Special Note: The Vaporfi VOX 100 TC MOD is no longer available. The extremely popular VOX 100 MOD has been discontinued as newer and more efficient models are now available. However, we’re happy to point you in the direction of the New Vaporfi VOX 60 TC Starter Kit or the classic yet trusted Vaporfi VOX Mini Starter Kit. For more information on the ‘VOX 60 TC’, check out our in depth Vaporfi VOX 60 TC MOD Review. For more information on the ‘VOX Mini’, check out our detailed Vaporfi VOX Mini MOD Review.

vaporfi vox 100 tc mod starter kit reviewThe Vaporfi VOX 100 TC MOD is the latest offering from Vaporfi and indeed the latest in the VOX Series. The VOX 100 TC is essentially the same physical size as the VOX II, however it’s been upgraded significantly in terms of hardware. VOX 100 TC, stands for the VOX Series, variable up to 100 total vaping watts and temperature controlled. Perhaps most importantly, the VOX 100 TC features a new and improved Dual Lipo 4500 mAh battery, which essentially means ridiculous and long lasting vaping power. Obviously, the next best aspect of the VOX 100 TC is the available 100 watts. For those of you not familiar with a variable wattage vaping system, it’s really a simple concept. You simply have the ability to quickly and easily change the wattage output by either pressing the increase or decrease wattage buttons on the side of the device. Essentially, you’ll be able to choose between 7 and 100 watts at any time when using your device. This means that you can easily adjust the wattage output to best match your needs and your particular e liquid. Some e liquids vape better (smoother) with high wattage and some vape better under low wattage settings. Furthermore, some users desire maximum output (throat hit & vapor production) on every puff, while others desire a slightly more conservative approach. Additionally, it should be known that the higher the wattage settings, the faster the battery will drain. Being that the VOX 100 TC features a gigantic 4500 mAh battery, you basically won’t have to be thinking along the lines of battery conservation. However, for those that dread charging their device, the VOX TC 100 truly has the ability to go does on end without needing to be recharged, especially for those who opt for a less than maximum wattage setting.

The VOX 100 TC MOD is truly meant for those users who first and foremost put performance first. For those who love vaping and want nothing more than frankly ‘more’ vapor production, harder throat hits and endless battery life, the Vaporfi VOX 100 TC MOD is the perfect choice. Along the same note, for those who like high performing systems but don’t necessary need a full 4500 mAh battery and 100 available watts, we’d point you in the direction of the Vaporfi VOX Mini MOD. The VOX Mini MOD, offers solid performance, is relatively cheap and is physically smaller in size, allowing users to easily vape while ‘on the go’. For more information on the VOX Mini MOD, check out our in depth Vaporfi VOX Mini MOD Review.

Vaporfi VOX 100 TC MOD Compared to VOX II & VOX Mini MODs

Okay, let’s break it down. The Vaporfi ‘VOX’ Series is becoming a very series line or collection of high performing devices. What started as solely the VOX 50 MOD device, eventually turned into the VOX 50 MOD starter kit, the VOX II MOD device, VOX II MOD starter kit, VOX Mini MOD device, VOX Mini MOD starter kit and finally the VOX 100 TC MOD device and VOX 100 TC MOD starter kit. For those of you who are curious, indeed the VOX 50 MOD (device & starter kit) and the VOX II MOD (device & starter kit) have been phased out. It’s also worth noting that these devices were not phased out for any other reason, than the fact that technology has improved. Currently, the Vaporfi VOX line consists only of the New VOX 100 TC MOD (device & starter kit) and the Vaporfi VOX Mini MOD (device & starter kit).

To simplify comparing the entire VOX lineup and inter comparisons, the VOX 100 TC MOD most directly compares to the VOX 50 & VOX II MOD. The claim to fame for the 50 & II devices was their enormous adjustable 50 watts of vaping power coupled with 2500 mAh (18650 type) batteries. The Vaporfi VOX Mini MOD was launched as somewhat of an entry device into the world of advanced vaping. It of course features incredible vaping power and batty life but distinguishes itself by being physically smaller in size, which makes it easier for users to vape with on the go. Essentially, as technology and ‘technical know-how’ increased, Vaporfi decided to launch the VOX 100 TC MOD which has taken the place of the most recent VOX II (formally the VOX 50). The VOX 100 TC MOD blows the door off the vaping device community by offering 7 to 100 watts of vaping power with it’s unmatched 4500 mAh battery. If you thought the VOX 50 or even VOX II had long lasting battery life, the VOX 100 TC takes it to a whole other level. Under standard vaping conditions (no vaping contests) the VOX 100 TC MOD has been known to last 3 to 4 days before needing to be recharged. Obviously, when Vaporfi launched the VOX 100 TC MOD they upgraded every single component possible along the way including, brass plated electrodes, upgraded temperature regulations and power protections to name a few technical improvements.

