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Halo Cigs Coupon Savings By Vapestaff

halo cigs coupon savingsHalo Cigs offers coupons in a wide range every single month. For example, when purchasing a G6 Starter Kit (to use ‘on the go’) a Triton Starter Kit (while at home) and your favorite e liquid such as Tribeca, you can save up to 50% with our exclusive Halo Cigs Coupon! From taking advantage of our Halo Cig Coupon to learning good old tips and tricks to help you save money, we cover every aspect of Halo. In fact, throughout this article, we’ll highlight ways to save you up to 75% off your monthly e cig usage cost.

We have been using Halo ourselves for over 2 years and continue to love their products. We know absolutely everything there is to know about the company, their systems and e liquid as well as the best ways to save you the most amount of money at any given time. Please note, only one Halo Cigs Coupon can be used per order, simply click the one that you’d like to take advantage of from the list above to reveal the code.

In late 2015, Halo Cigs essentially revamped their entire business. Halo Cigs now offers more than just their traditional compact G6 and tank based Triton models. They’ve rolled out the all new Reactor & Tracer MOD starter kits, High VG e liquid, EVO e liquid flavors and of course an entire new website. Halo fans (or Halon’s) have been asking for more, for quite some time and the Halo Cigs Company has fully delivered. Read below to learn more about the all new Reactor & Tracer MOD starter kits and how they can save you large amounts of money compared to other electronic cigarette options.

halo cigs coupon for reactor mod starter kit
Save Big With the Halo Reactor MOD:
The Reactor, in our opinion, is the best current e cig offered by Halo Cigs. It’s adjustable up to 50 Watts, has a large tank to hold your favorite e liquid flavor and on a full charge can last upwards of 2 – 3 days before needing to be recharged. The Reactor is very easy to maintain, you’ll simply need to unscrew the tank in order to refill it when necessary and replace the coil head every few weeks.

Additionally, the Halo Cigs Reactor ‘Coil Heads’ are extremely inexpensive at only $13.99 per 5 pack. In our minds, vaping is meant to be enjoyable. Rather than constantly fool around with batteries and or cartridges with other e cig systems, the Reactor is completely reliable and extremely cost effective. For a deeper look into the Reactor, read our fully detailed Halo Cigs Reactor MOD Review.

halo cigs coupon for tracer mod starter kitSave With the Halo Tracer MOD:
Like the new Reactor, the Tracer MOD offers new and age old loyal Halons the options of more power and ultimately a better vaping experience. The Tracer is similar to the Triton in it’s cylinder type design. However, it greatly differs in terms of battery power and of course vapor production (it’s also worth nothing that the Tracer is shorter yet has more girth than the Triton). The Tracer is a great option for those looking to enhance their vaping experience.

The Tracer is almost identical to the Reactor in terms of maintaining it. One simply needs to fill the tank up with e liquid when necessary and replace the coil head every few weeks or so. The Tracer lasts 1 – 2 days of standard vaping with a fully charged battery. Tracer coil head replacements can be purchased at the great price of only $13.50 per 5 pack. If you’d like to learn more about the Tracer, check out our detailed Halo Cigs Tracer MOD Review.

halo triton starter kit couponSave Up To 75% off Monthly Usage Costs With The Halo Triton:
The G6 is a phenomenal electronic cigarette, but if you truly want one of the best e cig systems on the market today, look no further than the Triton. The Triton is the big brother to the sleek and stylish G6. While still conveying it’s clean lines, it’s batteries are bigger and last even longer. The full sized Triton is a tank system, which basically means it’s big in both size and efficiency.

Rather than constantly buying and or refilling cartomizers for your G6, the Triton allows you to put e liquid directly into it’s giant 2.4 mL tank. Purchasing e liquid in bottles rather than buying cartomizers or cartridges is a much more cost effective solution to meet your nicotine cravings. On average, you’ll save around 75% compared to solely using cartomizers for the G6 or any other compact system. Oh yeah, Triton batteries are insane and can last an entire day from only one charge. For more information on the Triton, check out our Halo Triton Review.

g6 starter kit couponSave Up To 50% on G6 Usage Costs:
Ready to start savings yourself a boat load of money on your nicotine addiction? By using our special G6 refill method, you can do just that. Compared to other leading electronic cigarette brands, the G6 features cartridges that can actually be refilled. Just one cartridge can last an entire day. However, if you find yourself going through a ton of cartridges, it’s time to start refilling them manually.

