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Vaporfi is owned by a company called the International Vapor Group. International Vapor Group or IVG for short is also the parent company of South Beach Smoke, Eversmoke and NutriCigs. Although each brand features fine e cigs, Vaporfi seems to be the brand extension most used for their higher performing and more innovative devices. Vaporfi is formally known as Vapor Zone, most likely making the business name change purely for fresh marketing efforts and an overall new look to showcase their ever growing line of e cig devices. Vaporfi is based out of Miami Lakes, Florida and through it’s extensive wholesale network is featured in countless e cig retail locations across the United States. It should also be noted however that Vaporfi corporate stores are distinctly different from random affiliate brick and mortar stores as they carry the complete line of Vaporfi e cig devices and e liquids as well as vapor bars and e liquid mixing options This is of course compared to just a few different devices bought in wholesale markets by private retailers. Vaporfi also has a number of corporate ‘express’ stores which are essentially showcases of Vaporfi’s most popular products found in various retail locations. A full list of both their corporate and express stores can be found on their website under the contact us section.

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Vaporfi Review of Pros and Cons

Vaporfi is a fantastic e cig brands that provides a wide array of devices. Most recently, they have started to market their new ‘Build Your Own E Cig’ or ‘Custom E Cig Builder’, which happens to be a pretty unique idea as no other e cig company/brand is currently offering this. One can choose between four different battery types (each of which have a number of different color choices), as well as seven different e liquid tanks (a few of which also provide color options).

Vaporfi is the perfect place for a graduate of disposables and or compact e cigs to shop. They have a huge amount of tank systems to meet any vapor’s style or needs in an e cig.

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Vaporfi Pros

  • Product Selection
  • Custom Kit Builder
  • Coupon Codes
  • Product Availability
  • Great Rewards Program
  • Platinum PRO
  • Boom Vapor Hookah
  • Orbit Dry Herb Vaporizer
Vaporfi Cons

  • One of Vaporfi’s strengths unfortunately can also be found as a weakness. Vaporfi offers a ton of different e cig devices, therefore it’s often times hard for newbies to grasp exactly which e cig is right for them. Of course, our hope is that throughout Vapestaff those confused about which e cig they should in fact purchase becomes more clear.

A Few More Reasons Why Vaporfi Rocks

Vaporfi Newsletter:
This is one of those offers that any new Vaporfi user can take advantage of. By simply signing up for the Vaporfi Newsletter, you’ll be granted a $10 off plus free shipping on your first order coupon. Again, this is just another reason why Vaporfi is a better e cig brand to give your consistent business or customer loyalty. Out of the twenty or so e cig brands that we’ve extensively reviewed, Vaporfi is one of the only few who offer such an immediate way to save. Most e cig brands simply rely on their affiliates to do all or the majority of their online marketing for them, Vaporfi on the other hand provides a tremendous amount of value on their own. Obviously another great reason to signup for the Vaporfi Newsletter is to instantly receive access to the tremendous amount of savings and special offers that they pump out on a weekly basis. That way rather than reading deep into our articles to find that best ways to save on Vaporfi, you can have them instantly emailed to your inbox (just kidding, we love your readership).

Vaporfi Blend of The Month Club:
Vaporfi offers what is known as their ‘Blend of The Month Club’ which allows loyal customers to automatically receive e liquid on their doorstep once every month. Not only that, but when signing up for the program, you’ll be granted a whopping 15% off all Vaporfi Starter Kits, Batteries, E Liquids, Cartomizers and Accessories. You’ll also be able to participate in exclusive taste test and provide feedback about flavors and even names of future products. It’s also worth noting that you’ll be receiving free shipping on every order you place. Over time, shipping costs can be nearly as expensive as the cost of your actual e liquid. This is one of those things that few of us actually do and always waste a bunch of money before we finally see the savings and end up opting in anyways.