*If you’d like more information on either the VOX II MOD or the VOX Mini MOD, feel free to read our detailed Vaporfi VOX II MOD Review and or our Vaporfi VOX Mini MOD Review.

Vaporfi VOX 100 TC MOD Review for Troubleshooting

The VOX 100 TC MOD is what is known as a ‘smart device’. With that being said, every now and then you’ll come across an error code or two that can usually easily be remedied. For example, the number one problem or issue that will hold you at a vaping stand still is the connection between your tank and your VOX casing itself. It’s very possible to over tighten the connection and when coupled with a bit of old e liquid residue, it can be difficult to remove the tank from the housing itself. Therefore, it is of the utmost importance that when refilling your e liquid tank, you clean any over spill or residue from all threads. Best practice is to literally clean all threads before reinstalling. Additionally, the second most common problem with tripping error codes is the tank itself. If you’re using the vSix for example (which we highly recommend), it uses atomizers that need to be changed every few weeks or so (depending on your usage). If you over tighten or under tighten those vSix atomizers when replacing them, you can indeed trip and error code. Again, be sure to clean all threads when attaching your tank to your VOX MOD, but also when attaching your atomizer to your tank itself. This will allow you to easily make the adjustments necessary to begin vaping again.

Vaporfi VOX 100 TC MOD Starter Kit Review of Specifications

vaporfi vox 100 tc mod review of specifications

The Vaporfi VOX 100 TC MOD Starter Kit Includes:

  • VOX 100 TC Stainless Steel Casing
  • 4500 mAh Dual Lipo Internal Battery
  • USB Charging Cable
  • VOX 100 TC Instruction Manual
  • Your choice of vBit RDA, Volt Hybrid or vSix Tanks

Full List of VOX 100 TC MOD Features:

  • Adjustable Output Power from 7 watts – 100 watts (in 0.1 watt increments)
  • Accepts Atomizer Resistance from 0.2 ohm (sub) – 3.0 ohm
  • Resistance (Normal Coil): 0.15 ohm – 3.5 ohm (7 watts – 100 watts), 0.1-0.14 (7 watts -60 watts)
  • Resistance (Ni 200/Ti Coil) .05 ohm – 1.0 ohm
  • Temperature Regulation Range (200 F-600 F), (100 C-300 C)
  • 4500 mAh Dual Lipo Battery
  • Brass Plated Silver Electrodes
  • Output Voltage Range: 3.0 volts – 9 volts
  • Output Power Range: 7 watts – 100 watts
  • Input Voltage: 3.2 volts – 4.2 volts
  • Maximum Output Current: 24.5 Amps
  • 510 Threading with Spring Loaded Pin
  • Output Short-Circuit Protection
  • Reverse Battery Protection
  • Auto Ohm Resistance Meter (Finds ideal voltage for RBA/RDA)
  • Low Voltage Protection
  • Device Lock Feature
  • Low Resistance Protection
  • Input High Voltage Warning
  • Vented Battery Housing
  • Digital OLED Screen

Vaporfi VOX 100 TC MOD Review of Overall Size

vaporfi vox 100 tc mod review of overall size
The Vaporfi VOX 100 TC MOD, casing alone is 79 mm (3.1 inches) tall x 48.8 mm (1.9 inches) in depth x 24.4 mm (about 1 inch) wide. However, these dimensions, most importantly, the height of the device is without any tank attached. With the available 3 tanks, the height breaks down as followed. The total height of the VOX 100 TC MOD with the vBit RDA (45 mm or 1.7 inches) attached is 124 mm (4.9 inches). The total height with the Volt Hybrid (70 mm or 2.8 inches) attached is 149 mm (5.9 inches). Finally, (our favorite option) the total height with the vSix Tank (65 mm or 2.6 inches) attached is 144 mm (5.7 inches).

When compared to the Vaporfi VOX II MOD for example, the VOX 100 TC is significantly more compact. The VOX II MOD itself (without a tank attached) was 94 mm tall compared to the VOX 100 MOD at only 79 mm. In a nutshell, the Vaporfi VOX 100 TC MOD is the most powerful device in it’s relative size class. While it’s certainly not considered a ‘compact e cig’, it’s one of the best options for people who pay attention to e cig size and hate the idea of clunky devices.

Frequently Asked Vaporfi VOX 100 TC MOD Review Questions

vaporfi vox 100 tc mod review faqs
When you step up to this level of premium vaping system, most of you like to ensure you’re truly purchasing the right product before ultimately pulling the trigger. We don’t blame you, before we we’re provided with all the latest newly developed e cig products for free, we we’re very careful and selective in choosing which devices to spend our hard earned money on. Below are a few answers to questions about the Vaporfi VOX 100 TC MOD that you might be raising yourself.

