vapor4life ego kit reviewThe Vapor4life EGO Premium Starter Kit is available for only $69.99, which is a pretty typically rate for this type of unit. Like most e cig companies, Vapor4life has no doubt added an EGO option to their inventory as many consumers upgrading from standard e cigalikes find the efficiency and cost effectiveness worth while in the EGO Series. Vapor4life’s EGO Starter Kit is available in 4 different colors and features 2 batteries, 5 cartomizers, 5 tips or mouthpieces and wall charger (important note: the Vapor4life EGO battery is not compatible with their standard USB chargers). The Vapor4life EGO batteries come standard as 900 mAh in size, which is pretty typical size for an introductory tank system and in fact perfect for most users looking for a more efficient way of vaping than standard rechargeable e cigs that run from cartridges. The 5 EGo Mega Cartomizers are 5 mL in size capacity, which is frankly quite large considering the fact the the number one overall rated e cig, the ‘V2 Pro Series 3’, is only 1.6 mL. The Vapor4life EGO Tank System features 808D threading and most users are likely to get an entire day of vaping out of this efficient unit. Literally the only thing that purchases need to do upon purchasing the Vapor4life EGO Starter Kit is plenty of e liquid to have on hand.