vapor4life wow vapor reviewVapor4life’s WOW Vapor E Liquid is available in a huge array of flavors. From the most basic tobacco and menthol flavors to ranges of desert and candy flavors that you didn’t even know existed, WOW E Liquid is one of the best e liquid options on the market. Furthermore, WOW E Liquid is also available in a number of different nicotine strengths, including 0%, .4%, 1.1%, 1.8%, 2.4% and 3.6%, which is very nice as most e cig companies only offer their e liquid in a 1-3 nicotine strengths. Having a larger selection of nicotine strengths gives newbies a wide range to choose from and those looking to ween themselves from nicotine all together a perfectly balanced selection to step down their intake on until they reach zero and no longer have the need for it. WOW Vapor E Liquid by Vapor4life is mostly available in 30 mL bottles which for the typical e cig user will last an entire month. Vapor4life offers tons of discounts, sales and promotions on their e liquid and even the standard rate is less than $15 per 30 mL bottle. As always, if you are a newbie to e cigs, we strongly recommend that you start with common tobacco and menthol flavors to indeed make the vapor switch. After which, you can choose between hundreds of other desert flavors to have on hand when you want to try something different.