vaporfi cartridge reviewVaporfi Pre-Filled Cartridges are just fine for those poor souls who are still using them. Compact e cigs are typically the first place that newbie’s find themselves in the wonderful world of electronic cigarettes, that or of course the dreaded disposables. These are fine places to enter the world of e cigs, but be careful, if you find yourself there for very long, you’ll be paying out the nose for essentially a sub-par vaping experience. The main reason that these are the first devices that newbies use is because they are very similar in size and shape to traditional tobacco cigarettes. The main reason people decide to quickly upgrade to a tank, hybrid or mod system is because they are much higher performing and are extremely cost effective compared to purchasing a few packs of ‘pre-filled’ cartridges or cartomizers every single week. So in a nutshell, if your looking for pre-filled cartridges, feel free to utilize Vaporfi’s they are quality and will work just fine. However, take notice of our statements above and start looking for a more fulfilling and cost effective vaping solution in one of their many tank systems, some start for even under $50.