white rhino e juice review

White Rhino E Liquid is one of the fastest rising brands in the vaping industry. The company has always been an e-liquid pioneer and got started back in 2010. In the years that have followed, the White Rhino brand has become associated with innovation, good customer service, and a high standard of products. If you’re looking for a big brand you can really trust, this is the one for you. What’s more, White Rhino has managed to develop a really broad menu of flavors. The company’s taste selection is split into two categories. Customers can choose from either the regular bottles or the ‘Remix’ set of flavors. Both sets are filled with delicious savors that offer something to suit every kind of palate. As you would imagine, the regular bottles are more straightforward, providing a wide variation of classic flavors like ‘Banana’, ‘Kiwi’ and ‘Tobacco’. Meanwhile, the remix collection is where the company really decided to go wild. The Remix line of products is all about creativity and original savors, featuring bottle names like ‘Kandi Rainbow’, ‘That Red Fish’ and ‘Yummy Bear’ and various exotic ingredients.

It’s really impressive to look at this menu. The more basic collection of bottles features 32 different flavors, while the Remix set is made up of another 24 spectacular savors. That means that White Rhino is able to offer a grand total of 56 scrumptious concoctions for customers to try. You won’t necessarily fall in love with them all, but it’s always good to see such a huge amount of choice. It’s particularly interesting to see the way in which the company has tried to cater to every type of customer by splitting its products into these different categories. Some people prefer the simpler savors and just want to taste something like watermelon, menthol or grape when they vape. The basic lineup will completely satisfy that kind of audience. Meanwhile, other vapers love to experiment with bizarre recipes and exciting fusions, so the Remix line will certainly appeal to them. Overall, White Rhino has done a great job of appealing to the widest possible audience. We can also mention that the company has a really sleek website, along with free shipping on orders over $50 and a regularly-updated blog. Clearly, this is one brand you should be investigating.

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White Rhino E Liquid Review of Pros & Cons

The biggest advantage that White Rhino has to offer is its broad selection of flavors. This point really needs to be emphasized, because it’s rare that we see such a great set of tastes on offer with a single company. Some brands offer dozens of simplistic flavors, while others focus exclusively on the more wacky concoctions and recipes. Instead of choosing between those two paths, White Rhino decided to go down both of them by creating its standard and Remix lines. This means that no matter what sort of flavors you like, you’ll at least be able to find a few products to love on the White Rhino menu. What’s more, the prices aren’t bad and the bottles themselves have been nicely blended and balanced.

If we had to find a criticism for the company, it would be that their approach to bottle sizes is somewhat bizarre. You are only allowed to buy the regular flavors in 15ml bottles, which happen to cost $8.99. Meanwhile, the Remix recipes are only available in 30ml portions and cost $21.99. We can imagine that the company decided to offer its regular lineup in smaller bottles to help customers save money and test out more flavors, but it’s still a slightly strange decision. Still, this isn’t a major ‘con’ and doesn’t affect the quality of the juices themselves.

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White Rhino E Liquid Pros

  • Very wide selection to appeal to all tastes
  • Made in the USA
  • Well-sourced ingredients
  • Super slick website
  • Promotions to help you save cash
  • Decent prices, especially on the 15ml regular bottles
  • Buy in bulk to save some cash
White Rhino E Liquid Cons

  • As we mentioned above, the fact that you can’t buy bigger bottles of the regular flavors or smaller bottles of the Remix flavors might annoy some people. However, this really isn’t a deal-breaking issue. If you want 30ml of a regular flavor, it’s easy enough to simply order a pair of 15ml bottles, for example.

White Rhino E Liquid Review Summary

white rhino remix review summary

We really recommend that you head over to the White Rhino site and have a look at their juices. The products are of a very high quality and offer some really rich flavors. The Remix line has a lot of VG to keep those savors strong and intense, while the standard flavors have a bit of extra PG to provide a solid throat hit. The company has found a really nice balance in its menu and certainly merit your attention.

This is a well-known brand and has gotten to the top of the pile through hard work and the creation of a really broad menu. Choice is vital to every vaping customer. There are simply so many companies out there and so many different flavors to choose from nowadays. It’s therefore important for the typical vaper to find a brand they can trust, with a wide selection of bottles to choose from. White Rhino is that brand. You can shop with this company as much as you like, choosing from a huge variety of flavors and being confident in your purchases every single time.

The simple flavors are exactly what you would expect: high quality recreations of the flavors advertised. What we really want to talk about is the Remix line. One of the real winners is the ‘Tiger’s Blood’ bottle. Featuring a beautiful blend of strawberry and watermelon, topped off with creamy coconut, this is a truly taste juice. Another popular option is the ‘Grandma’s Peach Cobbler’ bottle, which really manages to faithfully capture the essence of that famous dessert.