Simply throw in a bottle of your favorite e liquid next time you place an order. When your pre-filled cartomizer runs out, pop off the white cap and pour enough droplets to saturate the white filler material located inside. A single cartomizer can be reused 2-3 times before it needs to be thrown away. By refilling, you can expect to save 50% to 75% on average depending of course on how diligent you are. It’s also a great idea to keep the black covers that come with your cartridges as this will allow you to refill an entire stock pile. If you’d like to learn even more about the G6 or the differences in the 65 mm and 78 mm batteries, check out our Halo G6 Review.

Halo Cigs Coupons, Discounts & Promo Codes 2017

Halo typically offers 5% to 25% off periodically throughout the year. The current largest Halo Cigs Coupon is 5% off everything in the store. However, when they produces more coupons, we’ll be the first to feature them. You won’t usually see anything larger than 5%, except during holiday sales. As always, they offer free shipping on any purchase of $75 or more which doesn’t require any coupon whatsoever. An emerging trend is free 10 mL bottles of e liquid, with purchases of $20 or more. These free giveaways usually last around 2 weeks and have lately featured completely new e liquid flavors such as Black Calico and Cordoba (which happen to be amazing new formulas). Check out our favorite Halo E Liquid Reviews for more information.

In late 2015 and early 2016 Halo Cigs has began offering a ton of more Halo Cigs Coupons and Specials. One of their new favorite things to do is offer 20% off an individual 30 mL bottle in the flavor of their choice. This new routine Halo E Cig Coupon offer is commonly known as their ‘Flavor Friday’ offering and you guessed it, it’s available nearly every single Friday throughout each and every month. Additionally, now that they have many more products (both starter kits and e liquids) to offer, you can bet that you’ll find more ways to save and most importantly, more Halo Cigs Coupons!

halo cigs coupon for new years 2016Halo Cigs Coupon New Years Sale 2016:
Halo is currently offering 20% off absolutely everything, sitewide for a limited time only in celebration of the New Year in 2016. Use Halo Cigs Coupon ‘NEWYEAR’ at checkout in order to take advantage of the huge holiday savings! Most importantly, Halo has rolled out a ton of new products (at the end of 2015) including the Halo Reactor MOD Starter Kit, Halo Tracer Starter Kit, (their components such as coil heads and replacement tanks), EVO E Liquid and High VG E Liquid. All of which you can save a whopping 20% off, making this the absolute perfect time to stock up on Halo’s coveted vaping supplies. For those of you who haven’t already, we highly recommend upgrading from the G6 & Triton systems to either the Reactor or Tracer MOD, as they are worth every penny in terms of both performance and cost effectiveness.

halo cigs coupon for christmas 2015Halo Cigs Coupon Christmas Sale 2015:
It’s that time of year again! It’s Christmas at Halo Cigs and their gift to all new and loyal Halon’s is 20% off all Starter Kits as well as a free 30 mL bottle of Kringle’s Curse e liquid with any purchase of $50 or more. For those of you who haven’t already tried Kringle’s Curse, it’s indeed one of the best holiday vapes on the market. While we personally don’t use Kringle’s Curse often throughout the year, you can bet your behind that we are in full supply during Christmas time. There’s just something about a perfect peppermint and sweet blend that means Christmas time and we’ll never be without during the holidays. Furthermore, we’ve noticed a huge difference in the amount of overall flavor that we’re able to experience when using the New Reactor. The Reactor is adjustable up to 50 watts and truly takes vaping to another level.

halo cigs coupon cyber monday sale 2015Halo Cigs Coupon Cyber Monday Sale 2015:
Black Friday is over, but don’t worry, Halo Cigs has you’re back with their exclusive Cyber Monday Sale! For the next few days, you can save 20% off Sitewide Plus Double Points! First off, it’s a great time to upgrade your vaping system to the New Reactor or Tracer, a few 5 packs of coil heads and as many 30 mL bottles of your favorite e liquid flavor as possible. Secondly, if you’ve been purchasing Halo products for a few months, you’ve most likely racked up a bunch of points which can in turn be used towards your favorite flavor of e liquids. Last time we checked, one needed to amass roughly 1,000 Halo points in order to spend them on a free 30 mL bottle in the flavor of your choice. This may not seem like a lot, but the best way to look at this sale is taking advantage of Double Points, because they do in fact add up in a hurry. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and Happy Vaping from all of us at vapestaff.