Is the Vaporfi VOX 100 TC MOD hard to use?
The simple answer is, no. The VOX 100 TC MOD has all the bells and whistles for those interested in total customization. However, for the average user who just wants a high performing vaporizer, the VOX 100 lends itself to them as well. We would just note that most users should opt for the vSix tank option, which is the easiest of the bunch to maintain. Additionally, the vBit RDA tank should really only be used by those who are advanced users that are comfortable using a multi-meter and have the desire to ‘tinker’ with electronic components (vape nerds like us).

How long does the Vaporfi VOX 100 TC MOD battery last?
Like any other vaping device, battery longevity comes down to average usage. With that in mind, the average (pack per day smoker) can expect to get 3 to 4 days of all day vaping before needing to recharge, which happens to be phenomenal.

What type of threading does the Vaporfi VOX 100 TC MOD have?
Like most of Vaporfi electronic cigarettes or vaping devices, the VOX 100 TC MOD uses standard 510 threading.

What type of charger can be used with the Vaporfi VOX 100 TC MOD?
It’s important to point this out because many of us have tons of chargers lying around the house. While the ‘micro usb’ end of your random charger you just found in your closet may fit into the VOX 100, it’s important to first reads it’s specs. Most charging cables are required to list the specifications on the side of the end that plugs into the wall. Most likely, any random charger that you find around the house will not meet the requirements necessary to charge the VOX 100. The VOX 100 TC MOD specifically requires an input of 100 – 240 volts, 50 HZ – 60 HZ and an output of 5 Volts – 500 mAh.

How do I adjust the temperature settings of the Vaporfi VOX 100 TC MOD?
Firstly, lets point out that the VOX 100 has a number of adjustable settings. You can literally change voltage, wattage and temperature to completely customize the way your e liquid is vaporized. The idea behind these many options is to bring out specific flavors in your e liquid and to either increase throat hit or vapor production. Most of you won’t be concerned with this particular function, because frankly changing wattage and voltage is customization enough, but for those who want to get the most of their VOX 100, it should be noted that you’ll need to purchase and utilize the Ni200 atomizer offered by Vaporfi.

Better Understanding Vaporfi VOX 100 TC MOD Tank Options

Don’t get frustrated if choosing a tank for your VOX 100 TC MOD seems difficult or hard to understand, we’ve been there. However, as mentioned earlier in this article, the very best decision you can make as a beginner or novice user is to go with the vSix. The vSix is simple to use and maintain. For example, it can be broken down as followed for those who wish a more complete understanding. We essentially have 3 components, we have the VOX 100 TC MOD casing (housing) itself, the vSix e liquid tank and vSix atomizers. You simple need to screw in your vSix atomizer into your vSix tank, fill it with the e liquid of your choice and then screw in your now filled tank into your VOX 100 TC. The vSix tank itself will last at least a year if not two, however over time, atomizer wear out and need to be replaced. You can forecast changing out your vSix atomizer roughly every month or month and a half, which takes about 3 minutes to do.

vSix Tank:
The vSix is one of our favorite new e liquid tanks offered by Vaporfi. It not only performs great, it looks great too! Frankly, we think that many more e liquid companies should recognize the importance of looks. For example, the vSix has a sort of shield over half of the tank, which hides a somewhat unappealing bottle of e liquid from your friends eyes while still allowing you to easily see how much e liquid you have left. Furthermore, as mentioned above, the vSix is very easy to maintain and vSix atomizers are very inexpensive.

Volt Hybrid Tank:
The Volt Hybrid tank is a solid option and is easy to maintain. However, the vSix is the newer option and we feel it’s 100% the way to go. There’s nothing wrong with the Hybrid tank, however why not choose the newer, better and easier to maintain option.

vBit RDA:
The vBit RDA is a great option for those vaping nerds out there who love nothing more than to tinker in sub ohm levels. However, the vBit RDA should not be purchased by users who are not familiar with building their own coils. Again, it’s perfect for those who desire total customization but it’s certainly not for everyone.

Vaporfi VOX 100 TC MOD Review Summary

vaporfi vox 100 tc mod review summary
If you’re shopping around for the best e cig available on the market in 2016, you’re a lucky individual. Compared to the devices that we first used when starting electronic cigarettes, the current technology in the market demolishes every aspect of it. It used to be the case that in order to stay with e cigs, one had to constantly be purchasing newer components or newer devices/starter kits all together. However, with options like the Vaporfi VOX 100 TC MOD, people are able to actually make one e cig purchase and then simply keep a steady stock of their favorite e liquids and atomizers on hand. Over the years, we’ve tested hundreds of products and it’s our undisputed opinion that the Vaporfi VOX 100 TC MOD is the current best available vaping device on the market. Additionally, we expect the VOX 100 TC MOD to stay ‘king of the vaping hill’ potentially for the entire year of 2016.