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31 E Cig Options $29 – $226 | 187 E Liquid Flavors $9 – $29

Direct Vapor

157 E Cig Options $15 – $220 | 207 E Liquid Flavors $9 – $29

Halo Cigs

9 E Cig Options $35 – $75 | 36 E Liquid Flavors $7 – $19

V2 Cigs

9 E Cig Options $19 – $129 | 75 E Liquid Flavors $17 – $29

Black Note

6 E Liquid Flavors $29 – $49 | 5 Nicotine Percentages 0% – 1.8%

Five Pawns

13 E Liquid Flavors $10 – $60 | 5 Nicotine Percentages 0% – 1.8%

Smoke & Dagger

10 E Liquid Flavors $22 | 3 Nicotine Percentages 0.3% – 1.2%

Blu Cigs

3 E Cig Options $8 – $43 | 12 E Liquid Flavors $9 – $15

Fin Cigs

12 E Cig Options $8 – $65 | 9 E Liquid Flavors $4 – $16

White Cloud E Cigs

7 E Cig Options $9 – $139 | 5 Nicotine Percentages 0% – 5.4%


10 E Cig Options $8 – $120 | 205 E Liquid Flavors $9 – $65

Vapor DNA

250 E Cig Options $15 – $499 | 500 E Liquid Flavors $9 – $150

Mad Hatter

4 E Liquid Flavors $15 – $100 | 4 Nicotine Percentages 0% – 1.2%

Top E Cig Brands of 2018

Let’s be real – real quick. There are a ridiculous amount of electronic cigarette brands and devices on the market today. One might even say it’s a ‘flooded’ market; & we frankly agree. With that in mind, it’s our goal to assist you in finding tried & true devices that will perfectly match your vaping needs & desires. Below you’ll find a few of our favorite e cig brands as well as select devices we love recommending.

best e cig for heavy smokers

V2 – Pro Series 7

Introducing the V2 Pro Series 7, perhaps the most innovative electronic cigarette on the market. From it’s unique magnetic charging & cartridge ports to it’s enclosed leak proof e liquid tank, the Series 7 not only looks great but functions great as well. It comes in 3 color options & easily slips into pockets.

Shop V2 Pro Series 7

best disposable e cig for newbies

White Cloud – Fling

Introducing the Fling by White Cloud E Cigs, one of our favorite disposable e cig options. For many of us, the NJOY Daily was a solid option. That is right up until NJOY went under, leaving those reliant on the Daily up a creek without a paddle. The Fling isn’t perfect, but it’s the best out there right now.

Shop Flings

best overall e cig for performance and price

Halo Cigs – Reactor Mega

Introducing the Reactor Mega by Halo Cigs, one of the most solid options for vapors of all experience levels. As Halo features almost all of their products, the Reactor Mega is fairly priced, simple to use and performs very well. If your one of those people just looking for a straight forward vaping device that delivers all the vapor you want for a fair price, look no further than the Reactor Mega.

Shop Reactor Mega

best e cig for big clouds and big vapor

Direct Vapor – SMOK Alien

Introducing the SMOK Alien – brought to you by Direct Vapor. This is a great option for those of you looking for even more performance than you get out of the ‘typical’ electronic cigarette. On top of that, it’s fairly priced & easy for most users to in fact vape as well as maintain. SMOK is quickly becoming one of the premier vaping brands in the industry (first known for it’s advanced tank options).

Shop SMOK Alien

Best New E Cig Reviews of 2018

Digging deeper? We don’t blame you. We’re doing our best to keep the section below full of all the latest and greatest electronic cigarette options as well as of course a full review to go with each. Keep in mind that most all of the e cigs you find below will be options that we’ve tried ourselves and support with our full recommendation.

Top E Liquid Brands of 2018

If you thought electronic cigarette device market was ‘flooded’, hold onto your seat because the e liquid market is one of the fast growing sectors of e-commerce. The thing is, most established e liquid brands have no trouble simply drawing up a new logo/brand label and putting it out there. Therefore, we end up with one main e liquid brand having 5 – 10 brand extensions, which is completely fine. But, of course makes for an absolute ton of products to narrow down. With that in mind, below are our favorite e liquid brands that we strongly recommend you get familiar with.

best tobacco e liquid brands 2017

Black Note E Liquid

Introducing Black Note E Liquid, the industry’s first 100% tobacco based e liquid brand. If you’re one of the countless numbers of consumers looking for an e liquid that is truly tobacco based, Black Note is you’re savior. They currently offer 10 different perfected flavors, each with it’s own tobacco sourcing, harvesting & of course flavor profile. Black Note is a must have for tobacco lovers.

Shop Black Note E Liquid

best new e liquid brand 2017

Smoke & Dagger E Liquid

Introducing Smoke & Dagger E Liquid, one of the most premier and fastest growing e liquid brands in the United States. Currently Smoke & Dagger features 4 distinct & carefully crafted flavors including ‘The Nobleman’, ‘Da’Minta’, ‘Landslide’ & one of our personal favorites, ‘Whiskey Sour’. Smoke & Dagger is all about Quality over Quantity in every single aspect of their business.