halo cigs coupon for veterans day 2015Halo Cigs Coupon Veterans Day Sale 2015:
For Veteran’s Day 2015 Halo Cigs is offering 20% off All E Liquids. Simply use Halo Cigs Coupon ‘FREEDOM’ at checkout in order to lock in your savings. One of the best parts about this particular Halo E Cig Coupon is that normally Halo only offers discounts on e liquid with the pre qualification of buying at least $50 to $75 worth of products. We commonly talk about stocking up on supplies during special offers, and this again, is one of those perfect times to stock up on your favorite e liquids. If your like us, you hate running out of your favorite e liquid flavor. However, when you can save a gigantic 20% off that particular flavor, you can literally stock yourself up for a solid 6 months to a year. When combining the savings that deals like this lend themselves to with a truly cost effective electronic cigarette or vaping system, vaping becomes very inexpensive in the long term.

halo cigs coupon labor day sale 2015Halo Cigs Coupon Labor Day Sale in September 2015:
It’s time, Halo Cigs has announced it’s latest way to save on their e cigs and american made e liquid! In early September, 2015, you can now save 20% off everything across the Halo Cigs website with the Halo Cigs Coupon found at the top of this page labeled the Halo Cigs Labor Day Sale. In order to use our Halo Cigs Coupon for this Labor Day Sale, simply click on the show coupon code button next to the Labor Day Sale offer listed above. You’ll then fill up your shopping cart with as much of your favorite e liquids as possible along with of course a new starter kit or two should you be so inclined. We never know how long these type of holiday sales will last, though over the years we’ve learned that it will most likely be only roughly 7 days or less. Remember, when opting for the G6, you’ll need as many cartomizers on hand of your favorite e liquid flavor (so you don’t run out before your next order). Also, when opting for the Triton, you’ll need to have roughly a 30 mL bottle of e liquid and a new e liquid tank every 4-6 weeks depending on individual use. Therefore, stock up now on those supplies while their incredibly 20% off!

halo cigs coupon free 30ml e liquidHalo Cigs Coupon for Free 30 mL E Liquid in August 2015:
As of mid August 2015, Halo Cigs is offering a free 30 mL bottle of e liquid (their largest e liquid option) with the purchase of any hardware in the amount of $50 or more. Another way that this special offer can be viewed is essentially a $20 off gift card. While this Halo Cigs special may not appear to be that appealing compared to Halo sales offered around holidays, it’s extremely welcomed considering the fact that they usually only throw in a tiny 10 mL bottle during this type of offering. Another way to look at this savings is the fact that we personally had to buy a ton of products from Halo to gain enough points to receive our free 30 mL e liquid bottle with the flavor of our choosing. If you’re curious how far 30 mL of e liquid goes, we are well aware. We exclusively use Halo’s Tribeca flavor and buy in the 30 mL bottle size. Each of us basically consumer 30 mL of e liquid every 4 – 6 weeks (depending on the vaping device being used and frankly how stressed we happen to be in any particular month). In order to take advantage of this sale, simply fill up your shopping cart with at least $50 of hardware and load your shopping cart screen. A popup will appear, allowing you to choose between all of Halo’s e liquid including every flavor in each of their tobacco, menthol and gourmet categories.

halo cigs coupon 4th of julyHalo Cigs Coupon for Independence Day in July 2015:
For the 4th of July in 2015, Halo Cigs is featuring a sitewide 15% off sale. In addition, the price of Halo’s Triton full sized vapor cigarette system has recently decreased in price from $64.99 to $54.99, which equates to 15% in savings without any special offers whatsoever. Therefore, when purchasing a new Halo Triton Starter Kit this July, you’ll essentially be saving 30% off from what all of us have paid over the previous 3 years. There has literally never been a better time to buy the Halo Triton tank based system. If of course you’re a vaping newbie (perhaps you’ve used disposables in the past), you can grab your new Halo G6 Compact Starter Kit for a welcomed 15% which equates to paying only around $38. Which happens to be a steal, especially when comparing the performance and quality of the G6 against the compact e cig competition on the market that sells entirely for 30% to 50% more. Lastly, if you already have the Triton or the G6, remember that you can use the special offer to stock up on both Triton tanks (typically need replaced every 30 days with standard usage) and G6 cartomizers (typically need replaced on a daily basis).

