vaporfi vox 60 tc mod starter kit reviewThe Vaporfi VOX 60 TC MOD combines the best aspects of all previous VOX Series Vaporizers in one bold yet sleek and powerful unit. For those new to the VOX ‘Series’, the VOX 60 TC MOD essentially stands for ’60’ maximum output watts of ‘Temperature Controlled’ vaping greatness. Electronic cigarettes or vaporizers are evolving at a ridiculous rate, making high performance vaping available for even the most novice of users. Where in the past, newbies to the e cig world would typically start with a disposable option before graduating to any sort of rechargeable option and finally to an advanced vaporizer that they felt comfortable using/operating, technology has improved & simplified. The VOX 60 TC MOD offers an abundance of performance for progressing vapor users as well as some of the most sleek looks we’ve seen among 50 to 100 watt vaporizers (especially when combined with the VSix E Liquid Tank).

While the ’60 TC MOD’ isn’t the first of the VOX Series, it does in fact feature the latest in VOX technology. In other words, Vaporfi has taken all the feedback given from hundreds of users of the VOX II & VOX 100 units (which commonly sold out) and applied it to the new 60. Ensuring that users have the latest in vaporizer safety, performance and perhaps most importantly, reliability.

Vaporfi VOX 60 TC MOD Compared to VOX 100 VOX II & VOX Mini MODs

Okay, the VOX Series has been Vaporfi’s ‘advanced vaping’ option for quite some time. In the beginning of the VOX Series, we we’re introduced to the VOX 50. The VOX 50 often sold out because of it’s superior battery life and overall vaping power compared to the current industry standards (which were essentially glorified ‘EGOs’ with max battery mAh of around 1000). The VOX 50 involved into the VOX II (which was similar but fixed minor glitches and enhanced performance). Around the same time that the VOX II was released, Vaporfi launced the now very popular and efficient Vaporfi VOX Mini MOD option. Not long after, Vaporfi released the VOX 100 TC MOD, which provided a whopping 100 output watts. However, Vaporfi gathered tons of feedback and found that most users of the VOX Series didn’t need anywhere near 100 output watts and noticed a few minor glitches (which is certainly acceptable and standard in this early stage of advanced vaporizers). Enter the New VOX 60 TC MOD, the culmination of loyal Vaporfi customer feedback and increasingly evolving vaporizer technology. If you’d like to learn more about what the VOX 100 was all about, check out our Vaporfi VOX 100 TC MOD Review. For more information on the still available and again, very popular VOX Mini MOD, read our in depth Vaporfi VOX Mini MOD Review. For a blast from the past or a frankly more complete history of the VOX Series history, read our Vaporfi VOX II MOD Review.

Vaporfi VOX 60 TC MOD Starter Kit Review of Specifications

vaporfi vox 60 tc mod review of specifications
Very notably, the Vaporfi VOX 60 TC MOD itself is available in black or silver colors, you’re choice of 3 different e liquid tanks (of which the VSix is available in either black or silver colors). For more complete information on the available tanks and which one to choose, read our Vaporfi VOX 60 TC MOD Tank Review further below.

The Vaporfi VOX 60 TC MOD Starter Kit Includes:

  • VOX 60 TC Zinc Alloy Casing (in black or silver)
  • 2600 mAh Dual Internal Li-Po Battery (only use chargers with an Input of 100-240 V 50HZ-60HZ and an Output of 5V/500 mah)
  • USB Charging Cable
  • VOX 60 TC Instruction Manual
  • Your Choice of the VSix, Volt Hybrid or VShock E Liquid Tanks

Full List of VOX 60 TC MOD Features:

  • Adjustable Output Power in 0.5 Watt Increments
  • Accepts Atomizer Resistance from 0.1 ohm (sub)- 3.5 ohm
  • Resistance (Standard Coil): 0.1 ohm – 3.5 ohm
  • Resistance (Ni 200/Ti coil): .05 ohm – 1.0 ohm
  • Silver-Plated Brass Electrodes
  • Output Voltage Range: 3.0 Volts – 8 Volts
  • Output Power Range: 7 Watts – 60 Watts
  • Maximum Output Current: 24.5 Amps
  • 510 Threading with Spring Loaded Pin
  • Output Short-Circuit Protection
  • Reverse Battery Protection
  • Auto Ohm Resistance Meter (Finds ideal voltage for RBA/RDA)
  • Low Voltage Protection
  • Device Lock Feature
  • Low Resistance Protection
  • Input High Voltage Warning
  • Vented Battery Casing
  • Digital OLED Screen
  • Pocket Sized: 79 mm (3.1 inches) Tall x 39 mm (1.5 inches) Depth x 24 mm (0.94 inches) Wide

Vaporfi VOX 60 TC MOD Tanks Review

vaporfi vox 60 tc mod tank review
Vaporfi Tanks are among the very best in the industry. All of them of course have their own pluses and minuses but are all in general made/designed with the highest quality of components, are simple to use and are very high performing for 99% of users. As noted previously in this article, the Vaporfi VOX 60 TC MOD Starter Kit provides a selection of 3 different e liquid tank options. Those options are the VSix, Volt & VShock.

