Wholesale Electronic Cigarettes Guide

wholesale electronic cigarettes guideInterested in capitalizing on the rise in popularity of electronic cigarettes?

If your a business owner or in a position to sell electronic cigarettes in any capacity, now is the perfect time to stock up. For an industry that barely existed 5 years ago, it’s on pace to reach nearly $2 billion in 2014. An increase from just $10 million in 2007 to potentially $4 billion in 2015 should give you all the information you need to know regarding just how much money is flooding into electronic cigarettes.

The rise in popularity can mostly be attributed to technology. In fact, one could make a strong case that the push for better, faster and smarter cell phones has paved the way for other nano-technologies to develop as well. While electronic cigarettes have been around for a long time, it’s only been the past year or two that they’ve really began to popularize. As the demand for healthier solutions for all types of consumer goods continues to rise, e cigs are in a prime spot to truly breakout or at the very least continue to chip away at ‘big tobacco’.

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Big Tobacco is roughly a $50 billion global industry that until the recent rise in popularity of electronic cigarettes, had relatively few surprises in terms of competition. While it won’t be over-night, even Bloomberg expects electronic cigarette sales to surpass traditional tobacco cigarette sales by 2023.

If you are a retailer and don’t offer electronic cigarettes, you are missing out. However, if you’re a retailer looking to take advantage of electronic cigarette popularity, you need to understand a few important details to make the most out of your investment. ‘Fly by night’ or ‘wanna-be’ electronic cigarette businesses are sprouting up all over the place. Most of these businesses most likely don’t even have a tax id. They simply order e cig products online from overseas, slap a label on them and try to sell them anyway they can. While American’s are generally accepting the electronic cigarette trend, they will not tolerate cheap Chinese imports. In order to move a serious amount of product and actually make money in electronic cigarettes, especially in it’s young age, it’s important to choose quality & reputable brands to offer your customers.

For example, Blu is the company that most american’s know of when it comes to electronic cigarettes. This is mainly do to their advertising, growth structure and unlimited financial resources (which is propelled by a multi-national tobacco corporate conglomerate). While their products are ‘everywhere’, there are better companies/brands to ultimately fill your shelves with, that will have your customers coming back for more and more rather than to try Blu once and never buy it again due to it’s many problems (poor battery life, poor vapor production and ultimately poor overall design).

Essential Types of Electronic Cigarette Devices To Retail:

  • Disposable Electronic Cigarettes – Disposable electronic cigarettes are important from a wholesale and retail point of view due to the fact that so many consumers are becoming curious as to what electronic cigarettes are all about. Disposable e cigs are the first place that consumers start as they are able to answer that question via their relatively cheap price point. You’ll most likely find yourself selling a wide variety of disposable e cigs as consumers no doubt test the market through individual brands, types and flavors.
  • Rechargeable Electronic Cigarettes – Rechargeable electronic cigarettes are essentially what consumers test out after having their curiosity peaked with disposable options. Rechargeable e cigs obvious differ from disposables in that they are not ‘disposable’, they in fact can be recharged and used over & over. Rechargeable electronic cigarettes are often sold as ‘starter kits’, offer phenomenal margins and come with the added bonus of consumers needing to continually purchase cartridges (also known as cartomizers or refills), which also offer incredibly high margins.
  • Tank Based Vaping Systems – Tank based vaping systems, similarly to all electronic cigarette offerings, feature great margins on not only the device or ‘starter kit’ itself, but from the need for consumers to continually (though not near as often as rechargeable e cigs) purchase additional ‘tanks’ (also known as atomizers etc) as well as e liquid (which happens to probably feature the absolute highest margins in the electronic cigarette industry). One of the best parts about offering tank based vaping systems on your shelves is the fact that when consumers are seeking more performance than disposable and simple rechargeable options, you’ll have the satisfactory answer (it’s known as upgrading in the electronic cigarette market).
  • Advanced Vaping MOD Systems – Advanced vaping systems or MODs will probably occupy the least amount of shelving space, as the majority of consumers at this time (late 2015) are still getting used to e cigs as a whole & are mostly concerned with disposable, rechargeable and tank based systems. However, advanced vaping MODs are the most expensive of e cig systems and in turn offer great margins as well. The upside of offering at least a few vaping ‘MODs’ is that you’ll have the ultimate solution for those who have progressed through the previous (lower level) devices. The downside and the reason we recommend MODs occupying the least amount of shelf space is again the fact that the majority of users at this time aren’t ready for them and need to get familiar with vaping on entry level systems and additionally the fact that they retail at a much higher price point.

