vapor hub review

Vapor Hub is a California based company with retail locations in Simi Valley and Chatsworth. Vapor Hub specializes in offering top of the line Mechanical MOD E Cigs and is growing well beyond the state of California due to it’s innovative product lines and overall quality for advanced vapor users. Due to it’s recent growth, Vapor Hub International Incorporated has become a publicly traded company. If your interested in checking out more information about the companies growth, check out their numbers via the VHUB ticker symbol trading on the OTCBB (Over The Counter Bulletin Board). Furthermore, Vapor Hub continues to roll out additional extensions from the parent company, namely Vapor Hub Lounge, TacMods USA, Custom Mod Manufacture and Flavors Vapor E-liquid.

As advanced e cig users ourselves, it’s certainly awesome to see such a company trending upwards to quickly. With the recent influx of e cig brands flooding the internet and your local strip-malls, we feel it’s our duty to support the actual good companies who provide high quality products and innovative solutions to the entire industry. It’s also worth noting that as the e cig world has been growing by leaps and bounds over the past few years, we feel that this is still just the beginning. Vapor Hub is very unique in that it is revolutionizing not only e cig MOD devices themselves, but also offering much higher quality solutions to real e cig users who are willing to pay more for premium systems. Don’t get us wrong, compact e cigs and tank systems play their role in viable solutions to traditional tobacco cigarettes, but E Cig MOD systems are equally important, have a continuously growing demand and for many users are the actual ‘end-all/be-all’ solution their after.

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Vapor Hub Review of Pros and Cons

Vapor Hub is the holy grail at the present time for all things E Cig MODS. We expect them to basically pave the way for an emerging sector of the e cig industry and continue to offer stylish and innovative vaping systems. It’s also worth noting that if your shopping Vapor Hub, you should know your way around the general working of e cig systems. Not to say that’s it’s hard to figure out, but when you deal in MODS, you deal in hands on maintenance and upgrades. This is of course compared to buying any ‘run-of-the-mill’ compact or tank system that is ‘plug-and-play’. Not withholding the fact that for those eager for optimal vaping solutions, MODS are the only way to go.

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Vapor Hub Pros

  • E Cig MOD Selection
  • Overall System Quality
  • E Cig MOD Custom Parts
  • Array of Quality E Liquid
  • Made in USA
  • Free Shipping
Vapor Hub Cons

  • Discounts seem to not always be available for their coveted mechanical mod systems.
  • Due to popular demand, Vapor Hub products are often ‘sold out’.

Vapor Hub Review Summary

Vapor Hub specializes in advanced vaping devices and really unique e liquid flavors. We love that Vapor Hub is just a small business operating out of California and increasing customers via word of mouth. While their primary business stems from their local retail locations, Vapor Hub is continuously increasing their online presence. Two of our favorite Vapor Hub vaping devices are the AR MOD and the Limitless Sleeve MOD. Both of which are incredibly unique and frankly some of the most high performing vaping devices available online. Their incredibly battery life, customizable options and rad design make them worth checking out if your into advanced MOD systems.

While is sort of difficult to find something we dislike about Vapor Hub, you know that we are well capable of ‘nit picking’. The Vapor Hub website itself is decent, although it could certainly use some fine tuning. Especially being that the Vapor Hub products themselves are so amazing, a better web design could certainly entice more users to make the plunge into more advanced vaporizers. Furthermore, we think Vapor Hub should do more by way of leading the pack in showing more novice users how simply MOD systems are to use and the cost savings associated with building your own atomizers and coils. Lastly, it is extremely confusing to just order a Vapor Hub vapor cigarette. There is no doubt that Vapor Hub needs to spend a bit of time making the ordering process better organized and user friendly.

Before we discovered Vapor Hub, we had no real MOD or Mechanical MOD experience at all. Just like most other people, we started with run-of-the-mill disposable e cigs before upgrading to a rechargeable system from a cost perspective and eventually landing on a couple of solid tank systems for cost effectiveness and performance. However, there is certainly another rung, another step on the ladder, and it’s Mechanical MODS by Vapor Hub. If your in a situation where your not getting the performance that you thirst for or your tired of dealing with the same old battery problems with your current compact or full sized tank system, the solution is to upgrade to a Mechanical MOD by Vapor Hub. Sure, they are much more expensive than what you’ve paid in the past, but if it’s real and consistent performance that you after, you’ll need to pay up a little bit in order to receive it. You may even find it more cost effective than your previous tank system, certainly it will be loads more cost beneficial than any compact system using cartridges. We’d recommend starting with an Aluminum Sleeve MOD by Limitless from Vapor Hub. This way, you don’t have to pay an arm and a leg to see the benefits of using mechanical mods. After all, you can always upgrade to the insane AR MOD down the road.