Vaporfi VSix E Liquid Tank:
The VSix E Liquid Tank happens to be our personal favorite and is located above in both available black and silver colors. The VSix is considered an ‘advanced’ tank, but is very simple to use with either ‘Ni’, ‘Ti’ or standard coil heads/atomizers (see instructions for using ‘Ni’ or ‘Ti’ coil heads below). It’s a ‘top-fill’ tank, is capable of producing huge ‘clouds’ of vapor and has 6 mL of capacity. Just be sure to monitor the ‘Juice Flow’ and ‘Air Flow’ controls to avoid and spillage or leakage.

Vaporfi Volt E Liquid Tank:
The Volt Hybrid e liquid tank is a strong option for users who desire complete control and have experience with ‘RBA’ / rebuildable tanks, coils and or drip tips. In our opinion, the Volt Hyrbid is a good option for about 5% of the vaping population who really love customizing their experience and tinkering with coils etc. If the former is complete ‘gibberish’, we suggest opting for the VSix or the VShock. On a side note, the Volt features a 4.5 mL e liquid capacity.

Vaporfi VShock E Liquid Tank:
The VShock is a simple yet high performing and effective tank option. However, we feel that the VSix is a better option based not only on performance and maintenance but mostly on sheer looks alone. The VSix has the cover over the glass e liquid tank, whereas the VShock doesn’t. Which doesn’t seem like a huge deal, but when wanting to maintain a somewhat stealth vaping appearance or wanting something that frankly is aesthetically pleasing, the looks of the VSix are hard to compete with.

Frequently Asked Vaporfi VOX 60 TC MOD Review Questions

This Vaporfi VOX 60 TC MOD Review is frankly for beginners, thus we’ll do our best to provide what we think are basic questions and answers related or soon to be related to the system.

How Do I Turn the Vaporfi VOX 60 TC On & Off?
Turning the VOX 60 TC On & Off is very easy. Simply click the main power button located above the OLED screen 5 times in quick repetition.

Do I need to Charge the VOX 60 TC Before Using?
It’s not exactly proven that you’ll get overall better battery life if charging fully before using, but it is factory recommended to fully charge the device before using it. We personally recommend this as well but would point out the the VOX 60 TC has phenomenal battery life any which way you slice it and that it’s perfectly fine to sporadically charge the device after it’s initial ‘out of box’ first full charge. You’ll also notice the battery symbol indicator on the OLED screen, letting you know exactly how much battery life you have.

How Do I Change The Vaporfi VOX 60 TC Atomizer/Coil Head?
Okay, replacing the coil head on any of the available 3 Vaporfi VOX 60 TC E Liquid Tanks is very easy to do. Again, the 3 different available e liquid tanks are the VSix, Volt & VShock and each of them use ‘coil heads’ (also known as atomizers). You’ll simply be removing the tank from the system itself, before unscrewing the top or bottom of the actual tank and unscrewing the existing coil head and replacing it with a new one. Essentially, when attaching a ‘non-temperature’ (any suggested Vaporfi VOX 60 TC atomizer without the ‘Ni’ or ‘Ti’ label) controlled atomizer/coil head, you can begin vaping straight away and don’t need to select any additional settings. However, when using any temperature controlled coil head, you’ll be prompted with the message ‘Temp Coil Select’ on the OLED screen in which you’ll need to select either ‘Ti’ or ‘Ni’ (which simply stands for Titanium or Nickel). If you are in fact attaching a ‘Ti’ or ‘Ni’ atomizer and it doesn’t register/prompt ‘Temp Coil Select’ on your VOX 60 TC, simply remove the tank from the system and hold the power button down (with no tank attached) for 2 – 3 seconds, effectively dry firing the device (this resets the system). Next, attach the tank with the attached ‘Ni’ or ‘Ti’ atomizer/coil head installed and wait for the prompt to appear. If it still doesn’t appear, try very slightly unscrewing the coil head as it may be ‘too tight’. If you still have problems, try another coil head. Lastly, after selecting either ‘Ti’ or ‘Ni’, you’ll automatically be prompted to select whether or not it’s a ‘New’ or ‘Old’ Coil.