Wholesale Electronic Cigarette Master List

When deciding which electronic cigarettes to line your shelves with, you need to understand the main types of electronic cigarettes, their accessories (chargers & add-ons) and of course refill products (cartridges and e liquid). For more information on e cigs in general check out our E Cigs 101 Information Guide. For a firmer understanding of consumers trying to quit smoking, check out our Quitting Smoking with Electronic Cigarettes Guide. Just bare in mind that there are many available wholesale electronic cigarette options available to your business, from small and medium to large sized displays and overall selection. Most important from a retail point of view, electronic cigarettes in general offer amazingly high margins for you to capitalize on.

5 of The Best Wholesale Electronic Cigarette Brands Available To Retail On Your Shelves:

While there are certainly a plethora of electronic cigarette options available to buy at wholesale prices, it’s of the utmost importance that you don’t proceed to enter the e cig retail space with nothing more than cheap prices in mind. If you do, you’ll end up with a ton of stock that never moves. This is due to low quality and overall unappealing devices and accessories. However, each of the electronic cigarette brands that we recommend below offer great wholesale prices and more importantly, are hand picked by us to insure the utmost overall quality and potential for continued success. You’ll find yourself creating great working business relationships with any of the brands below, continually ordering more products on a monthly basis.

1. Wholesale NJOY Electronic Cigarette Options

wholesale electronic cigarettes njoyNJOY Electronic Cigarettes Wholesale options include disposable, rechargeable, tank based and even MOD systems. To be more specific, NJOY offers disposable electronic cigarettes in King & New Daily Options, each of which come in 3 different flavor varieties. They feature 5 different rechargeable electronic cigarette starter kit options each offering a range of included accessories and cartridge flavors. Similarly, NJOY offers 4 different vaping starter kit options, each of which feature a range of accessories and included e liquid flavors. Very recently, NJOY has even rolled out MOD electronic cigarette and or vaping systems. Also, NJOY offers the Eleaf iStick MOD and the Vapor Shark RDNA for advanced users who desire premium performance. Lastly, and perhaps one of the best features of NJOY’s wholesale lineup is their e liquid. NJOY offers their very own 8 amazing flavors along with the now notorious Artist Collection of e liquids, both of which have reviewed amazingly and have huge margins.

While you’ll need to contact NJOY for extremely large or enterprise level orders, it’s important to point out that if you’re simply a small business looking to test how electronic cigarettes would retail on your shelves, NJOY offers a 100% (no hoops to jump through approach) for their disposable King & New Daily options. Both the 100 Pack NJOY Kings and 100 Pack of New NJOY Daily’s feature hugely discounted rates online. Furthermore, the New NJOY Daily is one of the newest disposable electronic cigarettes to hit the market and is quickly becoming known as the absolute best disposable e cig in the industry.

If you’d like to learn more about NJOY Wholesale options, you’re encouraged to send an email to cs@njoy.com. Included in the body of the email should be your name, your business name, city and state of business, email address and of course the fact that you were via vapestaff.com.

2. Wholesale White Cloud Electronic Cigarette Options

wholesale electronic cigarettes white cloudWhite Cloud Electronic Cigarettes Wholesale options include disposable and rechargeable options. While White Cloud E Cigs offers phenomenal rechargeable starter kits, you’ll need to contact White Cloud E Cigs directly for their wholesale rates. However, we’ve ranked White Cloud so highly on this list, due to the fact that their White Cloud Fling disposable e cigs are a perfect solution for retailers to test e cigs on their shelves with zero hoops to jump through. White Cloud Fling 100 Packs can be purchased online for extremely discounted rates online and in-fact come with actual merchandising materials necessary to start retailing out of the gate. Contact White Cloud E Cigs directly for more information on wholesale rates pertaining to their Cirrus rechargeable line and oh yeah, let them now that vapestaff.com sent you.