Shop Smoke & Dagger E Liquid

best dessert e liquid brands 2017

Mad Hatter E Liquid

Introducing Mad Hatter E Liquid. Now these guys are taking the ‘dessert e liquid’ category to a whole new level. We get it, a large percentage of vapors (especially those who have been smoking traditional cigarettes for a long time – don’t exactly like dessert based e liquids. However, over time and for those who’ve already ventured into the dessert realm, Mad Hatter is a must have!

Shop Mad Hatter E Liquid

best gourmet e liquid brands 2017

Five Pawns E Liquid

Introducing Five Pawns E Liquid; the staple of the gourmet e liquid category. Five Pawns e liquid isn’t cheap, but hey – you get what you pay for as they say… The best part about basically all Five Pawns flavors is in fact the flavor profiles. We’ve come across no other e liquids (or to be honest – very few) who offer such meticulously crafted ingredients and combinations of flavors.

Shop Five Pawns E Liquid

Best New E Liquid Reviews of 2018

Need more information on an e liquid and or an individual flavor profile? We’ve got you! The section below is dedicated to providing all the latest and greatest individual e liquid flavors as well as of course their full reviews. We’ll be meticulously writing about each one to give you the exact information you need to determine which flavor suits your fancy. Again, bear in mind that most all e liquids found below are ones that we love recommending to all levels of vapors.

Introducing Mad Hatter E Liquids

Mad Hatter Juice is one of the fastest growing gourmet e liquid brands in the industry. This, mind you, is the case while they’ve only managed to produce 2 delectable flavor options. Those 2 wonderful, creative and yummy flavors are of course ‘I Love Donuts’ & ‘I Love Cookies’. Thus, for those of you out there who thoroughly enjoy desert based e liquid flavors, you’re welcome.

Shop Mad Hatter E Liquid

Understanding The Best Electronic Cigarettes & Vaping Systems of 2018

On the fence about electronic cigarettes? Can’t seem to decide which one to choose or just want to learn more? Below we hope to answer some of your more basic questions. If you’d still like to learn more, feel free to navigate Vapestaff, as the entire site is dedicated to helping newbies and common users alike with all the reviews and information they need to learn more about which e cig is right for them. In particular, be sure to check out our ‘Best E Cig Picks of 2018‘ article.

  • What are electronic cigarettes?
    Electronic cigarettes can be classified as any electronic device designed for users to inhale an e liquid substance either with or without nicotine in a cigarette like manner upon exhaling vapor. Electronic cigarettes range greatly in terms of specifications and models. From disposable and compact to tank based and complete mod & hybrid e cig types.
  • How much do electronic cigarettes cost?
    Again, electronic cigarettes range widely in specifications and in price. From extremely cheap disposable electronic cigarettes in the less than $10 range to typical compact and tank based electronic cigarettes in the range of $50 to $150 and rather expensive yet robust mod electronic cigarettes costing upwards of $200 to $300. Our strong recommendation is the VOX II found above which weighs in at $199.
  • What’s the best brand of electronic cigarettes?
    Like anything else, electronic cigarette brands are completely subjective depending on the style and needs of each individual user. In today’s market, vapor users can easily find trendy brands geared towards 20 somethings and even classic or neutral brands in style geared towards an older audience.
  • Are electronic cigarettes safe?
    Are there health risks, side effects and or dangers associated with electronic cigarettes? Unfortunately, the FDA is still dragging their feet regarding the official position regarding electronic cigarettes. However, our position after a few years of using is that they are at the very least less ‘unhealthy’ than traditional tobacco cigarettes and offer many nicotine free flavors.
  • What’s inside water vapor cigarettes?
    Electronic cigarettes function from what is known as vapor or essentially turning ‘e liquid’ into vapor. The main components of e liquid are propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin, with varying ‘PG/VG’ ratios, dependent on the manufacturer and or user’s preference. Along with PG/VG are typically sweetener flavors approved by the FDA for consumption. Again, almost all e liquid is available with or without nicotine.
  • What battery is best for electronic cigarettes?
    Perhaps the biggest distinguishing factor regarding electronic cigarettes is the battery size. mAh has long been used in the description of battery sizing and has recently become the leading indicator in providing information about a electronic cigarette’s battery size which directly correlates to is battery life or duration.

Electronic Cigarette Resources

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More About Vapestaff

Our goal is to offer the most comprehensive and accurate electronic cigarette information to help you with your general questions, search for the best devices and finding the most current coupons or special offers. We eat, sleep and breathe electronic cigarettes and take our analysis seriously. While we currently feature eight of the leading vaping companies in the United States, we plan on featuring the many innovative companies that will no doubt continue to sprout up across the country as electronic cigarettes continue to gain popularity. Check back often to see all the new and best rated electronic cigarettes, ways to save money and troubleshooting common problems regarding electronic cigarettes.

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