What Does Temp Protect Error Message Mean on the VOX 60?
This message is triggered when there is a problem with the VOX system understanding which resistance should be set. In order to make this message go away (as noted above), reset the device by removing the tank from the system and dry firing it by pressing the power button for 2 – 3 seconds. In order to solve any other VOX 60 TC Error Message, it will typically involve removing the tank from the system and slightly screwing the atomizer tighter or looser to the tank itself as well as reseting the VOX.

How Do I Lock & Unlock The Vaporfi VOX 60 TC?
In order to lock & unlock your Vaporfi VOX 60 TC, simply press the power button down 3 times in a quick repetition. Similarly in order to lock or unlock you’re temp/voltage/wattage settings, simply press the power button and the ‘-‘ (minus) button down at the same time. The latter is particularly nice if you find settings that you love and don’t want to accidentally change.

How Do I Adjust the VOX 60 TC Wattage & Voltage?
Wattage can easily be be adjusted by pressing the ‘+’ (Plus) or ‘-‘ (Minus) buttons located at the top of the VOX 60 TC. To scroll quickly through the numbers, simply hold either button down. On a side note, the wattage will be changed in 0.5 watt increments. For those of you who desire full customization and want to adjust the voltage, you’ll need to enter ‘Bypass/Mecha’ Mode. In order to enter the bypass, you’ll need to ensure your using atomizers in the 0.1 – 3.5 ohms. In order to access bypass mode, simply increase the wattage passed 60 watts using the ‘+’ (Plus) button on the top of the device. Additionally, Vaporfi only recommends changing the voltage on atomizers that are non-tc (also known as standard or in this case, suggested VOX 60 coil heads that are indeed not ‘Ni’ or ‘Ti’. Also note that the device will automatically allow for maximum ratios (meaning there is a safety limiter in place to ensure the system works properly with your specific coil head).

What is Mecha Mode on the VOX 60 TC?
As noted above, Mecha Mode is the VOX 60 TC Bypass for adjusting voltage and can be accessed by increasing the wattage beyond 60.

What is Temp Mode on the VOX 60 TC?
Temp Mod allows users to adjust the temperature their e liquid is vaporized by. Essentially, lower temperatures means a ‘softer’ experience and higher temperatures mean a ‘warmer’ experience. Every user is different and are encouraged to experiment with their particularly e liquids and preferences. In order to access the ‘Temp Mode’ you need to lock the device (see above), once the device is locked simply press and hold the ‘+’ (Plus) & ‘-‘ (Minus) buttons (located at the top of the device) together until the temperature menu appears on the OLED screen. If you’d like to turn off manual temperature control and let the VOX automatically choose, select ‘Off’ (rather than an actual temperature) and unlock the device (see above).

How Do I Clean the VOX 60 TC?
Maintaining the VOX 60 TC is very simple. Essentially users need to be aware of the necessity to clean their tank whenever refilling with e liquid. Often times e liquid gets on threads and when not cleaned by a paper towel or cotton swab, has the ability to make it very difficult to remove once attached unclean. In a nutshell, whenever filling the e liquid tank, grab a paper towel and clean the threads on the e liquid tank as well as any component you remove. Lastly, there is a ‘Center Pin’ located at the top of the VOX 60 TC (where the tank is attached), it is imperative that this not come in contact with any sort of liquid, rather it be water, cleaner or e liquid itself. We usually just blow on it when refilling our e liquid and make sure it’s clean of any dust etc.

Vaporfi VOX 60 TC MOD Review Summary

vaporfi vox 60 tc mod review summary
Vaporizers or electronic cigarettes are quickly evolving towards e liquid tanks that are both powerful and simple to use. For example, what was once a complicated task of maintaining a ‘MOD’ e liquid tank, has been simplified down for the newest of vapors to quickly master. The reason for this is namely ‘Coil Heads’. Not too long ago, owners of advanced vaping systems had to replace their entire e liquid tank when it became ‘wore-out’ over time. Now, users can quickly and easily replace the ‘coil head’ which is located inside the e liquid tank for extremely easy maintenance. The result is users being completely satisfied from a single vaping system for years on end with only the need to replace coil heads (which are very cheap), every two to three weeks. And of course going through as much of their favorite e liquids as they desire. With vaping systems like the VOX 60 TC MOD, battery life ‘issues’ have become a thing of the past. Users of the Vaporfi VOX 60 TC MOD can expect 1 – 3 days of full use on 1 complete charge. This is of course compared to e cigs of old that needed to be recharged multiple times throughout the day, which is ‘in todays age’ flat out, unacceptable. Lastly, if the ‘TC’ is ‘tripping’ you up a bit, fear not. TC stands for temperature control and is simply a bonus feature. Users can choose to play with their temperature settings for various e liquids or not. We often find ourselves leaving the wattage and voltage settings at max capacity, in this case the full 60 watts and simply adjusting the physical hit or puff we take on the device.