vaporfi edge reviewThe Vaporfi Edge was designed entirely with performance in mind. This somewhat ‘girthy’ yet simple and sleek device boasts an 1800 mAh battery (which is capable of up to 100 watts) and an enormous 7 mL e liquid tank (so you only have to ‘reload’ e liquid about once every few days or so). The Vaporfi Edge starter kit is available in your choice of silver or black and comes with everything you need to start cloud chasing (minus actual e liquid of course). On that same note, we recommend using e liquids with roughly a 70/30 PG/VG blend. This allows for maximum vapor production and we’ve had the best luck with these ratios ourselves. The Vaporfi Edge is a great solution for those users out there who have simple & high performance at the top of their priority list. The Edge doesn’t support or feature any sort of temperature control or fancy electronics that can often times be too complicated for most users to figure out. It’s simply high performance for users who don’t want to fumble around with tweaking or tinkering with there e cig system. Literally, the only option that the Edge features in terms of customization is the adjustable air flow mechanical control on the bottom of the giant 7 mL e liquid tank. In other words, users have the ability to move the air flow opening of the tank either to the left or the right, essentially increasing or decreasing the amount of air allowed in during each puff or drag. Now, we’ve always used our systems with the air control wide open, but you can easily decide how much air flow works for your specific type of vaping and or e liquid. On a side note, you can in fact use the Vaporfi Edge Tank with a temperature controlled device, but again, the Edge itself is not a temperature controlled device.

If, on the other hand you like the idea of more customization, we’d point you in the direction of the VOX 100 TC MOD. For more information, check out our detailed Vaporfi VOX 100 TC MOD Review. Additionally, whichever Vaporfi vaping device you choose, be sure to utilize our Vaporfi Coupon to save as much money as possible. Lastly, be sure to check out our most up to date list of our Best E Cig Picks of 2016. (The Vaporfi Edge made our list, if you’re curious).

Vaporfi Edge Starter Kit Review of Specifications

The Vaporfi Edge sports one of the largest e liquid tanks in it’s new innovative 510 thread (fancy vapor talk for standard or widely used thread types) 7 mL Edge tank. For those of you who are somewhat new to ‘vaping’ in general might not see the significance of such capacities. However, know that most e liquid tanks are in the 2 to 4 mL capacity range. What this means is that essentially, you’ll only need to refill your e liquid tank about once every 2 to 4 days depending on your specific usage. Additionally, it’s of high importance to point out the output wattage of the Edge. We’ve come to know electronic cigarettes based on their battery’s mAh, which is indeed a significant specification, however as technology continues to increase we’re coming to realize perhaps equally important as mAh is output wattage This mostly comes into play concerning sub-ohm vaping, which for newcomers essentially means, ‘more vapor production’. Therefore, the fact that the Edge features the capability of up to 100 output watts is a significant specification. To give you an example of how 100 output watts stacks up against regular or typical electronic cigarettes, consider the fact that most e cigs capable of only 50 max output watts, have been known to provide tons of vapor to satisfy even the most seasoned vapor’s. Lastly, the Vaporfi Edge utilizes a tank based e liquid system that uses simple (easy to change) atmomizers/coils. This is of course compared to more customizable e cig options that make users essentially build their own coils. The Vaporfi Edge gives users the option of using either 0.2 ohm or 0.5 ohm atomizers/coils and in fact comes with a 5 pack of 0.5 ohm. While both will work flawlessly with the Edge, we’d suggest adding an additional 5 pack of 0.2 ohm atomizers/coils to test for yourself what works best for your individual needs.

Vaporfi Edge Specifications

  • 1800 mAh 100 watt Edge Battery
  • 510 Thread Drip Tip Adapter
  • Edge Sub-Ohm Adjustable Airflow 7 mL Tank
  • Extra 0.2 ohm & 0.5 sub-ohm Edge Tank Atomizers
  • Vaporfi Edge USB Wall Adapter & Charging Cord
  • Vaporfi Edge User Manual

Vaporfi Vice Specifications

  • 2200 mAh 3.4 to 4.2 Volt 510 Threaded Vice Battery
  • Vice Sub-Ohm Adjustable Airflow 2.5 mL Tank
  • Extra 1.2 ohm & 0.5 sub-ohm Vice Tank Atomizers
  • Vaporfi Vice USB Wall Adapter & Charging Cord
  • Vaporfi Vice User Manual