halo cigs coupon summer saleHalo Cigs Coupon Summer Sale in June 2015:
Halo Cigs is kicking off the summer of 2015 with a gigantic e liquid sale. For a limited time, you can save 15% off all of Halo’s coveted e liquid flavors. For those of us who already have a favorite Halo e liquid flavor, you can bet that we’ll be stocking up to get us through the summer and into fall without having to worry about paying full price and to never run out of our favorite blends. For those of you who are new to Halo e liquid, we strongly recommend starting with the Tribeca flavor and branching out from that established base. This way, you’ll always have a solid ‘all day’ vape type of flavor while you might explore other leading flavors. Furthermore, Halo has recently been promoting certain e liquid flavors that have caught our eye. In particular, their ‘Cafe Mocha’ flavor is a phenomenal e liquid to use in the morning or essentially anytime after breakfast or with coffee. In addition, ‘Menthol Ice’ has recently become one of our favorite menthol flavors and is great for those migrating from Newport, Marlboro Menthol, Kool or Camel Menthol traditional cigarettes.

halo cigs coupon for memorial day 2015Halo Cigs Coupon for Memorial Day in May 2015:
Well, it’s that time of the year again and Halo Cigs is not letting us down as they are offering a sitewide 20% off Halo Cigs Coupon for Memorial Day 2015! While you’re manning the grill, entertaining family or traveling, you should certainly take this time to stock up on as much of your favorite Halo E Liquid as possible. Furthermore, these are the best times to upgrade your e cig system, for example from the G6 to the Triton, more G6 batteries and or more Triton batteries. The word on the street is that Halo might be unveiling a few new e cigs, e liquid flavors and even an entirely new website layout. While we’re all eagerly awaiting these new happenings and innovations, lets not fail to ‘Remember’ what Halo Cigs is and has been about to all of recent history, and that’s simply but effective e cig systems and of course incredibly delicious flavors. We never know how long these sales will last, but you’d better stock up while you can at this incredibly discounted rate with our Halo Cigs Coupon found at the top of this page. Happy Memorial Day and Happy Vaping!

halo cigs coupon free tribeca e liquidHalo Cigs Coupon for Free Tribeca in April 2015:
For a limited time only, you can use our Halo Cigs Coupon found at the top of this page to be granted a free 10 mL bottle of Tribeca e liquid. You don’t need to do anything special to receive your free e liquid, all you need to do is fill up your cart with at least $20 and checkout. Halo will automatically place the free bottle in your shipment. This is a particularly nice promotion as they typically only giveaway e liquid that doesn’t sell that well or that they have an excess supply of. Therefore, for all you Halon’s out there, consider this one of those perfect times to increase your Tribeca stock, essentially getting a free 2 week supply of one of the best e liquid flavors on the planet. For those new to e cigs or Halo, know that the Tribeca flavor is one of the most coveted flavors on the market and is widely regarded as such. Again, you don’t have to use any particular Halo Cigs Coupon, all you need to do is scroll up to the top of this page and select the very first promo box that we have listed. You will then be re-routed to the official website and able to place your order. For those of you still using the G6, consider all the savings that you could be getting by upgrading to the Triton, our number one rated best e cig tank system on the market! When using the Triton, you’ll literally only go through about 30 mL of e liquid per month, which again is around $20.