3. Wholesale Halo Cigs Electronic Cigarette Options

wholesale electronic cigarettes halo cigsHalo Electronic Cigarettes Wholesale options include the Halo G6, Halo Triton, Halo Tracer & Halo Reactor starter kits along with of course their now legendary e liquid flavors. Halo Cigs doesn’t offer disposable options at this time and thus doesn’t offer immediate wholesale purchased online (unlike NJOY & White Cloud), however, they have a great team of customer service representatives that can get you all the wholesale rate and merchandising information you need. Halo Cigs offers great option for every single level of vapor and more importantly, they offer great rates all the way around. Halo Cigs has developed a cult like following and huge business from online sales and marketing alone, meaning that their products speak for themselves, further meaning that your customers will develop a loyalty to the brand resulting in repeat sales like you’ve never seen before. When contacting Halo Cigs for wholesale rates and merchandising information, be sure to let them know that vapestaff.com sent you.

4. Wholesale Vaporfi Electronic Cigarette Options

wholesale electronic cigarettes vaporfiVaporfi Electronic Cigarettes Wholesale options include the largest range of possibilities. Vaporfi is fast becoming the nations largest and most diverse source of electronic cigarettes to meet every level of vapor’s needs. Vaporfi also offers what is probably the most advanced level of retail electronic cigarette opportunities in their Vaporfi Express ‘Store Within A Store’ program. While Vaporfi does’t offer any devices for sale immediately for e cig wholesale prospectors, they are delightful to deal with on every level. Simply contact Vaporfi directly for more information related to what they can offer your business and certainly remember to let them know who sent you (we’ve developed a great working relationship with them and their associated brands).

5. Wholesale V2 Cigs Electronic Cigarette Options

wholesale electronic cigarettes v2 cigsV2 Electronic Cigarettes Wholesale include disposable, rechargeable and advanced vaping devices. In fact, V2 offers one of the most innovative and advanced vaping lines in the entire industry via their V2 Pro line. Working with V2 Cigs is sort of a catch-22 however, the V2 Pro line is literally one of the best and most innovative, but V2’s customer support and operational support has been lacking over the past 2 years. What should be one of the fasting growing and most well known electronic cigarette brands in America is being fumbled around through pure business incompetence. It’s our wish that V2 Cigs eventually get bought out by a company who can actually run efficiently, filling customer and product orders in a timely manner. Either way, the V2 Pro line is something that every e cig retailer should be aware of and try to capitalize on. When contacting V2 Cigs for more information regarding their wholesale program, be sure to let them know that vapestaff.com sent you.

Wholesale Electronic Cigarettes Summary

As stated at the beginning of our wholesale electronic cigarette guide, electronic cigarettes are on the rise and there is no cap or end in sight. While there will certainly eventually be some sort of federal electronic cigarette regulation, it’s our opinion that it will be for the safety of consumers. Frankly markets of this nature need oversight, to ensure that consumers are safe and know exactly what they are getting into. It’s our opinion however, that this regulation will be done in a responsible business manner (meaning that electronic cigarettes will not be banned entirely, they’ll just need to obeyed by certain rules and regulations like any other hugely popular market is). With that being said, you are not too late by any means to begin retailing electronic cigarettes on your shelves. You’re frankly still at the beginning of the what we think is the transition phase for the next generation of nicotine consumers.

However, as noted above, it’s of the utmost importance as an electronic cigarette retailer that you know exactly what the different types of electronic cigarettes are and how overall brand quality is one of the biggest factors in electronic cigarette sales success. For example, we’ve all been in line at our local gas station to see a plethora of usually random electronic cigarette related products. Unfortunately for those business owners and consumers alike, these are usually cheap important junk that isn’t appealing, doesn’t perform well and is nothing more than cheap (that’s why the business owner decided to order it). The real winners and those who understand the giant potential of electronic cigarettes sales in their stores, will reach another level of success by offering premier brands (that we’ve listed above). The goal with electronic cigarettes from a retailers point of view should be encompassed around repeat sales (customers continually purchasing refill cartridges or e liquids & upgrading their devices to the next level) as opposed to consumers purchasing products that fail to satisfy their cravings to ultimately look elsewhere for solutions.

We’ll be continually updating this article to provide you with any details we deem necessary related to wholesaling and or retailing electronic cigarettes. We wish you the best of luck in your electronic cigarette ventures and are confident in providing you with the brands listed in our master list above to ensure the highest probably of your success. Lastly, electronic cigarettes have the ability to add a whole other very profitable channel to your sales and we encourage you to diving into the wide world of electronic cigarettes.