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Vapestaff is the leader in promoting the best e cigs on the market, new and innovative e cig systems, expert e cig reviews, exclusive e cig coupons and (soon to be) e cig regulatory news & information.

The e cig industry is a rapidly evolving one and it’s our intention to not only steer vapor ‘newbies’ in the right direction from the beginning of their e cig journey, but also to find those cool new e cig systems or e liquids that you haven’t yet heard of and bring them to the forefront.

New e cig brands and individual products are literally being introduced to the market on a daily basis and as ex-smokers and expert vapor users, we have the unique perspective that you need in deciphering exactly which e cig system is right for you. It’s our opinion that the e cig industry is still in it’s infancy and has incredible potential to not only provide ‘less unhealthy’ alternatives to traditional tobacco cigarettes, but to keep entrepreneurs in America busy innovating and creating new brands and products routinely. Thus, we do our very best to make sure you have all the information you need in purchasing the best e cig possible for your particular style, needs or type of use.

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About Vapestaff

Vapestaff is a resource dedicated to providing accurate e cig reviews, exclusive coupon codes and general faqs regarding individual brands and products. Everything is personally & uniquely written to give you the most helpful and up to date information about your next order. We also love covering the best e cig systems from emerging and trending brands.


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