halo cigs spring sale couponHalo Cigs Coupon Spring Sale in March 2015:
It’s officially Spring and Halo Cigs is celebrating that general fact (probably high spirits witnessing their first Spring in Florida), with a site-wide Spring Coupon Special! You never know how long these things will last, but Halo Cigs is offering 15% off all E Liquid, free shipping on orders over $75 and double rewards points! In order to take advantage of this coupon, simply scroll up to the top of this page and click on the corresponding Halo Cigs Coupon. The actual coupon is something like spring 2015, but double check the actual coupon box for the exact code to use at checkout. Whether your an avid G6, Triton or any other type of e cig user, you better take this chance to fill up on as much product as possible! Also, if you’re getting close to 1,000 reward points, this might finally be the chance for you to use those points towards even more free Halo stuff! For you risk takers out there, consider this also a perfect chance to give those other flavors a shot such as Torque 56 or even a Halo E Liquid Sample Pack!

halo cigs coupon for free cordobaHalo Cigs Coupon for Free Cordoba in February 2015:
Halo Cigs has been busy at their new Florida location whipping up new e liquid flavors. Most recently, as of late February 2015, they are promoting one of their most recent e liquid flavors called ‘Cordoba’. Cordoba e liquid is modeled after the taste and flavor of a fine cigar, in this case a robust yet sweet type. Halo will automatically include a free 10 mL bottle of Cordoba along with your order, so don’t worry if it doesn’t show up in your cart. They often do this sort of sale between national holidays to keep their loyal consumers happy. These sort of free giveaways usually last 1-2 weeks. We are keen to take advantage of these types of offers (especially when an entirely new flavor is the actual promotion), because it allows us to stock up on our favorite flavors and have the opportunity of trying the new Cordoba for free. No coupon code is required, but hurry, you never know when the deal is going to go away.

halo cigs valentines day couponHalo Cigs Coupon for Valentines Day:
In celebration of Valentines Day 2015, Halo Cigs has decided to offer 15% off Triton & G6 Starter Kits as well as all E Liquids and accessories. As noted throughout our entire Halo Cigs Coupon article, it’s seldom that they ever offer sales larger than 5%. Therefore, now is the perfect time to stock up on your common e juices and or add a few more batteries to your arsenal or even upgrade accessories!

In order to receive 15% off your order during the Valentines Day Special Offer, you’ll need to add the Halo E Cig Coupon, ‘Valentine’, which is available for you to enter during the checkout process. Keep in mind that the duration of this special is never known, so get em while they’re hot! And hey, if you don’t have a special someone to buy chocolates or candies for, treat yourself to a little Valentines Day E Cig binge of your very own.

halo cigs coupon for free black calicoHalo Cigs Coupon for Free Black Calico in January 2015:
Get a free 10 mL bottle of the New Black Calico with any purchase of $20 or more. This happens to be relatively awesome because Black Calico looks to be a new flavor worthy of your e cig device/tank. I’m personally hoping that it offers a rich tobacco taste with that modern clean after taste that we’ve all come to love. The Tobacco Black flavor that is offered by Blu Cigs for example is exceptional, though we all know that it’s not available for sale individually, just in their silly and often not working cartridges themselves. It’s my suspicion though that the Black Calico will be similar in taste which is more than welcome. It’s also worth noting that the standard 30mL e liquid bottle offered by Halo is right around $20, so by stocking up, you’ll be able to try it for free. In order to take advantage of this sale, you simply need to purchase anything from the website in the amount of twenty dollars or more. You DO NOT need to use any sort of coupon, they’ll simply add it to the shipment box.

halo cigs tank couponHalo Cigs Coupon for Tanks:
Get 25% off all tanks! For those of you who don’t already know, tanks are connected to one’s battery and filled with the e juice flavor of your choice to be vaped in a much more efficient way than ‘cig a likes’. We all know by now that Halo’s primary tank system is called the Triton, which comes with two Crystal Clear Silver Threaded 2.4 mL tanks via the Starter Kit. However, if you wish to purchase additional tanks (ie some have broken or become saturated with a certain flavor) or if you like the idea of having a colored tank, now is the best time to throw a few in your accessories pile. All tanks hold 2.5 mL of e liquid but it should be noted that the available colors are Red, Purple, Blue, Green, Yellow and Smoke when purchasing them separately from a starter kit. In order to take advantage of this deal, simply use Halo Cigs Coupon, ‘trytanks’ during the checkout process.

