vapor hub e liquid review

Vapor Hub E Liquid is the good stuff, if you’ve ever vaped with the cheap stuff, you know what we mean, if you haven’t, trust us, you want the good stuff. The scary fact is, most e cig companies simply outsource their e liquid ingredients if not their entire e liquid formula to China. The end result is not knowing exactly what you are in fact inhaling. Vapor Hub has taken every single aspect of their business/brand in a meticulous manner, to in fact provide the very best performing e cig systems on the market. Of course they take the exact same approach to their e liquid. E liquid itself sometimes takes the back seat to battery life and overall device performance. Well, if you’re using a Mechanical MOD from Vapor Hub, your not going to have to worry about battery life or performance in any way shape or form. Thus, your number one question to figure out is what e liquid you will be using. Vapor Hub’s E Liquid is all American made and they supply a huge range of flavors.

There are about two dozen different bottles to choose from and the lineup is filled with excellent flavors. This brand also likes to experiment with blends, choosing the right amounts of PG and VG to suit each product. One of their more famous and popular bottles, known as ‘Pink Clouds’ actually features a whopping 100% VG. Obviously, you simply can’t find a bottle with more than 100% VG, so this is quite a unique product. To put it simply, this bottle is guaranteed to form some dense clouds from the very first draw. That VG content also ensures that the flavors are mega rich, but Vapor Hub does a good job of balancing out its blends on a bottle-by-bottle basis. This is a smart way to adapt the formula for each flavor, providing a wide array of experiences to suit each and every type of vaping enthusiast.

The company exclusively sells its vape juices in little 15ml bottles. This is quite a smart way of doing things, as it allows customers to sample each flavor in small amounts without committing large sums of money to a product that they might not necessarily prefer. We can honestly say that the Vapor Hub menu is truly exquisite, so you’ll almost certainly enjoy the juices you buy, but the 15ml bottle size helps you to try out a few different flavors and really discover the very best ones. What’s more, those bottles only cost $11.99, so you aren’t committing a huge amount of money in each product you buy. The menu itself is also very nicely varied. There’s a good choice of fruity flavors, which are always popular, but Vapor Hub has also gone to the trouble of inventing some unique tobacco, menthol and other unique savor sensations as well. We mentioned the ‘Pink Clouds’ bottle earlier. Well, the company actually runs a whole line of different colored cloud-based products, all with super high VG ratings to guarantee huge amounts of vapor. The whole Vapor Hub catalog is rich in quality, but those ‘Clouds’ bottles really stand out.

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Vapor Hub E Liquid Review of Pros & Cons

Vapor Hub has quite a few different advantages to offer the average customer. To begin, the flavors of these products have been mixed very well. The development team working at this company has clearly put a lot of effort into each and every recipe. Some flavors are simpler than others on the surface, but every bottle manages to offer a rich and unique experience. Some people really love to get those big foggy clouds forming when they vape, and Vapor Hub definitely made a nice line of bottles for those people. At the same time, the company didn’t forget the rest of its audience, and offers some delicious savors to suit each person.

We have to be fair in these reviews and look at the downsides of even the best brands, but it’s quite tricky to find any objective issues with Vapor Hub. Instead, the only downside we can find is a subjective one. Essentially, the company has quite a wide set of bottles up for sale, but we can’t guarantee that you’ll find the perfect flavor for you here. People who prefer bottles with mighty throat hits and plenty of PG will also fail to appreciate a large portion of the Vapor Hub catalog. As we said though, this is all very subjective and will vary from person to person.

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Vapor Hub E Liquid Pros

  • About two dozen different flavors
  • ‘Clouds’ bottles with huge vapor production
  • Nice mixture of crazy recipes and simple savors
  • Decent prices and little bottles
  • Appetizing images associated with each flavor
Vapor Hub E Liquid Cons

  • For now, you can only buy 15ml bottles and we’d like to see the company sell 30ml bottles in the future.

Vapor Hub E Liquid Review Summary

vapor hub e liquid review summary

We admire Vapor Hub for the work they’ve done on this lineup of e-liquids. The high VG bottles offer some really special experiences and are great for sharing with friends, but the whole menu is rich in culinary delights. The recipes are innovative and the ingredients are excellent. Overall, we really like Vapor Hub.

Vapor Hub has done a good job with this set of e-liquids. We can’t really fault any of these flavors, and there’s a very broad range on offer. Traditional tobacco fans will be able to delight in the company’s ‘Dark Tobacco/Honey’ bottle, for example, while menthol enthusiasts also have a couple of options to choose from. Really though, a big portion of the Vapor Hub audience will come to this company for those high VG bottles. ‘Green Clouds’ is a real highlight, offering a stunning mix of kiwi and sour apple. The sweet/tart balance of this bottle has been delicately built and works really well. It’s also made exclusively from VG to keep that vapor thick and fruity.

Another member of the Vapor Hub roster that deserves an honorable mention is the ‘Dessert Storm’ bottle. This is one for you dessert fans, with ingredients including New York cheesecake and butterscotch. Together, those two elements work wonderfully, but Vapor Hub decided to improve the recipe with the addition of a third, secret ingredient. We don’t know what they used, but this bottle needs to be tasted to be believed.