Port and even the tank/dripper to the Tac Mods M-15 30mm RDA (available on separate page).

Equally as delightful, when purchasing your AR 18650 Version 1.5 MOD you’ll have 3 different categories of options to choose from. Those categories include of course the battery, battery charger as well as the tank/dripper. We recommend using the Black EFEST 18650 2250 mAH battery, the Basic One battery charger and the Patriot tank/dripper with the AR 18650 Version 1.5. If you indeed want to max out your Version 1.5, feel free to opt for the LG 18650 2600 mAh 35 Amp battery, the Trust Fire Dual battery charger and the Black Trident V2 tank/dripper.