vuse vapor review

Vuse Vapor is an e cig brand that has gained quite a lot of attention for it’s innovative use of smart technology and premium e-cigarette equipment. If you want to learn more about this particular brand, you’re in the right place. Vuse’s aforementioned smart technology is actually very impressive. The company’s e-cigarettes make use of processors and memory chips to automatically adjust the power level of the device. This helps to improve performance and provide great vaping experiences for every user. Not only does this company put a lot of emphasis on technical innovation, it also tries to promote green business practices to preserve the environment. The company runs its own recycling program and also refuses to sell or produce disposable e-cigarettes in order to cut down on waste.

The Vuse name got started back in 2012 and has developed into an industry leader. The brand is actually under the ownership of R.J. Reynolds Vapor Company, which is naturally linked to the famous R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company. As you would expect, the people behind this brand have a lot of experience with this sort of business and so have been very successful so far. Vuse is one of the most-bought brands in America, with countless customers being attracted to the company’s modern image, powerful products and attractive prices. A basic starter kit can be yours starting at approximately $9.99, while cartridges and accessories are available as well. In short, for newbies to vaping, this is a solid brand that you can trust. Vuse products are well-made and efficient, offering great bang for your buck.

Vuse Vapor is a great e cig option for newbies to vaping. If however, you’re looking for more advanced vaping options and overall more efficient vaping systems, we’d recommend Halo Cigs and or Vaporfi. Also, be sure to utilize our Halo Cigs Coupon or Vaporfi Coupon upon purchase.

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Vuse Vapor Review of Pros and Cons

vuse e cig review

When it comes to the pros and cons of this company, we’re glad to report that Vuse has a lot more positive points worth mentioning than negative ones. This company is particularly innovative in terms of the quality of its products. After dealing with many different e-cigarettes over the years, we can confirm that the Vuse smart technology does make a nice difference compared to the competition. These e-cigarettes will automatically make the necessary adjustments to provide an excellent puff every time. That means that if you decide to go with this brand, you can feel confident in your purchases and will be able to enjoy long-lasting batteries and strong throat hits. This brand even compares favorably to some of our favorites like Halo Cigs, NJOY & Vaporfi. Halo Cigs still has a few more options and better quality all-round, but Vuse isn’t a bad competitor.

We can try to look at the negative side of this company, but honestly it’s quite difficult to really uncover any cons with the Vuse service. All of the things that most customers would usually ask for are here: good performance, low prices, and attractive items. However, one big issue that currently exists with the Vuse brand is that users need to fill out a long registration in order to shop Vuse online. In this day and age, a huge number of people like to do their shopping online and so this point will be a bit of inconvenience for those customers. Perhaps this will change in the future, but for now, you’ll need to take the time to fill out the registration.

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Vuse Vapor Pros

  • Excellent prices
  • Use of smart technology to power up your E Cig experiences
  • Nice style
  • Well-designed website with easy navigation
  • A wide range of products and starter kits
  • Strong throat hit
  • Solid battery life
  • Intense flavors with every single puff
  • Recycling program and green business ethics
Vuse Vapor Cons

  • The only negative thing that we’ve found about Vuse Vapor by RJ Reynolds is their ridiculously long registration process when first viewing their website. Sure, you can easily purchase Vuse in any number of physical stores, however, if you want to purchase Vuse online or even review their products in any depth online, you first have to fill out a really long registration.

Vuse Vapor Review Summary

vuse vapor review summary

To put it simply, we can’t think of many brands better than this one for beginners to the world of vaping. The Vuse Vapor staff/marketing team is doing a great job of offering a solid line of e cigs at excellent prices, all while sticking to smart business principles and crafting a respectable brand image. Again, it is a shame that these products can’t be bought online more easy, and that fact could hinder the progression of this brand extension in the future, but perhaps things could change moving forward. If you’re interested in getting a lot of bang for your buck, with strong flavors and solid performance all-round, Vuse Vapor is a great option for those new to vaping.

Vuse Vapor is rapidly developing into one of the biggest e cig brands out there. If you take any interest in the vaping industry, it’s almost impossible for you to not be aware of this brand by now. There’s some very powerful marketing behind this company and more and more people are being drawn in by the brand’s futuristic technology and smart prices. As we have said several times now, it really is quite hard to find any issues with this company. Compared to most other brands out there, Vuse is easily an industry leader. Perhaps when we compare it to a name like Halo Cigs, it becomes a little easier to see one or two issues. The batteries aren’t quite as powerful and the price to quality ratio isn’t as attractive, but overall we can fully recommend this company.

Customers seem to be happy too. Reviews over the internet often talk about the quality of Vuse E Cigs and the intense flavors they are able to consistently provide. What’s more, Vuse’s prices are immensely appealing. Other companies make use of cheap materials and inferior manufacturing techniques to keep their prices low, but Vuse has focused on providing both quality and value. In addition, the company also deserves respect for running its own recycling system and doing it’s bit for the world around us.