What We’re Vaping

Here's a look at the e cigs and e liquids that we use everyday.
Last Update: 21 May 2018

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Vapestaff Founder’s Vapes Founder’s Vapes

Sure, everyone has different vapor needs and vaping styles, but if you’re curious – we thought learning exactly what we vape with everyday might help you when deciding which e cigs & e liquids you should consider. Previously a 7 year Menthol (Newport) tobacco cigarette smoker – 5 years (& counting) smoke free.

Everyday E Cig

what were vaping v2 pro series 7

“The primary reason that I use and have been using the V2 Pro Series 7 (S7) for just over 2 years is it’s sleek design. There are no other e cigs on the market that match the S7’s sleek yet powerful design. The S7 is simple to operate and is an all around intuitive device. From it’s magnetic charging port to it’s magnetic drop in e liquid tanks/cartridges – it’s just better. It’s not clunky like most other high performing e cigs (easily slips into any pocket) & there are no crazy wattage/voltage settings to ‘dial-in’. I actually have 2 S7’s, which works great because when I’m using one, the other is charging & ready to go when I need it. When using the S7, you simply need to stock up on S7 e liquid cartridges & your favorite e liquids. (On a side note, I’ve found that 50/50 PG/VG e liquid ratios work the best.)”

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Everyday E Liquid

what were vaping halo tribeca e liquid

“I think that just like traditional tobacco cigarettes (& frankly many other things in life), when it comes to e liquid – it’s usually the first or second ‘flavor’ that you fall in love with – that you inevitably compare all others to. My very first e cig was a Blu Disposable – which happens to have a great e liquid flavor (now available in actual e liquid form, I might add – Blu previously did not sell e liquid individually). My second e liquid initiation was Halo’s Tribeca and I’ve been vaping it ever since. It’s an incredibly smooth tobacco with very slight hints of caramel and offers a throat hit that is ‘just-enough’ to satisfy me as an all-day-vape. (Specifically, I opt for Halo’s Tribeca in 50/50 PG/VG with a 2.4% nicotine by volume.) I strongly recommend using an e liquid with ‘staying power’, the worst thing would be to fall in love with a flavor that gets discontinued.”

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Weekend & Holiday E Liquids

“When it comes to secondary flavors such as weekend & holiday vapes, I’ve become pretty ‘open’ over time. Flavors these days are becoming so incredibly complex, sometimes it’s just fun to see how close an e liquid flavor can get to the actual taste it claims. Below are a few of my favorites.”

Vapestaff #1 Anonymous Writer’s Vapes Anonymous #1 Vapes

Our #1 Vapestaff writer wishes to remain anonymous, but he’s happy to share his daily, weekend and holiday vape setups for your consideration. Anonymous #1 was a 1 ppd (pack-per-day) Marlboro Red smoker for roughly 10 years. He’s been smoke free now for roughly 4 years.

Everyday E Cig

what were vaping halo reactor mega

“I’ve been on the ‘Halo Cigs’ train from the beginning and see no need to deboard. I actually started out years ago with the basic G6 compact rechargeable option. After spending so much time & money dealing with ‘tiny cartridges’, I eventually upgraded to their Triton ‘tank’ option. The Triton was a solid e cig for a long time, but eventually, it flat out became outdated and I upgraded to the Halo Reactor. It really wasn’t until I got the first Reactor into my hands that I knew I’d never be ‘smoking’ again. The Reactor delivered such a powerful and cost effective vaping solution – I just knew that my vaping needs/concerns had finally been met. Since then, Halo has released the Reactor Mega & I’ve been using it ever since. I like tweaking the tank air flow and wattage to match my e liquid (just a hobby of mine – plus it’s easy to figure out). The battery life is phenomenal, I use it hard all day long and charge it all night long – perfect setup.”

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Everyday E Liquid

what were vaping black note prelude e liquid

“Yes, I’m one of those guys that complained about not being able to find a true tobacco flavored e liquid. Like I said, I started vaping using the basic Halo G6 rechargeable. At that time I was going back and fourth between Halo’s Torque 56 & Turkish Tobacco flavors (which were actually pretty solid), but I was so used to classic Marlboro Reds – it was hard to replicate that throat hit and flavor profile. And then, EVERYTHING changed when Black Note came onto the vaping scene. I thought wow, an e liquid company with nothing but tobacco flavors – I must investigate further, lol. Needless to say, I was not disappointed. In fact, I’ve been absolutely amazed at the lengths in which Black Note goes to turn real tobacco into an e liquid form. Their ‘naturally extracted tobacco’ process is unmatched. If you’re looking for tobacco flavors, Black Note is the place to look – hands down. My favorite Black Note flavors so far are Prelude & Quartet.”

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Weekend & Holiday E Liquids

“After reading my everyday vapes above, you’ll know that I’m a tobacco connoisseur. However, even I had to see what all the ‘fuss’ was about regarding the ridiculous amounts of dessert and gourmet flavors on the market. Every now and then, it’s nice to take a break from the monotony & try something new.”

