We are big tobacco antagonists & are helping consumers navigate the wide world of nicotine replacement options.

We are a small group of independent researches interested in doing good. Vapestaff is a research and resource project designed entirely around helping tobacco cigarette users understand the dangers of smoking and ultimately provide solutions to help quit.

In no way, shape or form do we condone teen tobacco and or nicotine use. In fact, we cannot understate the importance of keeping minors smoke free, vapor free and or nicotine free.

One of our main focuses however, are vapor products for nicotine replacement. Vapor products have become increasingly controversial over the past few years and we indeed welcome all real research (as opposed to targeted hit pieces, false narratives and or misinformation campaigns).

It’s our opinion that vapor products can serve as a phenomenal bridge for current tobacco cigarette smokers to transition to a less harmful nicotine consumption option and ultimately ween themselves from nicotine entirely. (We’ve done it ourselves and hear similar success stories all of the time.

With that being said, it’s important to underline our effort to not only help current smokers quit, but to cultivate ways to reduce user nicotine consumption over time to zero – no matter the method (breaking the habit).

The first step in quitting is to personally and actually make the choice.

One of the most fundamental and simple aspects of quitting smoking is making the choice to do so.

It’s incredibly important to understand this point. It’s not easy to quit, especially for users who have been smoking for years or even decades. The most powerful tool at your disposable if you’re serious about quitting smoking is your own will-power.

Tobacco cigarettes are a formidable opponent. If you have the opinion of maybe you want to quit or think that you probably should quit, you will lose.

If however, you’re ready to take a stand, you can in-fact quit. An indomitable will-power combined with modern nicotine replacement solutions is giving new hope to those who want to quit.

Summoning the courage to finally make this decision isn’t going to come from anything or anybody else – only you. You will have cravings, you will be tempted and it isn’t going to be easy. But you can actually rise above it and it’s a phenomenal feeling.

When the going gets tough, dig-in deeper. Make no mistake, the odds are against you and have been for a long time. Rejoice in the power of personal choice. Celebrate your ability to choose to quit.

We stand for effective, honest and truthful vapor regulations that discourages teen use but enables the underlying innovation and growing market.

Manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers and retailers all know that the vapor market needs to be regulated. Those reputable actually encourage proper regulation and see it coming.

The question therefore is what does proper vapor regulation look like? Our contention is that vapor regulation revolves around three important pillars.

  • 1. Protecting teens and consumers from aggressive advertising.
  • 2. Protecting consumers from device malfunction and unsafe ingredients.
  • 3. Protecting the market itself against over regulation.

Proper vapor regulation legitimizes the industry, protects consumers both young and old, as well as enables an important market to grow.

Improper vapor regulation is the opposite of each point listed above and essentially guts a potentially transforming industry.