It’s also certainly worth noting that Mini Tanks are available for you compact e cig lovers out there who prefer compact systems over the more bulky types. The Halo Cigs Coupon, ‘trytanks’ also applies to these Mini Tanks. If your curious as to why you would want to try a mini tank, it’s all about performance and cost effectiveness. While refills are nice because they are less messy than refilling a tank and they are, ‘compact’, the enhanced performance offered by mini tanks is huge.

halo cigs coupon for new year 2015Halo Cigs Coupon for New Year 2015:
Starting off 2015 with a bang, Halo is offering a whopping 15% off absolutely everything they sell online. In order to take advantage of the Halo Cigs Coupon New Year Special, simply enter the coupon, ‘vape2015’ during the checkout process.

As we often discuss in our articles, if you are new to electronic cigarettes, you really need to focus on two things. Number one, finding a reliable e cig device that works best for your lifestyle and needs. Number two is of course always having enough e liquid or cartridges on hand to get you by until your next order. Let me repeat, the absolute worst thing that you can do as a newly changed vapor from traditional tobacco cigarettes is to run out of e liquid or cartridges. This is because your craving will ultimately overtake you and you will resort to purchasing yet another pack of cigarettes at your local corner store. Therefore, use this whopping 15% off everything opportunity to either get everything you need!

halo cigs christmas coupon 2014Halo Cigs Coupon for Christmas 2014:
Halo has announced their first Halo Cigs Coupon Holiday Sale of this Christmas season! You can save a truly gigantic 25% off all starter kits with this limited time Halo Cigs Coupon offer. I’ve been writing about Halo Cigs for over a year and this is literally the best Halo Cigs Coupon I’ve ever seen. When a deal of this magnitude comes along, you have to pounce on it. I’ll personally be buying a few more systems, to have the extra batteries and to frankly add some color variety to their overall look. If you’re on the fence about upgrading, this is when to make your order! You will not see Halo Cigs Coupon sales like this again until the same time next year.

Also, with this special 25% off Halo Cigs Coupon holiday sale, they are offering a free 10 mL bottle of Kringle’s Curse. Essentially, there is no better flavor than Kringle’s Curse during the holidays! You never know how long these types of Halo Cigs Coupon offers will last, act now or forever hold your peace.

Instructions for Vapestaff’s Halo Cigs Coupon

  • 1. In order to take advantage of our exclusive Halo Cigs Coupon, you simply need to first fill up your shopping cart with the e cig device and e liquid or your choice.

    halo cigs coupon step one

  • 2. Next, when viewing your shopping cart, you’ll notice a box to enter a Halo Cigs Coupon. Note that the following step will show you where to find this code on Vapestaff.halo cigs coupon step two
  • 3. All you need to do is locate the Halo Cigs Coupon that you’d like to use from the top of this page. You’ll simply click the according Halo Cigs Coupon ‘Show Coupon Code’ button, which will reveal a code.

    halo cigs coupon step three

  • 4. After clicking the ‘Show Coupon Code’, notice that it will reveal our exclusive Halo Cigs Coupon. You can just remember the code or copy and paste it before ultimately using it on the Halo website.

    halo cigs coupon step four

  • 5. After copy and pasting our Halo Cigs Coupon or simply remembering it and entering it the coupon box, notice the the green check mark that points out your discount was successfully applied. Also note the ‘Partner Discount’ text under the subtotal on the right hand side.

    halo cigs coupon step five

  • 6. Finally, after clicking the proceed to checkout button, you’ll be prompted to create a new Halo Cigs account or to login to an existing account before confirming your shipping, billing and payment information.

    halo cigs coupon step six

How To Use Our Halo Cigs Coupon:

Using our Halo Cigs Coupon is easy. Simply scroll up this page to locate the deal you’d like to use and click the corresponding coupon button. You can count on our Halo Cigs Coupon database to feature every single active offer. Below are step by step instructions for using our coupons.

On top of featuring all the best offers, we also happen to write e cig reviews including our popular Blu Cigs not working article.

  • Click the Halo Cigs Coupon button that corresponds to the offer you’d like to use.
  • Our Halo Cigs Coupon will then open a new tab in your browser.
  • Click back to our website to view the Halo Cigs Coupon Code that will now be visible to you.
  • You’ll then use that particular Halo Cigs Coupon at the checkout page.