Vapestaff #2 Anonymous Writer’s Vapes Anonymous #2 Vapes

Our #2 Vapestaff writer wishes to remain anonymous, but she’s happy to share her daily, weekend and holiday vape setups for your consideration. Anonymous #2 picked up smoking Parliaments in college and continued for about 5 years before making the switch to vapor. Now smoke free for just over 3 years.

Everyday E Cig

what were vaping vaporfi rebel 3

“I’m a Vaporfi till I die kinda gal and am not afraid to admit it. Vaporfi has been amazing about sending us new e cigs & vaporizers to test, and while most all of them are great options, I’ve recently been more than happy with the Rebel 3. Like the V2 Pro Series 7, the Vaporfi Rebel 3 has great aesthetics & performance. But, for me, the Rebel 3’s performance is even a step above that of the S7’s. The Rebel 3 is one of the most powerful yet fairly compact systems I’ve ever used. Not only that, but I always like to try different e liquids and pg/vg ratios. The Rebel 3’s tank is pretty diverse in that it works great no matter what I run through it. The only thing I need with my Rebel 3 is as many atomizers as I can get my hands on and a few of my favorite e liquids.”

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Everyday E Liquid

what were vaping v2 black e liquid

“When it comes to e liquid, I’m an equal opportunity consumer, lol. If it tastes great, provides either a ridiculous amount of vapor or a whopping throat hit, I’ll give it a go. V2’s Platinum line for example is a great line of flavor options. Most recently, V2 has come out with a few new additions to the original 12 and one happens to be called V2 Platinum Black. V2 Black is definitely what I’ve been stuck on lately – it’s smooth, ever so slightly sweet yet satisfying and one that I don’t get immediately sick of. In other words, it’s a great all day vape. Plus, it makes all my dessert and gourmet flavors really shine on the weekends or my holiday vaping. In addition, V2 Platinum e liquids come in 25 & 50 mL options – which makes having to reorder less frequent.”

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Weekend & Holiday E Liquids

“I really tend to try all of the latest and trending flavors to see if there’s any reason for some of the hype. In doing so, I’ve discovered ANML, Beard Vape Co & Fryd to all be e liquid brands to keep an eye out for. For any of you co Parliament lovers out there, I have a special place for V2’s Platinum Congress.”

Vapestaff #3 Anonymous Writer’s Vapes Anonymous #3 Vapes

Our #3 Vapestaff writer wishes to remain anonymous, but she’s happy to share her daily, weekend and holiday vape setups for your consideration. Anonymous #3 was a long time (roughly 12 years) menthol cigarette smoker before making the switch. Smoke free going on 2 years.

Everyday E Cig

what were vaping smok alien 220

“Alright, let’s be real. When it comes to truly diving in and testing advanced electronic cigarettes around here, I’m the one taking the lead. I’ve never used the same e cig for more than 3 months (partly I suppose because we get to test all the new stuff to hit the market). With that being said, one of the biggest leaps in advanced e cig ‘mods’, lately has been the release of the Alien 220 Watt by SMOK. The most important thing that I see in vaping is simplifying advancing vaping technologies so that absolutely anyone and everyone can take advantage of them. This may seem like a no brainer, but sadly, most advanced devices or mods require users who are eager to fine-tune and rather meticulously figure out how best to setup their systems. The Alien 220, in my opinion is sort of the first system to at least somewhat bridge that gap. Mods just a year ago required users to be electro-nerds or vape macgyvers. I’m seeing that trend come to an end as more advanced systems like the Alien 220 are relatively easy to operate and maintain.”

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Everyday E Liquid

what were vaping vaporfi icy menthol e liquid

I’m a long-time menthol smoker and in the beginning of vaping for me, finding a menthol flavor that I loved was like trying to find a needle in a haystack. That is no longer the case. I have a handful of amazing menthol flavors that I can now choose from. Differing sometimes when I want a sweeter flavor or a more hearty throat hit. One of the best that I’ve found is certainly Vaporfi’s Menthol Freeze. It’s just got that classic menthol feel to it – not to sweet or too throaty – a great mix frankly. A few other proper menthol flavors are Black Note’s Solo, Halo’s Subzero, Halo’s Menthol V and even V2’s new Platinum Bold Leaf Menthol. I’m a bit of a tough critic when it comes to menthol flavors, but anything that is too sweet, too ‘pepperminty’ or too lacking in true throat-hit, doesn’t make my tank. (Hey, atomizers ain’t free, what can I say…) With that being said, I’ve recently been kind of obsessed with Beard Vape Co too. Their flavors are entirely sweet, but they’ve recently come out with some new traditional flavors too.”

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Weekend & Holiday E Liquids

“Again, I’m a bit of a menthol fanatic, but I dabble… When I do ‘change it up’ every now and then, I’ve been leaning on Beard Vape Co, Fryd & even the crazy Mad Hatter line of insanely sweet desserts. Take if from me, if you have dabbled in dessert flavors, you’re missing out.”

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