Vaporfi Rewards System:
Vaporfi recognizes the necessity of customer retention and offers a fabulous rewards program. For every dollar that you spend on product, you will receive 1 point in rewards. For every 200 points earned, you will receive $20 in credit towards purchases. Additionally, you can receive 25 points for simply signing up for the Home Delivery Program, 1 point for leaving a product review on the website next to the according product and 20 points just because it happens to be your birthday. Additionally, by sharing them on Twitter or Facebook, you’ll earn an additional 5 points (with a limit of 3 shares per day). If you’re online often it really makes sense to join this program. For only a few minutes of your time you can store up a number of points which can then be used to upgrade to a new system.

Vaporfi Refer a Friend Program:
Vaporfi goes out of there way to not only offer a phenomenal rewards program, but to offer nearly every practical way of saving you money on your Vaporfi products. One of the most commonly overlooked promotions that Vaporfi offers is their ‘Refer a Friend’ program which essentially saves you and your friends money on new purchases. To be specific, when you refer a friend online, they will automatically receive $10 off their first order and you’ll in-turn receive $20 in Vaporfi Rewards Points to use as you see fit any any order you’d like to use them on. Can’t be hassled with all the technicalities of referring your friends online? Don’t worry, Vaporfi has done 90% of the work for you, all you’ll need to do is literally enter invite them via Facebook, Twitter or Email. In order to get started, simply click on the image to the left and follow the easy instructions.

Another great aspect of this program is the fact that e cigs are becoming so main stream these days, that you’ll actually have a number of your friends participating. Lets face it, traditional cigarettes are a thing of the past and it’s up to you to help promote the rise of e cigs! Now get sharing and get saving!

Vaporfi Review Summary

vaporfi reviews and testimonials

Vaporfi is perhaps the most trending and fastest growing electronic cigarette brand in America. This is mostly due to the fact that Vaporfi offers an extremely wide range of vaping devices of which are all high performing. Unlike other e cig brands, Vaporfi offers e cigs for every type or experience level of vapors. From the introductory compact express starter kit all the way up to the VOX Series, Vaporfi has you covered. Being experienced vapors with roughly 3 years of in-depth personal e cig trials, one of our favorite electronic cigarette systems is in fact the VOX Line. Furthermore, Vaporfi is expanding their retail locations and express stores rapidly across the nation. Which is quite nice for those of you who prefer to try devices and e liquids in person prior to purchase. Their customer support is always friendly and their shipping times as well as product availability are second to none.

It’s seriously a chore to find something we don’t like about Vaporfi. One thing about the Vaporfi brand that we personally haven’t really been obsessed with is their e liquid selection. That isn’t to say that their e liquid isn’t good or is sub-par, it’s probably more a tribute to the other e liquid flavors that we quickly devoted our loyalty to in the beginning of our vaping journey. However, Vaporfi is in the midst of releasing a number of trendy new liquids such as their ‘Grand Reserve’ line of flavors.

Vaporfi is a growing e cig company in a very volatile industry but continues to rise above the competition by providing top quality e cig devices and e liquids. The company as a whole is fresh and is constantly innovating as to not become stagnant and to more importantly continue providing e cig products that consumers desire. When it comes to e cig systems and e liquids, there are only a handful of legitimate United States based companies who manufacture their products right here inside of our borders and follow the most strict of standards. Too many wanna-be e cig businesses are coming into the market place offering nothing but imported junk from China. Vaporfi is one of those companies who you can count on to deliver quality products and actually stand behind them. Vaporfi graciously offers a 30 day no hassle return policy to keep potential customers assured that they do indeed stand behind every single product that they offer. Vaporfi features an amazingly customer friendly website for even the most tech challenged to easily navigate through. Last but certainly not least, Vaporfi features a ton of deals, coupons and promo codes through the year. In fact, Vaporfi is well known to feature some sort of cost savings offer a few times every single month. This makes is great for consumers looking to buy their first e cig device or long time users to stock up on their favorite e liquids or even upgrade systems. Overall, Vaporfi is a fantastic company and we are happy to help promote their products.