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Vapor4life was built through a passion to find a true tobacco cigarette alternative. Founded in 2008 by long time tobacco cigarette smoker Steve Milin, a life long smoker and entrepreneurial mind, Steve finally decided enough was enough and decided to quit smoking for good as technology in the electronic cigarette market began to unfold. Recognizing the coming e cig trend before it took off, led Steve to ultimately position himself perfectly in the local Chicago market with premium quality e liquid, batteries and cartomizers. What started out as one person officially quitting smoking and touting about electronic cigarettes to anyone who would listen has turned into one of the most recognizable e cig brands int he industry. Not only are Steve’s local retail e cig establishments booming, Vapor4life is indeed becoming one of the most popular brands in the online or digital universe.

Beginning with the ‘Vapor King’, Steve’s first breakout e cig design, the company has since been busy innovating the entire industry. Constantly striving to stay in front of the crowd and come out with better e cig designs so that more tobacco smokers will make the switch, Steve recently announced a new entire brand that will be coming out in early 2015 called WOW Vapor. You can bet that WOW Vapor will feature all the latest and greatest technologies, smooth throat hitting devices, long lasting batteries and phenomenal tasting e liquid. Probably the biggest difference in the new WOW Vapor line will be the introduction of ultimate simplicity. As we are at the beginning of the ‘vapor generation’, it’s not surprising to find tons of e cig brands and products that are often faulty, of low quality in general or have flat out too many variations and technicalities for the average tobacco cigarette smoker to want to make the switch. Vapor4life and Steve know that the next biggest hurdle in the industry is continue to innovate e cigs themselves so that even the most hardened of life long tobacco cigarettes smokers are happy to make the switch. The main strategy for this of course is delivering quality products that are simple and effective.

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Vapor4life Review of Pros and Cons

Vapor4life features quality e cigs and e liquid. They in fact have been innovating new devices such as the V Kit, which is part of their new extension brand, ‘WOW Vapor’. They also happen to be one of the leading proponents of progressing e cigar’s via their ‘Cigar King’ e cigars.:

vaporfi e cigs and e liquids

Vapor4life Pros

  • E Cig Promotions
  • Overall Build Quality
  • Overall Battery Life
  • Range of E Cig Types
  • E Cigars
Vapor4life Cons

  • Confusing Website
  • Two Brands In 1 Website

Vapor4life Review Summary

Perhaps a bit abstractly, one of our favorite aspects of Vapor4life is the fact that it’s a small business out of Chicago that is simply growing a quality brand in their regional locals and now online. This is of course compared to other extremely large sized vapor cigarette corporations with endless amounts of money to throw at marketing. There is certainly something to respect about a small business growing through the ranks based solely on word of mouth advertising and quality products. With that being said, Vapor4life’s Vapor Zeus is one of our favorites. It’s often discounted by up to 50% and features a powerful battery, especially compared to it’s competition. Furthermore, Vapor4life has recently released a brand extension known as WOW Vapor. In particular, they have released a new compact e cig system known as the WOW V Kit, which is incredibly sleek and high performing.

While Vapor4life is a small business out of the greater Chicago area and happen to be doing an amazing job at building their brand through grass roots marketing, if we have to ‘nit pick’, we will. Vapor4life’s website, isn’t as smooth as it should be and their product selection to definitely use some revamping. The Vapor Zeus is a phenomenal compact electronic cigarette, but it’s been around for a long time and it’s certainly due for a ‘Vapor Zeus II’ for example. Furthermore, we still can’t quite wrap our heads around the fact that they are trying to sell Vapor4life and WOW Vapor products out of the same website, what’s up with that?

We’ve been writing about e cigs for a number of years now and Vapor4life was one of the first companies that we covered. Being that they are primarily a local based retail establishment out of Chicago, they lend sort of an under-dog love to the online world of e cigs and have managed to secure a descent amount of the online e cig space, which is something to be said for again a retail based business. Never the less, their products, specifically the Vapor Zeus, has always been one of the higher performing options in it’s class and is a solid option for any newbie to intermediate level of vapor. While it’s not exactly clear what Vapor4life is doing by introducing a new brand in ‘WOW Vapor’, directly on top of their current brand, we are nevertheless happy to see overall innovation on behalf of a small but growing company, particularly in the new V Kit option. I suppose featuring both Vapor4life and WOW Vapor on the same website is similar to what V2 does with it’s Standard, Pro and Couture lines however, it might be a little awkward for typical consumers to wrap their heads around as the website although recently overhauled is still a bit of a mess. In closing, all the more power to Vapor4life, WOW Vapor and the midwest region in general (our home area), keep on innovating, growing and most importantly, vaping.