vapor4life wow king disposables reviewVapor4life’s WOW King Disposable E Cigs are a perfect solution for those looking for a high performing disposable e cig that packs a large nicotine percentage. WOW King Disposables in fact pack a 3.6% nicotine level, which is probably the first best place to start when trying to quit smoking. When smokers try to make the switch to vapor after smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes for 5, 10, 20 years or more, it is most important for the physical size of the e cig to be similar to meet the physical addiction and the level of nicotine and flavor to be very similar. Once, the newbie e cig user becomes aware that they can indeed get the same amount of pleasure from an e cig, it’s much easier for them to finally not purchase any more ‘packs of traditional tobacco cigarettes’. While there are many possible disposable e cig options, we have found the WOW Vapor King Disposables to be most intense as many other options feature much smaller amounts of nicotine and much smaller batteries. The only problem with WOW King Disposables is that they are not readily available for purchase in most retail stores, limiting their potential customer space to those deeply searching online for best ways to quit smoking. If you find yourself in a pinch and are tired of purchasing really expensive tobacco cigarettes, consider going online and purchasing a 10 pack of WOW Kings for $49.99. After you’ve smoked the 5th or 6th disposable, consider upgrading to either a compact rechargeable or just leaping forward to a solid tank system, which in most cases with only cost about $50 max in e liquid per month.