Vaporfi Edge Compared to Vice

vaporfi edge comparison of the vice review
The Vaporfi Edge and Vice were released along side each other in late 2015. While both electronic cigarette options offer great solutions, their differences are note worthy. We’d break it down like this, the Vaporfi Edge is for performance lovers (ie huge amounts of vapor production), who happen to like simple yet efficient types of e cigs and the Vaporfi Vice is mostly for those new to true vaping systems who have perhaps only tried simple disposables or compact rechargeable e cigs in the past. The Edge features a larger battery, much more output wattage, much larger e liquid tank capacity and importantly for some, a large mouth piece. The Vice is still a great device, but we’d certainly say the biggest differences between the two is overall size and performance. To learn more about the Vice, be sure to read our in-depth Vaporfi Vice Review.

Vaporfi Edge Review for Troubleshooting

vaporfi edge review of frequently asked questions
The Vaporfi Edge, as mentioned numerous times above, is a very easy to use simple vaping system. For those new to vaping, the only problem that we foresee you coming into is understanding the basics. The basics of these sorts of (what we’ve labeled) tank based electronic cigarettes is learning how to refill you’re Edge e liquid tank and change your Edge atomizer/coil. We’ve outlined specific steps to take to refill and maintain your new Edge device below. Lastly, we’d simply like to point out the importance of keeping your threads and inter-workings of your system clean and free of any excess e liquid and or residue. The thing is, often times when your in a hurry to refill your Edge device, you spill a little e liquid onto the threads of the e liquid tank. This is harmless of course, but certainly needs to be wiped off before screwing back together. If you fail to keep your threads clean you will indeed find yourself searching for a pair of pliers, because the Edge tank will be stuck together.

It’s important to note that after refilling your Edge tank or changing out your Edge atomizer/coil, you’ll need to allow a small amount of time for the atomizer/coil to saturate with your e liquid. If you in fact, don’t wait to let your atomizer/coil saturate with e liquid, you will certainly notice a bitter or burnt taste. This is of course very typical of this sort of system and is a basic principle associated with tank based systems.

  • Refilling the Vaporfi Edge Tank: In order to fill up the Vaporfi Edge tank with the e liquid tank of your choice, simply unscrew the the Edge tank from the battery and then proceed to unscrew the bottle of the Edge tank. You can then simple use an eyedropper to fill the Edge tank, being sure to let your e liquid slide down the side of the Edge glass. Lastly, simply screw the bottom of the tank back to the glass part of the tank and finally screw the now assembled Edge tank to the Edge battery.
  • Changing Vaporfi Edge Atomizers/Coils: Changing the Vaporfi Edge atomizers/coils is very simple. Simply unscrew the tank from the battery (as you would when refilling the tank with e liquid) and then proceed to unscrew the bottom of the Edge tank. In one hand you’ll have the glass e liquid tank itself, in the other you’ll have the bottom piece of the tank which in fact has the existing atomizer attached. Simple unscrew the existing atomizer and screw in a new one before ultimately reconnecting and attaching back to the Edge battery. (Don’t forget to prime your new atomizer/allow it to be saturated with e liquid before using).

Vaporfi Edge Review of Overall Size

The Vaporf Edge is what we would indeed coin as a full sized electronic cigarette, however, it’s certainly not too big or bulky to easily throw into your pocket. Additionally, if you’re one of those users out there who happen to be in a deep search for a compact yet high performing vaping option, we’d point you in the direction of the VOX Mini MOD. For more information, check out our Vaporf VOX Mini MOD Review.

Vaporfi Edge Sizing Specifications:

  • Vaporfi Edge Overall Height: 157 mm or 6 inches
  • Vaporfi Edge Battery Height: 87 mm or 3.4 inches
  • Vaporfi Edge Tank Height: 70 mm or 2.8 inches

Vaporfi Edge Review Summary

vaporfi edge review summary
The Vaporfi Edge is one of the best e cig system offered by Vaporfi and that is frankly available anywhere on the market today. The Vaporfi Edge isn’t for everyone, but is the perfect option for many. For those who don’t have time to fiddle around with temperature settings or building their own coils etc, the Edge stands out as providing amazing performance in a simple to use design and setup. Our recommendation, purchase the Vaporfi Edge, your favorite e liquids or an assortment of new flavors as well as a couple 5 packs of extra atomizers and get ready to have your vaping expectation finally fulfilled.